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Mosel Mastery from Marcus Molitor:
2019’s coming soon! 

James Suckling Goes to Cayuse

Gilded Glantenay

Quantum of Bollinger:
The Grande Annee

Trending Rose 

Collector’s Corner
The Coin with two faces:
New Chateau Palmer arriving April 27th



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Mosel Mastery from Marcus Molitor:
2019’s coming soon! 

There may be no more ambitious winemaker in the world than Markus Molitor. His determination and drive to make the best possible wines has made him a towering figure in the Mosel, with an impressive, modern winery and holdings in almost every important vineyard in the region. This drive also means there are a lot of different bottlings—Molitor believes that every single sub-parcel and selective pick should be vinified to its utmost potential. This is particularly evident with the spectacular 2019 vintage, of which critics have lauded across the board for being a “Legend in the making”. Marked by consistently warm and dry temperature conditions after a wet winter, there were none of the heat waves that 2018 was known for. This allowed for slow, even ripening of Riesling that allowed producers to harvest more or less at will depending on where they wanted the wine to be on the Prädikatswein ladder.  

Most winemakers would pick a vineyard once or twice and vinify the lots together—it’s easier and the wines are good. Molitor, though, asks what each parcel and pick would be like on its own—treated as if it were a wine of distinction rather than a blending component. This is a lot of extra work and requires time and space that most winemakers would rather not spend, but the result is a dizzying number of bottlings that all strive toward perfection.

The critical praise backs this up— Markus Molitor’s wines are some of the most celebrated in the world. We have a dazzling selection of Markus Molitor’s wines in stock, and are eager to share them with you. Whether white capsule (dry), green capsule (off-dry), or gold capsule (fruity to nobly sweet), you can’t really go wrong with any of the numerous bottlings. So pick your favorite style and discover for yourself why we insist on carrying so many of these brilliant wines, with select bottlings on sale until Wednesday evening!

Molitor 2019’s Arriving Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 

Markus Molitor Alte Reben Riesling Trocken Mosel 2019 750ML ($39.95) $29 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 93 points
 “Molitor’s 2019 Alte Reben Saar opens with a pure and concentrated flinty bouquet of crushed slate and lemon zest as well as floral aromas. Round, lush and with salty piquancy as well as fine and juicy fruit concentration that intermingles perfectly with the finessed acidity and mineral backbone, this is an excellent and highly stimulating picture-book Saar Riesling with a delicate grip of slate and tannins. Perhaps the finest Saar old-vines Riesling I have had from Molitor. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Bernkasteler Lay Riesling Auslese Trocken Mosel  ** 2019 750ML ($64.95) $51.90 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 95+ points
 ” The lime-green-golden 2019 Bernkasteler Lay Auslese ** (White Capsule) is deep, intense and concentrated yet elegant and still precise and flinty on the nose. The attack on the palate is stunningly young and vital before the elegant and crystalline wine reveals its complexity and inner power. This is a tightly structured, very digestible and still edgy Auslese that needs another 5-6 years or so to settle and shine. This 2019 is enormously salty on the finish and highly promising. Bottled in September last year and tasted in May 2021.”
This is the only listing in the USA today!

