Wine of the Day: Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc 3-31-16

Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc, Dundee Hills, Oregon 2013 750ML ($81.95) Buy Now: $66 special

Cameron Clos Electrique BlancI’ve made my love for Cameron’s wines no secret within these pages, and there’s likely no end in sight. The reds have been very good company during my first Portland winter – now, however, with an eye towards the spring, I’m excited to drink more of John’s wonderful white wines.

The first thing that the 2013 Clos Electrique Blanc conjures to mind is the lead-in to my notes from the first tasting: “Wow.” It’s so darned easy to drink, with an everlasting finish and lots of layers to sort through as the wine aerates. As I wrote previously, “…honeysuckle, citrus, tarragon, and honey cover the palate while remaining lively and buoyant. Layered and charming, maintaining a balance between force and elegance.”

This one, like many of the Camerons, will age wonderfully. Not that I suggest you exercise any restraint. Drink up, my friends… – Tyler

Winemaker’s note: “Clos Electrique is farmed organically which means that we use elemental sulfur during the growing season to prevent growth of powdery mildew and use copper hydroxide and leaf removal in the vicinity of grape clusters to inhibit botrytis. Insect pests are generally kept in check by cultivation of predatory insects with integrated cover crops. This is one of the warmer vineyard sites in the Red Hills of Dundee and usually is harvested during the second half of September. Yields of the ‘blanc’ generally yields 2.0 tons per acre (27 hl/hectare).”