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Wine of the Day: Jean Francois Ganevat Vieux Macvin du Jura NV (2005) 5-1-16

Ganevat Vieux MacvinJean Francois Ganevat Vieux Macvin du Jura NV (2005) 750ML ($59.95) Buy Now: $49 special

Why we love the Macvin: It’s dynamic. A great bottle to bring to shake things up at a potluck, it’s a delicious wine to start off a meal with alongside soft cheeses, meats, nuts, and anything else, really! – Tyler

Importer note: Blend of 2/3 unfermented must of Savagnin and 1/3 Marc of Savagnin. Aged in barrel for 8 years before bottling.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Weninger Balf Kekburgundi, Sopron, Hungary 2011 4-29-16

Weninger Sopron 2011Weingut Weninger Balf Kekburgundi, Sopron, Hungary 2011 750ML ($19.95) Buy Now: $16 special

Why we love it: Because as a Hungarian-American (albeit third-generation), I don’t get to recommend wine from the homeland all that much. Spicy red fruit with an edgy earth-laden quality is balanced out with nice acidity and a mellow finish. Screwtop and all, this is going to be one of my spring-summer go-to’s. – Tyler

Winery notes: “The Sopron wine region is our passion. Since 1997 we work in this area. The Sopron cuvée pays tribute to it, representing the wideness of the Little Hungarian Plane (Kisalföld) and the strength of nature in the Ferto-Hanság National Park: a fruity and vivid wine.  Selective hand harvest. Native yeast fermentation in stainless steel.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Bianco 2013 4-26-16

Occhipinti SP68 BiancoAzienda Agricola Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Bianco Sicilia IGT, Sicily 2013 ($29.95) Buy Now: $26 special

Why we love it: Aromas, for one. Uniqueness and transparency, too. A perfect marriage of two truly different grapes. I’ve often sold it on the basis of it being the nicest-smelling wine I’ve ever had. Tropical, bright, and bewilderingly fresh. Great accompaniment to simple foods or as a skeleton key during a potluck dinner. A yardstick effort for natural wine and for Sicily-at-large. Sheesh! -Tyler

Vinopolnote: A bright, fresh, and aromatic blend of Albanello – native to the Ragusa area near Vittoria – and Zibbibo – otherwise known as Muscat de Alexandria – one of the oldest genetically unmodified varietals still in existence.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Nikolaihof Neuburger 4-1-16

Familie Saahs Nikolaihof Neuburger, Wachau, Austria 2011 750ML ($39.95) Buy Now: Was $33, Now $28

Nikolaihof NeuburgerI’d been reading an interview with Nikolaus Saahs, known for making intensely beautiful Riesling and Gruner at the legendary Nikolaihof estate. Tucked between anecdotes about harvest and the minutiae of the winemaking life, Saahs conceded that his favorite varietal to drink was neither which made his family’s centuries-old estate famous. Instead, it was Neuberger.


Neuburger. Native to Austria, the grape is a cross between Roter Veltliner and Sylvaner. Aromatically, it conjures up thoughts of off-dry Riesling, perhaps a chilly bottle of Gruner smuggled into a park on the first warm day of the year. On the palate, however, comparison is put to rest. The 2011 Neuburger is fleshy and generous, with a hint of spice and lots of savory bookends.… Read the rest