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Wine of the Day: Joh. Jos. Prum Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Kabinett 2012 – July 2016

Joh. Jos. Prum Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Kabinett, Mosel 2012 750ML ($27.95) Buy Now: $19

The other day, while researching the Middle Mosel in Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine, I learned that “Badstube is one of the few if not the only German Grosslagen made up entirely of first-rate terroir.” With reason (my background is in Burgundy) I expected to pay a premium for such a wine. Then I found a bottle of Joh. Jos. Prüm 2012 Bernkasteler Badstube Kabinett on our shelf, for $19. So I bought it, and opened it, and spent an evening reveling in the beauty of German Riesling. Fine to enjoy now, but also ready for many years of cellaring, this wine first of all exuberates class.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Geltz-Zilliken Riesling 4-11-16

zilliken 2013Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken Saarburger Rausch Riesling Kabinett Erste Lage 2013 750ML ($37.95) Buy Now: $21.90 special
Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken Saarburger Rausch Riesling Kabinett Erste Lage 2013 375ML ($21.95) Buy Now: $14 special
“This opulent Riesling has an aroma of crushed peaches and mint. It’s sourced from the estate’s top vineyard (Rausch), which is covered in Devonian slate. It’s rich and full in body with a lingering waxy texture and a surprising vibrancy given its lushness. The sweetness is nicely balanced by the high acidity. Enjoy on its own or with spicy pork dishes.” -Suzanne

Wine Advocate 91 points “The 2013 Riesling Kabinett Saarburger Rausch is a rich, sappy, juicy, piquant and elegant Riesling with an extremely stimulating and lush fruit intensity. With 7.5% alcohol the wine is light (though not light-bodied) but intense in its tropical fruitiness with mango, peach and pineapples flavors.… Read the rest

Wine of the Day: Peter Lauer Fass 8 Kabinett 3-30-16

Peter Lauer Fass 8 Kabinett 2014Peter Lauer Fass 8 Ayler Kupp Kabinett, Mosel, Germany 2014 750ML ($37.95) Buy Now: $31.90 special

Like tiny flowers pressed between the pages of a book you borrowed years ago but have yet to read (or return!), this year’s Fass 8 is delicate but not wimpy, bittersweet yet not overwrought, and perhaps a little flirtatious. It trades off solos from sweet to saline and floral to fruit with ease, ne’er too serious and yet fully confident with what’s at stake in the glass. After all, Riesling faces an uphill battle even during its own renaissance.

I fear that writing down a bunch of adjectives in quick succession reduces this wine to something to be scored rather than enjoyed. To hell with points!… Read the rest