Künstler Sale: Incredible Value from the Rheingau! 2-25-24

You just heard from us regarding a sale on Muller-Catoir, and we can’t help ourselves from adding another estate into the mix. Riesling deserves your attention! It’s time to listen up. Weingut Künstler comes from the Rheingau, the birthplace of riesling and an area that uniquely expresses its full power and potential. We at Vinopolis have long adored the wines of this estate for its beautiful bottlings of riesling at amazing quality to price performance.

Weingut Künstler

Franz Künstler established this family winery in the Rheingau back in 1965 after moving the family from the Czech Republic following the end of World War II. His son Gunter Künstler now runs the winery, a graduate of Geisenheim University and a student of delicious and primarily dry riesling.
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Muller-Catoir: Kings of the Pfalz Sale 2-24-24

Every wine region in the world has one or two estates that immediately come to mind when you hear the name of the region: Chateau Margaux in Margaux, Romanee-Conti in Vosne-Romanee, and Donnhoff in the Nahe. Muller-Catoir occupies that space in the Pfalz region of Germany.

The Pfalz as a region focuses on powerful, dry wines. Closer to Strasbourg than Berlin, the Pfalz is nestled between the Haardt Mountains and the Rhine River in a veritable oasis of forests and hills. Archeological records show that the district was one of the first areas in the entire world to have widespread consumption and production of wine, dating back to 550 B.C.E. 

The beneficial growing conditions make for some of the most interesting and diverse expressions of German wine, with Riesling still being the crown jewel.… Read the rest

Racines 2-22-24

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When one of the preeminent names in Burgundy, Étienne de Montille of Domaine de Montille, sought out land on the West Coast of America to craft Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a Burgundian sensibility, it was only natural that he focused on the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County. (It’s a region that seems to pull at French hearts, as it did with the late Philippe Cambie and his joint project with Adam Lee of Siduri, named Beau Marchais.)
And draw more Frenchmen, it did. Étienne shared the news with his friend Rodolphe Péters of Champagne’s top-class grower estate, Pierre Peters, who quickly signed on and became the sparkling wine consultant for the project. Étienne partnered with Santa Barbara-area native and winegrower Justin Willett of Tyler Vineyards to manage the project on site.… Read the rest

Weingut Hermann Ludes 2-21-24

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It’s been nearly a decade since the wizard German wine importers at Vom Boden have picked up a new estate. Whatever could appeal to these masters of the Mosel and beyond, importer who introduced America to the wonders of Keller, Peter Lauer, and Emrich-Schönleber? How is there new ground to trod in the Mosel, after all, a region that has been heralded for centuries?
Tucked in the upper Mosel, north of the more famous Mittelmosel, is the village of Thörnich. Wines here have a more Saar-like profile with structured, tense wines. Here, the Ludes family have crafted wines in the same style since Hermann founded in the estate in the 1950s. In the Grand Cru vineyard, Ritsch, the family crafts wines uninfluenced by modern preferences for ripe and plush wines.… Read the rest

Domaine Camille et Laurent Schaller: Quality & Value in Chablis 2-20-24

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The Schaller family is a prime example of what we’re looking for in Burgundy.  These are honest, excellently made wines from a family with a long history of farming and a new generation bringing energy and commitment to the winemaking side of things.  The wines are well-priced, which reflects their status as a relative unknown, but these are classic in every sense of the word.
Camille and Laurent Schaller are bright, young and talented and committed to making a name for themselves in the world of Chablis.  Though Schaller family has grown grapes in the region for generations, it wasn’t until Camille completed enology school that they started bottling on their own.  Initially, the estate only made one wine (an AOC Chablis) but as grape contracts to negociants have ended, they have increased the number of bottlings produced under their own label.… Read the rest