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Special Arrival
The Best Spanish Wine Under $25?
New Arrivals
Patricia Green, Bedrock, Domaine Felix, Pascal Doquet, La Jota
Staff Pick
Kruger-Rumpf: Rumpfing to talk about
10 More Pinot Noirs for $36 or Less
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The Bold and Beautiful Barolo


Special Arrival Tomorrow

“A blast from the past– if you liked it before, you’ll love it now!”
Marques Murrieta Finca Ygay Reserva 2017 750ml  $24 special, 36+ bottles available
Marques Murrieta Finca Ygay Reserva 2017 Case of 6 750ml bottles $138 special (you save 6 dollars per case!)
James Suckling 96 Points “Incredible depth and intensity on the nose with chocolate, walnut, blackberry and wet-earth aromas. Some iodine, too. All this follows through to a full body with very silky tannins that give the wine depth and length. It’s really framed beautifully. Reserved and tight at the finish. A terrific wine for the cellar. Give this three to five years to open.”
Decanter 94 Points “A great classic, with a unique Rioja character, bursting with chewy red fruits, counterpointed by minerality. Reconciling power and finesse, pleasure and style. Warm and intense. Benchmark for wines of style, high-end brands. Leaves a vibrant memory.”
One of Vinopolis’ most popular wines—it sells out quickly every time we can get our hands on it.
Lowest price in the United States

New Arrivals

Bow & Arrow Fool’s Gold Willamette Valley 2021 $24 special, 24 bottles available
Vinopolnote “A Cheverny-style white wine blend with a 50/50 cepage of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Great thirst quenching acidity is balanced with a touch of stone fruit and savory herbal notes. The wines from Bow & Arrow have always been great values but recent vintages have really blown us away.”

“Bedrock Wine Co, Sonoma”
Bedrock Buffalo In Mt ‘Ode To Joel’ Zinfandel 2021 750ml $69 special, 12 bottles available
Vinous 96 Points “Ode to Joel is essentially the second iteration of the wine Morgan Peterson bottled for his wedding in 2018. In other words this is a selection of the best barrels from a collection of top sites, but in this case dedicated to his father, Joel Peterson. Rich and expansive, the 2021 offers up generous dark fruit, licorice, spice, leather, bittersweet chocolate and a kiss of new oak. It’s a wine of real substance and personality. Superb.”
Bedrock Monte Rosso Zinfandel 2021 750ml $69 special, 12 bottles available
Vinous 95 Points “The 2021 Zinfandel Monte Rosso, a blend from two blocks, is an elegant, understated wine that shows the more floral, savory side of this historic site. A wine more of nuance than power, the Monte Rosso Zinfandel is all pedigree. Sweet red-toned fruit, chalk, dried herbs, mint and blood orange add to a feeling of brightness. This is very nicely done, and yet I feel like there is more to this wine than it is showing today.”
Bedrock Pato Vineyard Heritage Red 2021 750ml $49 special, 12 bottles available
Skurnik Wines “From the southern edge of Oakley planted on sand, Pato Heritage wine is a lovely reflection of the vintage in this increasingly suburbanized area. Here, the sandy soils buffs away the variety’s rougher edges and makes for a deeply colored but elegant element of the wine filled with dark fruit and black pepper. This is combined with the vibrant fruit from Zinfandel to make a wine that is rich but svelte.”
Eric Rodez Cuvee Des Crayeres NV 750ml $69 special, 12 bottles available
Winery Note “This brut champagne is made with a blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, with 40% to 45% reserve wines used in the blend. Pinot Noir brings body and structure, Chardonnay conveys delicacy and elegance. The nose is floral with a hint of citrus fruits. The palate is balanced and dense.”
“Francois Chidaine, Loire Valley”
Second generation estate located in Montlouis, run by the dynamic couple, François and Manuela Chidaine. For years Chidaine has been a leader in natural viticulture, farming organically and biodynamically with no-till regenerative farming. Montlouis is an under sung appellation of 400 hectares located directly across the river from Vouvray.
