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Wine of the Day: Luneau-Papin Terre de Pierre Muscadet 2012 11-4-16

Luneau-Papin Muscadet “Terre de Pierre” 2012 ($29.95) Buy Now: $24 Special


Luneau-Papin is one of the two or three best producers of Muscadet. That’s sort of a blessing and a curse. Why a curse? Well, Luneau-Papin is one of the best couple of producers of the greatest white wine value in France.  For quality, profundity and deliciousness, the wines stand toe-to-toe with wines that cost several times as much, and yet somehow, they don’t get the respect that’s accorded even middling producers of white Burgundy. Luneau-Papin Terre de Pierre 2012

That should change, and if you want a wine to help you see the light, we’ve got you covered today.  Luneau-Papin’s Muscadet “Terre de Pierre” 2012 is a masterpiece of a Muscadet, made in a style that marries the minerality and freshness you’d expect from the region with longer aging to provide richness and depth that are uncommon. … Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Luneau Papin ‘Terre de Pierre’ 2012 4-3-16

Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie Terre de Pierre 2012 750ML ($29.95) Buy Now: $24 special

Luneau Pierre 2012Though wine writing may claim no shortage of hyperbole, I must come forth and assert it: I have yet to share this wine with anyone who didn’t adore it.  The ‘Terre de Pierre’ bottling is grown on solidified lava which dates back 500,000,000 years. The wine ferments on the lees for a year before aging in wood vats for eight months; it has this lovely little salty air/white flower/lemon rind thing going on which makes me think of a drizzly walk on the beach in your hometown in a good sort of way. I request that you buy at least two: one to drink now and another to hide somewhere and drink a few years down the road: you’ll truly be glad you did.… Read the rest