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Boulay 3 Day Sale! 5-26-24

We’ll get to Boulay, but first…..a few thoughts on Sancerre

It’s my belief that we’re witnessing a return to glory for the region of Sancerre. Not that the prestige ever quite went away, but wine drinking society certainly turned its back for a bit on what they perceived to be a region and a style that was almost too classic, too well understood. Part of the problem was that Sancerre experienced a major jump in production following the 90s and early 2000s that wasn’t always backed by top quality juice in the bottle. At its best, this region shows a wonderfully complex side of sauvignon blanc that no other place can. That steely lemon and grapefruit citrus, delicate white flowers, and subtle smoky aromas of gunflint.
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Jaboulet 3 Day Sale! 5-1924


On offer today in our Sunday sale release is a winery which is known the world over. Founded in 1834 by Antoine Jaboulet, the Jaboulet Aine brand quickly established itself as a producer of exceptional quality syrah based wines, and a beacon for the quality that the Northern Rhone possesses. The Flagship wine of the estate is the Hermitage La Chapelle, named after the small Saint Christophe chapel that overlooks the vineyards on top of Hermitage hill. The place itself is steeped in historical heritage stemming all the way back to the Albigensian Crusades. As the legend goes, a knight named Gaspard de Stérimberg returned home wounded in 1224 from the crusades and was granted permission  to build a small shelter to recover in on the hill, where he remained living as a hermit.… Read the rest

Temporary Tempier Sale! 5-12-24

 lucie et lucien peyraud tempier

You saw the title and now you’re upset. You have every right to be. But I just want you to know that it’s much harder than you think to come up with a tag line that works with Tempier. Btw for those that have always read it as “temp” like in “temperature”…..hate to break it to you….but it’s pronounced “tahhmp”.

There are few producers and wines that have been written about so passionately and fervently. The love affair that Kermit Lynch acquired for this domaine is the stuff of legend and a seriously long chapter within Adventures on the Wine Route. The Peyraud family and the timeless impression of the quieter France they embody are perhaps what so many romantic wine drinkers are searcher for every time they pour and raise a glass.… Read the rest

Elite Garnacha On Sale Now! 5-5-24

Clos Mogador: Bodega Espectacle Vins Espectacle del Montsant Garnacha 2020  - Lobenbergs Gute Weine

We’re all familiar with the grenache based wines of Southern France. In fact, I’d imagine this is the first place that the wine nerd’s brain descends upon when discussing grenache as a varietal and the styles of wine we feel are emblematic of it. But this is actually not the grape’s true place of heritage! Ampelographical evidence suggests that the grape was first born in Spain’s Northeastern regions of Aragon & Catalonia, where seed remains of Garnacha have been carbon dated back to 153 BC. This predates written records in Europe. It was in the 1300s onwards that the grape began to expand its presence, taking root in outher parts of Southern Europe like Sardinia, Greece, and France.

Tasting a grape from its place of origin brings a sense of enormity and significance that cannot be replicated.… Read the rest

The One Hundred Club 4-29-24

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The One Hundred Club
Featuring Bibi Graetz, Chateau Smith Lafitte, Louis Roederer, Mouton Rothschild, and more!

100 Point wines for as little as 99 dollars

Bibi Graetz.
“From a medieval castle, Castello di Vincigliata, acquired by his parents over 60 years ago, winemaker Bibi Graetz crafts his wines on a hillside overlooking the great city of Florence. Beginning initially with only a small, 5-acre vineyard on this hillside in Fiesole, in little under two decades, Bibi has become one of Italy’s most ingenious winemakers adding “cult winemaker” in addition to “talented abstract artist” to his dossier.” Folio Fine Wines
Bibi Graetz Testamatta Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy 2018 750ml $99 special, 12 bottles available
Jane Anson-Decanter 100 Points “Finely textured, with a nuanced perfume that fills the glass and takes you to the intense underbrush of Tuscany … Succulent and yet savoury, this has a lilting freshness that is overlaid with ripe berry fruits, sage and white pepper spice, and clear minerality in terms of its scraping texture that makes your mouth water on the finish … This is a great wine, with scope and imagination that doesn’t want to let you go.
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