Francois Chidaine Montlouis Clos Du Breuil 2021 750ml $44.50 special, 8 bottles available
Francois Chidaine Montlouis Clos Habert 2018 750ml $41.90 special, 7 bottles available
Francois Chidaine Montlouis Les Bournais 2021 750ml $49 special, 8 bottles available
Francois Chidaine Montlouis Chenin D’ici 2021 750ml $26 special, 4 bottles available
“Domaine Felix et Fils, Burgundy”
Winemaking is in the Felix family’s blood. Though officially founded in 1690, current proprietor Hubert Felix muses that if his genealogy could traced back much further they would discover that the family has made wine there “since the Romans introduced the vine in Gaul.” Located in St Bris, a village that is located near Chablis and shares its Kimmeridgian soils but is best known as the only place in where Sauvignon Blanc is grown. Think of a Sauv Blanc with the electric minerality of a Chablis and you get the picture. This is a region and winery with a legacy all its own, separate from its famous neighbors.
Domaine Felix Bourogne Pinot Noir  2019 750ml $29 special, 24 bottles available
Not reviewed, 2018 review provided for context:
Wine Enthusiast 91 Points “This is a bold, rich wine, a surprise from this far north in Burgundy. It does, however, carry the weight of alcohol well, giving a wine that has density and a chance to age. Drink from late 2021.”
Domaine Felix Bourogne Aligote 2021 750ml $24 special, 24 bottles available
Importer’s Note “Riper and less marked acidity than in cooler vintages, this still retains a flavoursome chalky, mineral character with a refreshing bitter lemon twist on the finish. Vinous, sapid, delicious.”
Domaine Felix Bourogne Saint Bris 2019 750ml $24 special, 24 bottles available
Vinopolnote 100% Sauvignon Blanc.
“Decugnano Dei Barbi, Umbria”
Decugnano Dei Barbi Casa Pica Bianco Umbria 2021 $14 special, 24 bottles available
Decugnano Dei Barbi Casa Pica Bianco 2021 Case of 12 bottles $149 special, 3 cases available
Winery Note The name “Pica” is the local name for the magpie in Orvieto. Just as the magpie is known for its curiosity, Casa Pica is a fresh 100% Vermentino, savory, and mineral wine that captivates you with its sunny, maritime, and enveloping flavor.
Arriving Tomorrow

“Patricia Green Cellars, Newberg OR”
Few individuals have left as big of an impression on the Willamette Wine industry as Patricia Green. An early adopter of terroir-focused production in the Willamette and advocate for sustainable practices including non-irrigated viticulture and solar-powered wine-making. Their single bottlings like the bold, ageable Freedom Hill and luscious Chehalem reveal the character of the vineyard itself while the cuvees tell the story of the vintage as a whole.
According to the winery itself, “Patricia Green Cellars enthusiastically and unapologetically produces more individual bottlings of Pinot Noir than any winery in America.” We have done the fun, but hard work of selecting the best of the best for you to enjoy. Drink with confidence!
Patricia Green Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir 2021750ml $39.95 special, 24 bottles available
Winery Note  This wine combines the fruit driven intensity of the California clones that make up around 60% of its volume with the more densely structured and earthenly-nuanced clones that are common to Oregon. Combined with growing in marine soils and the isolated valley nature of this site it all adds up to a unique, dynamic, and intense without being too powerful sort of Pinot Noir. This is richly colored, highly aromatic and abounding with darker/bluer sort of fruit notes and finishing with an excellent structural composition.
Patricia Green Freedom Hill Pinot Noir 2021 750ml $33 special, 24 bottles available
Winery Note “We have always said that this wine is the most “Freedom Hill-y” of all the Freedom Hill Pinot Noirs we produce. Historically this vineyard was known for producing dark, massive, large scale and highly structured wines. Perhaps. Certainly, the wines we produce from this site are bold and have a greater degree of largesse than most of our other Pinots but mostly we feel that degree is subtle and contained within the context of the site’s natural inclinations and proclivities. This bottling has always reached back into that history and pulled some of it forward. This is black-fruited wine with meaty overtones, earthy sidenotes and a wealth of structure. “
Patricia Green Freedom Hill Wadensvil Block Pinot 2021 750ml $42.50 special, 24 bottles available
Winery Note “We have been telling the story of this block of the vineyard for quite some time now. There is a wealth of intensity, structure and a mélange of both red and black fruits that will all come together in the final bottling to create a wine that is true to this site and spectacular in its own right. This is a phenomenal and unique bottling.”
