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Wine of the Day: Francoise Bedel ‘Cuvee Entre Ciel et Terre’ Brut Champagne NV 6-23-16

Francoise Bedel Cuvee Entre Ciel et Terre Brut, Champagne NV 750ML ($89.95) Buy Now: $71.90 special

bedel champThere’s a local spot on the other side of town known for their illustrious, borderline-obsessive selection of Champagnes. The wine list hits the table with a weighty thud… Navigating their offerings is equal parts daunting and exciting, so packed with famed producers that it resembles what Sir Winston Churchill’s Christmas list. While barside a few months ago, a friend noticed Mme. Bedel’s name among the selections and nearly leapt for joy. Without hesitation, a frosty bottle and two glasses were summonsed, our server nodding with approval.

First, some context. Francoise Bedel is about as real-deal as you can get in Champagne. Her estate has practiced biodynamic agriculture for twenty years; harvest is performed by hand and wines are held for a minimum of five years prior to release.… Read the rest