Pre-Arrival Offers and Orders

Pre-Arrival Offers and Orders

Pre-arrival offers provide an enhanced ability to buy limited and highly sought after wines.

Most items we offer for sale are on hand at our shop.  In fact, we carry inventory of several thousands of cases to support immediate fulfillment of orders. However, as is common with most leading wine retailers in the USA, we also offer certain wines on a pre-arrival basis. This improves our ability to provide wines which might be otherwise hard to find due to rarity or demand in excess of supply.  In general, wines offered as pre-arrival provide a savings to the buyer and/or the opportunity to acquire a wine that might not otherwise be available.


Pre-arrivals are wines that are available for customer purchase now, but are not currently physically at Vinopolis Wine Shop. Depending on the item, they may arrive to our shop within anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We do our best to provide you with an accurate ETA for every wine we sell as a pre-arrival, but items may be delayed due to the nature of international shipping, customs, winemaking, and domestic transit, among other factors.  The ETA is listed within the description of the wine.


Payment is collected at time of order.  We are not able to hold orders unpaid.  The customer will be notified when the wine arrives to determine shipping arrangements. If you place an order containing both “pre-arrivals” and “in stock,” we will contact you for further shipping instructions.