Patricia Green Weber Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021 750ml $42.50 special, 24 bottles available
Winery Note “This wine has both the delicacy and fruitiness that this vintage has brought to bear in several vineyards. It is a naked wine, offering red fruits, an abundance of spice and a texture that is sublime and haunting. It is complete, age-worthy, unique all while still being a distinctly Worden Hill Rd Pinot Noir. Beautiful wine for old vine Dundee Hills vineyard fans.”
Patricia Green Reserve Pinot Noir 2021 750ml $26 special, 12 bottles available
Winery Note “This bottling allows us to accomplish two things that are very important to us as a winery. The first thing is that it allows us to be incredibly detailed about the barrels we select for our vineyard designated wines, so they true expressions of the site on a year in and year out basis. The Willamette Valley Pinot Noir bottling ‘Reserve’ is almost entirely made up of barrels that simply were not included in a more prestigious bottling, which allows us to choose from larger sections of our diverse vineyards. Secondly, it allows us to create a blended wine that has a degree of consistency to it each vintage that is of incredibly high-quality and will retail for under $30.”
Patricia Green Old Vine Estate Pinot 2021 750ml $39 special, 15 bottles available
Winery Note “The Estate Vineyard, Old Vine bottling is the flagship wine of Patricia Green Cellars. It exists because it is both delicious and unique, but also because it shows a particular aspect of this vineyard and the Ribbon Ridge AVA as a whole. This bottling is made up nearly entirely from vines with 24-38 years in vine age, with a large amount being right at 32 years.”
“JC Somers, Carlton OR”
JC Somers Whole Lotta Rose 2022 750ml special, $14 special, 36 bottles available
 Hot Deal!  JC Somers Whole Lotta Rose 2022 Case of 12 750ml bottles $149 special, that’s $12.41 per bottle
Wine Enthusiast “This 50-50 blend of Grenache and Tempranillo will leave rosé fans thunderstruck. Orange and chalk dust aromas are subtle, but the wine’s iced black tea with lemon and raspberry flavors will shake you all night long. Some might think the tangy direct current of acidity is a touch too much, but they’d be wrong.”
Arriving September 15th
“Champagne Pascal Doquet”
Pascal established his Domaine in 2004, taking over operation from his father and mother and concentrating on more natural and terroir driven approach to make the family business his own. Today he farms just under 9 hectares of vines including prime parcels in Vertus, Le Mont Aimé and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger—including his illustrious old vines in the parcel “Champ d’Aoulettes.”  Natural farming and dedication to vineyard health is the driving force for Pascal; in fact, he rarely discusses fermentation—his passion is in the vineyards.  The Domaine has been certified Organic since 2010.
Doquet Diapason Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut NV (2015 Base) $89 special, 12 bottles available
Winery Notes “100 % Chardonnay – 55% wines of the year 2015 and 45% wines from a reserve perpetuelle started in 2012, aged in oak barrels, integrating each year around half of wines from harvest.”
Doquet Arpege Blanc de Blancs Brut 1er Cru NV (2017 Base) 1.5L $149 special, 4 bottles available
Winery Notes “100% Chardonnay – 61% wines of the year 2017 and 39% wines from a reserve perpetuelle started in 2012, aged in oak barrels, integrating each year around half of wines from the last harvest.”
Doquet Champs Libres Blanc de Blancs NV (2018 Base) 750ml $49 special, 36 bottles available
Doquet Champs Libres Blanc de Blancs NV (2018 Base) 1.5L $119 special, 2 bottles available
Winery Notes “100% Chardonnay. 100% wines of the year 2018. Vinification 100% in vats.”
Doquet Arpege Blanc de Blanc Brut 1er Cru NV (2017 Base) 750ml $69 special, 36 bottles available
Winery Notes “100% Chardonnay – 61% wines of the year 2017 and 39% wines from a reseve perpetuelle started in 2012, aged in oak barrels, integrating each year around half of wines from the last harvest.”
La Jota Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 750ml $169 special, 6 bottles available
Vinous 96 Points “The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is another superb wine from La Jota. Rich and explosive, the 2019 possesses tremendous density and plenty of mountain power. A Rush of black cherry, blackberry, licorice, spice and menthol builds into the huge finish. This is a fabulous vintage for the La Jota Cabernet.”