Markus Molitor Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Auslese Mosel  *** GK 2019 375ML ($79.95) $66 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 98 points
 “Filled in 375-milliliter bottles, the 2019 Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese *** (Golden Capsule) opens with a fascinating, refined and aromatic bouquet of broken slate and botrytized raisins. Lush and fresh, with very fine grip, this is an utterly finessed and aromatic Auslese that is as rich and intense as it is weightless, frisky and salivating. Surely a picture-book Auslese from the Badstube. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese Trocken Mosel 2019 750ML ($34.95) $29.50 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 93+ points
 “The 2019 Erdener Treppchen Spätlese (White Capsule) is pretty reduced and flinty on the stony, iron-scented nose. Round, refined and elegant on the palate, this is a generous, crystalline, enormously salty, piquant and even powerful dry Riesling with tropical fruit flavors and very fine tannins. Very impressive yet still too young to enjoy. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese Mosel *** WK 2019 750ML ($149.95) $119 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 98+ points
 “Partly from the Felsentreppe, the 2019 Erdener Treppchen Auslese *** (White Capsule) opens with a pure, fresh and flinty, iron-rich and  refined bouquet of tropical fruit aromas with notes of broken (red) slate, lemon oil and lemon juice. Fat but refined, this wine combines the incompatible. Round and wide as well as precise and piquant on the palate, this is a full-bodied, rich and concentrated yet powerful, vibrantly fresh and persistently salty Riesling with cognac or whisky features due its oaky and iodine character. Highly vital and salty, very elegant and complex, vibrantly fresh, with seriously firm tannin grip and a generous tropical stone fruit aroma, this is a giant in the making, but it needs some years to celebrate its class. Any Meursault would honor this Mosel Riesling that has been aged in a 770-liter Stockinger vat and a Burgundy pièce. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese Mosel  ** GK 2019 750ML ($59.95) $49 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 95 points
 “The golden-yellow colored 2019 Graacher Domprobst Auslese ** (Golden Capsule) is intense yet very clear and fresh with lemon juice aromas  and dark-toned notes of crushed flint stone. Lush and refined on the vivacious and remarkably finessed palate, this is a light, round and fleshy, textured and mouth-filling Domprobst with very fine tannins, delicate mineral acidity and lingering salinity. Promising and with stimulating, crystalline grip but still far too young. Tasted from AP 92 20 in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese TrockenMosel ** WK 2019 750ML ($59.95) $49 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 95 points
 “A deep, coolish, flinty and complex nose opens the 2019 Graacher Domprobst Auslese ** (White Capsule). Full-bodied, crystalline, enormously salty and piquant on the palate, this is a rich and round yet dramatic, refined and linear Domprobst with fine tannins and a long, intense and aromatic finish. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Graacher Domprobst Riesling Kabinett Trocken Mosel  WK 2019 750ML ($29.95) $26 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 92 points
 “The 2019 Graacher Domprobst Kabinett (White Capsule) is deep, elegant and flinty on the perfectly ripe and typically Graach-fruity nose with its lush and ripe stone-fruit aromas. Water matters in a dry year such as 2019, and the Domprobst has lots of it. Dense, piquant and mouth-filling on the palate, the wine reveals an edgy slate structure that will soften with bottle age. I recommend cellaring the wine for at least another year. The finish is vibrantly fresh and salty yet still tannic. 10.5% alcohol. Tasted in May 2021.”

Markus Molitor Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese Mosel ** GK 2019 750ML ($69.95) $59 pre-arrival special
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 96+ points 
“The yellow-golden 2019 Graacher Himmelreich Auslese ** (Golden Capsule) is brilliantly clear yet also intense and concentrated on the pure, fresh, finely raisined and herbal (rosemary), slightly honeyed nose that is complex and ambitious. Dense and juicy, with a vivacious purity and great finesse, this is a concentrated, vibrantly fresh and tightly structured Auslese with a remarkably digestible finish. There might be some percentage of botrytis that gives this Auslese a lush texture that is otherwise terribly clear and vital. I’d keep it for at least 7 years and up to 40, if only I could. Attention, though, the wine has serious acidity. Tasted from AP 39 20  in May 2021.” 

Check out our full assortment of 2019 Molitor’s that are due to arrive or shop our entire portfolio of Marcus Molitor in store and online!


James Suckling Goes to Cayuse
Christophe Baron’s Cayuse Vineyards is one of the most in-demand wineries in North America, producing wines from both Rhône and Bordeaux varieties that are among the finest in the world. Because Cayuse sells almost exclusively through their mailing list, even current releases can be difficult to find. We’re proud to maintain the country’s best selection of Cayuse, including these newly reviewed 2019s!

