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Wine of the Day: Eugen Muller Kirchenstuck Riesling Auslese 2011 11-5-16

Eugen Muller Forster Kirchenstuck Auslese 2011 500ML ($34.95) Buy Now: $27 Special


Normally we’d write a nice long description on the Eugen Muller Kirchenstuck Auslese, but this time I’m handing it over to the importer, who says all the things I want to say, but better:Eugen Muller Kirchenstuck Auslese

“So when I sat with Jay MacInerney for the Wall St. Journal article, I said I’d bring along something to drink. I could have chosen anything, blown him away with a great Dönnhoff or with a Selbach Eiswein or a Leitz Roseneck. What I actually chose to bring was the 2001 Kirchenstück Auslese from Müller.

Every year for the last fifteen or more, this wine has been a masterpiece, and I can think of few if any parallels in the wine world—or in my wine world—of such sustained stellar performance year after year.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Peter Lauer Fass 8 Kabinett 3-30-16

Peter Lauer Fass 8 Kabinett 2014Peter Lauer Fass 8 Ayler Kupp Kabinett, Mosel, Germany 2014 750ML ($37.95) Buy Now: $31.90 special

Like tiny flowers pressed between the pages of a book you borrowed years ago but have yet to read (or return!), this year’s Fass 8 is delicate but not wimpy, bittersweet yet not overwrought, and perhaps a little flirtatious. It trades off solos from sweet to saline and floral to fruit with ease, ne’er too serious and yet fully confident with what’s at stake in the glass. After all, Riesling faces an uphill battle even during its own renaissance.

I fear that writing down a bunch of adjectives in quick succession reduces this wine to something to be scored rather than enjoyed. To hell with points!… Read the rest