Mt Brave Mt Veeder Malbec 2016 750ml $79 special, 12 bottles available
Jeb Dunnuck 96 Points “The 2016 Malbec Mt. Veeder is another fabulous wine from winemaker Chris Carpenter. It offers a vibrant, focused, savory style in its blue fruits, graphite, and lead pencil aromatics, and has a concentrated, layered style on the palate. It’s a complex, age-worthy Malbec that will evolve for over a decade.”
Staff Pick
Great Gewachs

Kruger-Rumpf Burgberg Riesling Grosses Gewachs 2018 750ml $45 special, 21 bottles available
Exceptionally dry at first blush with meyer lemon peel, bergamot oil, and a hint of something tropical on the nose and palette followed by what can be called a lingering “salty sweetness” on the finish. I just love what volcanic sites like Burgberg do to Riesling over time. An assertive, but never austere Grand Cru from the Nahe region, the complexity here is just astounding. I wish I had the patience to age a few of these for a few more years.
10 More Pinot Noirs for $36 or Less
Fantastic values from all around the world

 NEW  Arterberry-Maresh Pinot Noir Dundee Hills 2022 750ml $33 special, 36+ bottles available
Not reviewed yet, 2021 review provided for context:
Wine Advocate 97 Points “The 2021 Pinot Noir Dundee Hills offers quality that sits well above its modest price tag with its pairing of concentrated flavors and a weightless frame. Medium ruby, it features cranberry sauce, pomegranate and rhubarb fruit with accents of tea leaves, lavender, bitter orange and amaro. The light-bodied palate is silky and seamless with an incredible core of flavor and a very long, bitters-laced finish. I would be excited to drink this wine any night of the week!”
Collotte Fixin Les Champstions 2018 750ml $33 special, 11 bottles available
Kermit Lynch “Fixin is known locally as the village to go to for solid yet affordable cru burgundy with the structure, concentration, and complexity similar to Gevrey-Chambertin’s wine, as well as the bright fruit and accessibility of its other neighbor, Marsannay.”
Denizot Sancerre Pinot Noir 2021 750ml $28 special, 5 bottles available
Importer’s Note “From old vine Kimmeridgean grapes, Denizot Sancerre Rouge is elegant and juicy with pleasant notes of fresh red fruits (strawberries, cherry stones). Finesse and depth combine perfectly, bringing balance and voluptuousness to this Pinot Noir. Racked and fined, but bottled unfiltered.”
Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2022 750ml $24 special, 36+ bottles available
Winery Notes “Although the Willamette Valley bottling is our least expensive and largest production bottling we put just as much of ourselves into it as our top cuvées. This vintage of the WV blend shows a bright nose with cherry, red apple, fresh flowers, and a touch of loam along with a textural creamy/silkiness component that’s balanced by juicy acid. Showing well now, watch this wine evolve over the next 3 months to 8-10 years.”
Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Rouge 2020 750ml $21.90 special, 34 bottles available
Falstaff Magazine “[Translated] Medium ruby garnet and violet reflections. Fine herbal spices, dark wild berries, a hint of cranberries, tobacco nuances. Medium body, red fruit, integrated tannins, mineral aftertaste, versatile and fresh.”
 NEW  Domaine Felix Bourogne Pinot Noir 2019 750ml $29 special, 24 bottles available
Not reviewed, 2018 review provided for context:
Wine Enthusiast 91 Points “This is a bold, rich wine, a surprise from this far north in Burgundy. It does, however, carry the weight of alcohol well, giving a wine that has density and a chance to age. Drink from late 2021.”
Kumeu River Pinot Noir Village 2020 750ml $21.90 special, 10 bottles available
Wine Enthusiast 92 Points “In a reversal of roles, its red is lighter—more delicate and understated—than its whites. With plenty of swirling in glass, dainty aromas of strawberries and raspberries still on the bush float to the fore, followed by cocktail bitters, roses and white pepper. The fresh tang of red fruit on the featherlight palate is tugged gently into place by chalky, skinsy tannins. Delicious. drinking now until 2028.”
