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A Vision of Barbaresco

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The Wines of Produttori del Barbaresco
A Vision of Barbaresco
The legacy of Produttori del Barbaresco is the legacy of an appellation and a fiercely visionary line of individuals that have striven to carve its name into the annals of Italy’s finest wines. Until the time of the late 19th century, the vineyard holdings surrounding the town of Barbaresco were exclusively being maintained as a supply of additional grapes for the wineries of the neighboring Barolo appellation. This was until an enterprising educator and viticulturist named Domizio Cavazza arrived with a mind to change the perception of Barbaresco forever. After being rebutted by the governing authorities on the idea of expanding the Barolo appellation to formally include the vineyards of Barbaresco, he took matters into his own hands.
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Markus Molitor Feature: Do I Detect delicious?

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Markus Molitor

Markus Molitor: Do I Detect delicious?

Do I detect delicious? This is the first question one must ask themselves upon examining any wine of any supposed caliber. Sometimes we can just make ourselves dizzy focusing on the technical verbiage associated with a drink that’s meant to give pleasure. Are those terpenes I’m picking up? I’ll swear on my life there’s some grapefruit pith in there. Anyone else have a headache?

Outside of the obsession with tasting note creativity, an epidemic afflicting the wine consuming community is the fixation on dry wine virtue signaling. Oh, how many times I’ve heard a restaurant guest or customer proclaim that they “only drink dry wines.” This type of statement is usually following by said individual picking up or ordering a zinfandel or cabernet-based wine with copious residual sugar.… Read the rest

Markus Molitor


There may be no more ambitious winemaker in the world than Markus Molitor. His determination and drive to make the best possible wines has made him a towering figure in the Mosel, with an impressive, modern winery and holdings in almost every important vineyard in the region. This drive also means there are a lot of different bottlings—Molitor believes that every single sub-parcel and selective pick should be vinified to its utmost potential. The critical praise backs this up— Markus Molitor’s wines are some of the most celebrated in the world.
Most winemakers would pick a vineyard once or twice and vinify the lots together—it’s easier and the wines are good. Molitor, though, asks what each parcel and pick would be like on its own—treated as if it were a wine of distinction rather than a blending component.… Read the rest

April Rosé Sale

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We’re having a huge month long sale ending April 30th at 6pm. 

5% off 6-11 bottles of Rosé
10% off 12 or more bottles of Rosé

Each 1.5L (Magnum) bottle will be counted as 2 bottles when applied to the discount.
Each 3.0L bottle of rose will be the equivalent of 4 bottles.
6.0L bottles will be counted as 8 bottles.
Champagnes are not included in this sale.
Discount will not display online, we will adjust your invoice before charging your card.
Discount does not apply to pre-arrival wines or to case discounts. 
This is first come / first served and limited to stock on hand.
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Monvigliero In Stock Now!

Burlotto Monvigliero 2018

October 21, 2022

2018 Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero bottlesG.B. Burlotto was considered among the absolute greatest winemakers in the world for the seventy plus years he was at the helm. After his passing in 1927, the winery and his hometown of Verduno slipped into obscurity. Now Fabio Alessandria, the great-great-grandson has taken over and Burlotto regained the place it deserves among the top echelon of small producers in the Piedmont. Tradition is first and foremost for Fabio, going so far as to use gentle crushing by foot followed by a sixty day maceration period, once common but now virtually unheard of in Barolo. The technique is used for the home vineyard of Monvigliero and the soft touch develops a wine of remarkable character with notes of cedar, olives in herbs, and something rich – like truffles – the feel is structurally powerful, but so elegant as to be shimmery. … Read the rest