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Vinopolis Newsletter – Friday 10/13/2023

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Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries: Luigi Baudana
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Special Arrival
The most remarkable thing for me about 2021 was the incredible perfume and aromas of every fermenting wine, regardless of whether they were white, red, or pink. Stunning across the board. My winery was not alone in this. It seemed to happen with my colleagues, too. The wines are so delicious […] 2022 is a year that I have been the happiest about my whites to date and I love the balance and beauty of the Pinots.
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Three Day Sale– Ends 9/16

“Riesling: How Sweet It Is… Or Isn’t?”
Auslese… Beerenauslese… Trockenbeerenauslese. If your first impulse upon hearing these words is to offer a “Gesundheit,” then you may be missing out on some of the finest and yet overlooked wines ever made.
Generally speaking Auslese, Beerenauslese, and Trockenauslese which are legally required to be picked at high sugar concentrations, are sweet wines AND YET these classifications only guarantee the sugar content at picking.
Some producers, such as Vinopolis favorite Markus Molitor, use different colored wine capsules to denote the dryness levels in the finished product. So even if it’s an Auslese, a White Kapsule (WK) is going to be a dry riesling with no perceptible sweetness. Green Kapsules are reserved for slightly off-dry wines and his Gold Kapsules (GK) are for truly off-dry wines with additional residual sugar and the powerful fruit flavors that accompany.
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Limited and Lovely: Pichler Family Wines

Limited and Lovely: Pichler Family Wines

With now 7 generations of winemkaing experience under their belts, the Pichler family knows every detail of Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, and the Wachau Valley where they have grown fine wine since 1898. The story of this family is the story of successive uncompromising individuals whose focus has been to consistently increase the quality and reputation of Austria’s wines. Today we’re blessed with the ability to taste wines made by differnt family members, as the Pichler name currently represents two different labels: FX Pichler & Pichler-Krutzler.  

FX Pichler

Lucas Pichler took over the original family estate from his father Franz Xavier (FX)  back in 1999, and a decade later a new winery housed the production that critics like Robert Parker had already lauded.

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Special Feature: The Wines of Domaine Huet

The BEST Prices on Domaine Huet

Burrowed in the deep chalky hillsides of the Loire rests a wine of impressive immortality and beguiling flavor. In caves hollowed out of the tuffeau rock for the development of the valley’s grandest Chateaux, chenin blanc slumbers, develops, and evolves into one of the most compelling and unique white wines in the world. We’re speaking of course about the wines of Vouvray, one of France’s very first designated appellations following the founding of the INAO in 1936, and a region whose wine history traces back to the middle ages. This region’s most iconic and classic producer is undoubtedly Domaine Huet.

I like to be careful when I throw around the word ‘classic’. I think such a term can often be overused or misunderstood in the intent of what it is meant to convey.

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