Michel Juillot Bourgogne Rouge 2020 750ml $28 special, 23 bottles available
Importer Note “In Mercurey, a village nestled in Burgundy on the famous Côte Chalonnaise, the Michel Julliot Estate, which has existed for four generations, cultivates 30 hectares of vines producing a large selection of the best “climats” and expositions that Mercurey has to offer (South & South-East) as well as several Côte de Beaune Crus. This entry level cuvee features notes ripe cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry as well as savory features such as mushroom and tomato.”
 Arrives Friday  JC Somers “Joie De Chien” Dundee Pinot Noir 2021 750ml $24 special, 24 bottles available
Winery Note “This is our little second label showing Aja looking at the moon. She was the greatest dog ever. Blended from the Nicholas Family and the La Colina vineyards this wine is classic Dundee Hills and the best value in Willamette Pinot Noir out there.”
Jules Taylor Pinot Noir 2020 750ml $24 special, 34 bottles available
Wine Spectator “This boasts chocolate-covered black cherry flavors that are juicy and plump, with clipped herb, fresh earth and oolong tea notes on a velvety frame. Drink now.”
Jules ‘In Person’  Winemaker’s Note “Fickle and demanding, this little number is a piece of work, but has turned into some dangerously good Marlborough Pinot Noir.”
Check out the rest of our Oregon Pinot Noir and Red Burgundy selection online!

Close-out Sale – Price Reductions
Snowden Cabernet Brothers Vineyard Napa 2017 750ml WAS $75 NOW $66 special, 29 bottles available
Vinous 93+ Points “The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Brothers Vineyard is gorgeous. In this vintage, the Brothers has a bit more tannin and overall structure than normal, but in 2017 a power outage resulted in the wine staying in tank for an extra ten days. In the end, that looks to have been a help, as the 2017 offers a terrific combination of fruit density and structure, within the mid-weight style of the year at Snowden. This is a beguiling wine that may very well turn out to be a surprise in time. Super classic, old-school, medium-bodied wine with good depth and resonance alongside notes of black cherry, leather, tobacco, licorice and gravel.”
Spreitzer Winkeler Jesuitgarten Spatlese 2018 750ml WAS $28   NOW $24 special 16 bottles available
Wine Spectator 90 Points “Bright and succulent, featuring notes of yellow apple, peach and floral. Offers a light-bodied frame but remains very flavorful, with high acidity providing balance and support. Best from 2022 through 2032. 100 cases imported.”
Spreitzer Oestricher Lenchen “303” Riesling Spatlese 2018 750ml WAS $49   NOW $39 special, 7 bottles available
Wine Spectator 92 Points “Concentrated, with peach, orange peel and spice aromas and flavors set on a velvety texture. Nicely structured, showing complexity, focus and length due to the acidity, which will help this age gracefully. Best from 2022 through 2036. 50 cases imported.”
Spreitzer Wisselbrunnen Riesling GG 2018 750ml WAS $49   NOW $39 special, 2 bottles available
Wine Advocate 92+ Points “The 2018 Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen Rheingau Riesling Trocken “GG” is subtle and deep on the nose, with bright yet concentrated fruit flavors. Full-bodied, lush and mineral on the palate, this is a tensioned, stimulatingly salty Wisselbrunnen with a firm structure and very good length. Tasted at Schloss Johannisberg and in Wiesbaden in August 2019. “
St Damien Gigondas Rose 2021 750ml WAS $28   NOW $21.90 special, 28 bottles available
Wine Advocate 89 Points “The medium salmon-hued 2021 Gigondas Rose features scents of pink grapefruit, guava and melon. A blend of 50% Cinsault, 30% Mourvèdre and 20% Grenache, it’s medium-bodied, with a lovely, silky texture and a long finish that echoes of crushed stone and paraffin.”
St Jean du Barroux La Pierre Noire 2015 750ml $33 special, 31 bottles available
No review available, 2014 review  provided for reference
Decanter 96 Points “[2014 vintage] Lifted loganberry, leaf tea and tarragon. Beautifully mouthcoating, elegant and harmonious, long and svelte, with a tapered finish. Gently perfumed, beautifully balanced. It’s concentrated without over-extraction, combining the elegance of the northern Rhône with the generosity of the south. A beautiful wine.”
