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Special Feature: Kelley Fox Wines

About Us - Kelley Fox Wines

The most remarkable thing for me about 2021 was the incredible perfume and aromas of every fermenting wine, regardless of whether they were white, red, or pink. Stunning across the board. My winery was not alone in this. It seemed to happen with my colleagues, too. The wines are so delicious […] 2022 is a year that I have been the happiest about my whites to date and I love the balance and beauty of the Pinots.
-Kelley Fox

There’s no greater pleasure for a wine shop than to see beloved winemakers and estates flourish with success and improve their craft vintage after vintage. As each new release of a vintner’s wines hit our shelves, we have the privileged opportunity to be the curators of another memorable wine experience for our customers and the translator of that vintner’s vision.
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Special Feature: Dubois and the Heights of Gamay

This is the shop’s absolute favorite Beaujolais producer. Hard stop. A few years ago Dubois’s  wines completely changed our perspective on the trajectory that the region was headed in and the nuance that could be expressed through gamay. Wine nerds en masse have been heralding the ‘Burgundian’ advance of Beujolais for a while now, and this has been spurred on by the upward spiral of prices for pinot noir coming out of the Cote d’Or. However, gamay actually achieving the heights of pinot noir in the glass has been few and far between, with only the best winemakers coming close. The gang of 4 producers (Lapierre, Foillard, Thevenet, Breton) influenced by Jules Chauvet have garnered most of the attention in recent times, and have reinforced the ‘natural’ mantra of most new age producers.
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Vintage Offering of Andre Clouet Champagne

Champagne lovers rejoice! We’ve got one of our most adored producers back in stock and an ENTIRE SERIES of vintage bottlings to offer for those that are savvy enough to get in early on our newsletter offer. We’re talking about vintage releases of the wines of Andre Clouet, the master house of the village of Bouzy in Montagne de Reims.

These “Dream Vintage” wines celebrate exceptional harvest years in a blanc de blanc (100% chardonnay) style with grapes sourced from Grand Cru sites. The wines themselves are captivating and extraordinarily delicious, each individually expressing the nuances of Bouzy and the dynamics of each unique harvest. Bouzy Champagnes are known for their profound body and intensity of flavor, all stemming from sunny, southern exposure vineyards that provide ample ripeness to maturing grapes.
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Special Feature: Saint Damien Gigondas

As a thought experiment, could one simply offer the image above and a list of wines and say no more? Is there really any additional detail needed beyond what that kind of portrait and beauty conveys? The phrase, “A picture paints a thousand words” is most incredibly apt when it comes to the region and wines of Gigondas. But detail we shall provide as this is a region (and a remarkable producer) which deserves your attention.

Butting up against the Dentelles de Montmirail, the vineyards of Gigondas are blessed with a collection of diverse limestone and clay soils, sunkissed vines, and remarkable wines. In contrast to their more famous cousin of Châteauneuf du Pape, these reds are darker in tone with more intense structure and slightly rustic edges.
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Special Feature: The Wines of Morgon


The picturesque hills of Beaujolais

Temperatures are descending from the peak heights of late summer and settling into the refreshing embraces of early autumn. Likewise, our thirsts are evolving from the crisp mineral whites and roses needing to cool us in the heat into lighter reds that bring fruit and comfort. There is no better companion for this transition than the wines of Beaujolais and its magnificently diverse crus. Earlier this week we featured bottlings from Fleurie, the first haven of evolution for palates seeking reds of finesse, lightness, and delicate fruits. Today we will present to you the next step in your palate’s seasonal journey: the wines of Morgon.

Morgon the Cru
Morgon is one of the largest of the 10 crus that make up the broader appellation of Beaujolais.

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