Stein Cabernet Sauvignon Vom Berg 2018 750ml WAS $49   NOW $39 special, 23 bottles available
Importer Note “Steep slate soils; sourced from multiple vineyards throughout the village; 25 year old vines; élevage in old barriques.”
Thorle Probsty Silvaner Trocken 2017 750ml WAS $33   NOW $28 special, 15 bottles available
James Suckling 94 Points “Still quite yeasty from long maturation on lees, but that accentuates the smoky and herbal complexity of this remarkable dry silvaner. Just a hint of oak in support of the creamy, mid-weight body and long, silky finish. Drink or hold.”
Tua Rita Toscana Giusto di Notri 2015 750ml WAS $79   NOW $69 special, 22 bottles available
James Suckling 96-97 Points ” Best Giusto di Notri ever? Full body, ripe and powerful tannins, as well as beautiful fruit. Chewy yet polished tannins and a lingering finish. This is dense and structured with beautifully polished tannins and plenty of currant and blackberry character. Full body and chewy tannins yet refined and juicy. Lots of Mediterranean herbs with the dark fruit. Blend of mostly cabernet sauvignon with merlot and cabernet franc.”
San Giusto a Rentennano Percarlo Toscana IGT 2016 750ml WAS $199  NOW $179 special, 22 bottles available
Vinous 99 Points “The 2016 Percarlo captures all of the beauty it has always shown in the cellar. Pliant, silky and exceptionally polished, the 2016 simply has it all. Freshly cut flowers, rose petal, mint, spice and blood orange add striking aromatic nuance to a core of brilliant Sangiovese fruit. Powerful and ample, with superb aromatic lift, the 2016 Percarlo is exceptionally beautiful and moving from the very first taste. A whole range of floral and mineral notes extend the finish effortless. The tannins need time to soften, so readers should plan on at least a few years of cellaring. In a word: compelling.”
Collector’s Corner
The Bold and Beautiful Barolo

Bold, beautiful, beguiling… Barolo is all of these. Dramatic when young but elegant and nuanced when older, few if any wines perform as well over time as these fantastic bottles.

G. B. Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero 2018 750ml $399 special, 2 bottles available
Wine Enthusiast 98 Points 
“This wine is just stunning, starting with aromas of fragrant blue flower, red berry, camphor, dark spice and underbrush. Reflecting the aromas, the smooth, delicious palate delivers raspberry compote, ripe cherry, and licorice accompanied by polished tannins while fresh acidity offers youthful tension. Drink 2024–2038.”
Wine Advocate 96+ Points “Within the context of this set of new releases from Comm. G.B. Burlotto, this wine stands far apart. The 2018 Barolo Monvigliero is linear and light, but it also shows good fruit weight. This is exactly the classic duality of Monvigliero (a village that traditionally incorporates whole clusters in fermentation). Spice, cola, licorice, grilled herb and dried cherry appear to lift over a fine and delicately tapered mouthfeel.”
Cavallotto Barolo Riserva San Guiseppe 2016 1.5L $399 special, 5 bottles available
Wine Advocate 98 Points “A certified organic wine, the Cavallotto 2016 Barolo Riserva Bricco Boschis Vigna San Giuseppe is born in vineyards on a beautiful ridge in Castiglione Falletto with wide views of both the sunrise and the sunset. From this magical site at the heart of the Barolo appellation comes a wine that represents the very best of vintage and territory. Dark fruit, dried cherry, wild plum, rose and iron ore meet a perfect intersection that gives this Barolo a beautiful sense of balance and inner energy. Fruit comes from a 2.4-hectare plot with southwest-facing vines that are 60 years old. After destemming, the grapes see 28 days of skin contact (semi-submerged caps) in steel tanks. Secondary fermentation occurs in cement in the spring following the harvest.”
 Hot Deal!  Conterno Fantino Barolo Mosconi 2017 750ml $119 special, 18 bottles available
Decanter 96 Points “Among the 27 hectares of Conterno Fantino is Vigna Ped, an east-facing cru within the Mosconi MGA. Similar to Ginestra, in 2017 it seems to be a bit rounder and less austere. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation naturally in the spring. It displays intense leafy lightness with wild strawberry puree and liquorice root, but also whiffs of truffle and cocoa powder. The attack is firm and assertive, with both acidity and tannins – which are large, grainy and ripe.”
Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cerretta 2018 750ml $249 special, 7 bottles available
Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cerretta 2018 1.5L $599 special, 1 bottle available
Wine Advocate 95-97 Points “Tasted from barrel, the Giacomo Conterno 2018 Barolo Cerretta is shaping up to be a beauty. What stands out most at this very young stage is the quality and the elegant tightness of the tannins. Cerretta fruit from Serralunga d’Alba makes for powerful, structured and concentrated Nebbiolo that is delivered with naked clarity and outstanding purity. These qualities are clearly linked to the vineyard site and less to the conservative efforts executed at the winery. You taste the crunch or the nervous quality of the grape skins and pulp with dark and purple berry nuances and rusty or mineral overtones that hint at the more significant presence of clay in these soils.”
Vietti Barolo Brunate 2019 750ml $259 special, 3 bottles available
Vinous 98 Points “The 2019 Barolo Brunate is a powerhouse. Black cherry, plum, spice, lavender, mocha, gravel and scorched earth all build as this virile, potent Barolo struts its stuff. The Brunate, is another super-impressive wine in this range. To be perfectly honest, the Brunate has never been one of my favorite wines here, but the 2019 is undeniably great. Perhaps the combination of parcels Vietti has today explains the multi-dimensional vibrancy that comes through. This is simply magnificent.”

Vietti Barolo Rocche Di Castiglione 2019 750ml $299 special, 3 bottles available
Vinous 99 Points “The 2019 Barolo Rocche di Castiglione is all class. Deep and sensual, the 2019 once again shows how magical this site is. A Barolo with no hard edges and tons of sensuality, the 2019 is positively stellar. Silky tannins wrap around a core of bright red-toned fruit. The purity of the flavors is remarkable. Sweet floral and spice notes lend tons of lift as the Rocche gains in dimension with time in the glass. Resonant, expansive and sensual to the core, the Rocche will thrill Vietti fans.”
Vietti Barolo Ravera 2019 750ml $299 special, 12 bottles available
Vinous 100 Points “The 2019 Barolo Brunate is a powerhouse. Black cherry, plum, spice, lavender, mocha, gravel and scorched earth all build as this virile, potent Barolo struts its stuff. The Brunate, is another super-impressive wine in this range. To be perfectly honest, the Brunate has never been one of my favorite wines here, but the 2019 is undeniably great. Perhaps the combination of parcels Vietti has today explains the multi-dimensional vibrancy that comes through. This is simply magnificent.”
Size Wine Points Price Bottles Link
750ml Burlotto Barolo Acclivi 2019 Vinous 94 $149 1 LINK
750ml Cappellano Barolo Pie Rupe 2010   $335 8 LINK
750ml Cappellano Barolo Pie Rupe 2013   $399 1 LINK
750ml Conterno Barolo Buss Colonelo 2016 JS 96 $179 5 LINK
750ml Conterno Barolo Cicala 2017 WS 95 $149 6 LINK
750ml Conterno Barolo Colonnello 2017 WA 94 $149 9 LINK
750ml Conterno Barolo Granbussia 2012 WS 95 $889 6 LINK
750ml G Conterno Barolo Arione 2018 WA 94-96 $235 8 LINK
750ml G Conterno Barolo Francia 2018 Vinous 95 $249 8 LINK
750ml Gaja Barolo Conteisa 2015 W&S 98 $249 6 LINK
1.5L Oddero Barolo Rionda 2007 JS 96 $369 1 LINK
750ml Scavino Barolo Rocche 2013 WA 97 $199 7 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Brunate 2017 JB 96 $169 3 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Brunate 2018 WA 95 $199 6 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Cerequio 2018 Vinous 97 $219 7 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Cerequio 2019 Vinous 98 $249 9 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Lazzarito 2017 JB 97 $169 7 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Lazzarito 2019 WA 98 $239 24 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Monvigliero 2019 Vinous 97 $269 9 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Ravera 2017 JB 98 $169 4 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Ravera 2018 Vinous 95+ $199 12 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Riserva 2015 Vinous 95 $149 6 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Rocche 2017 Vinous 96 $169 1 LINK
750ml Vietti Barolo Rocche Castig 2018 WA 97+ $219 3 LINK
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