“Baron makes some of the most compelling quality wines in Washington and his best are inspired by the great wines of the Rhone Valley, including old vintages of Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle and Chateau Rayas. I think that Baron’s best reds in 2019, both syrah and grenache-based wines, are better than the current vintages of both of the Rhone Valley legends. They are incredibly pure and precise with complexity, structure and elegance. And they clearly derive their great quality from their special vineyards.” –James Suckling, May 2022

Newly Reviewed & In Stock Now from Cayuse:

Cayuse Vineyards Cailloux Vineyard Syrah , Walla Walla Valley 2019 750ML ($149.95) $128 special, 5 bottles in stock now
James Suckling 97 points 
“An expressive nose of cracked black pepper, black cherry and an array of dried herbs. Medium-to full-bodied with incredible spicy character. So much going on here. Silky, fruit-soaked tannins. The supple dark fruit is accented by peppercorn, dried ginger, bay leaf, basil and oolong. Umami. Superb. Co-fermented with 4% viognier. Drink or hold.”

Cayuse Vineyards En Cerise Vineyard Syrah , Walla Walla Valley 2019 750ML ($149.95) $128 special, 5 bottles in stock now
James Suckling 96 points
 “Cured meat jumps out on the nose, together with notes of black cherry, basil leaf and tar. Medium-bodied with rock-salt salinity. Silky tannins. Very elegant with succulent fruit and mineral character that keeps the palate going on and on. Delicious. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.”

Cayuse Vineyards En Chamberlin Vineyard Syrah , Walla Walla Valley  2019 750ML ($149.95) $128 special, 8 bottles in stock now
James Suckling 96 points 
“An intriguing nose of hot stone, rosemary and sliced plum. Medium-to full-bodied with soft tannins. Excellent spiced, herbal complexity. Pure, ripe red and black fruit that’s expertly balanced and expressive. Delicious finish. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.”
This is the lowest listed price on the West Coast!
The average price nationally is $137

Cayuse Vineyards Impulsivo Tempranillo , Walla Walla Valley  2019 750ML ($179.95) $149 special, 17 bottles in stock now
James Suckling 95 points 
“Rounded aromas of cherries, plums, blackcurrants, nutmeg and violets. Medium-to full-bodied with supple tannins. Rich black fruit turns savory with notes of tobacco and espresso as the palate evolves. Roasted rosemary and thyme, too. Great complexity and balance. A hint of sea salt at the finish. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.”

Shop our entire selection of Cayuse Vineyards, Horsepower Vineyards & No Girls wines here!

Gilded Glantenay
“If the wines of Pommard sometimes seem like a truck-driver’s interpretation of Pinot, then those of Volnay are a ballerina’s” Remington Norman -The Great Domaines of Burgundy

Part of the magic of Burgundy is the cornucopia of small producers working their family’s estates just as their forefathers did. This intimate relationship with their vines and centuries of passed down tradition make the region what it is, and refines Pinot Noir to an unmatched expression. For Bernard & Thierry Glantenay, though, we couldn’t be happier to be in the game. His wines, from old vines in Pommard and Volnay, have a purity and class that immediately mark them as absolutely top tier—and yet his prices are significantly lower than producers like Lafarge or d’Angerville.

These are stunning wines for which the clock is ticking—there’s no way they’ll be priced this affordably for long. Once a producer starts to get widespread notice these wines are going to skyrocket in pricing and so let’s take a moment to appreciate that you can currently buy Glantenay’s Bourgogne for nearly half the price of d’Angerville, or his Santenots for a third of Arnaud Ente’s!

His premier cru Volnays are standout values as well—still under $100, but from some of the top terroirs in the village (and from extremely old vines as well). This is d’Angerville/Lafarge/Lafon level stuff for a third to half as much. As William Kelley put it in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, “I was compelled to return a week later to verify that I hadn’t been imagining things, and that so serious a producer could really be so little known.”

Highlights In Stock Now:

Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy 2017 750ML ($41.95) $33 special, 18 bottles in stock now
Neal Martin-Vinous 
“The 2017 Bourgogne Pinot Noir has a clean raspberry and blackberry scented bouquet (there is a tincture of the children’s drink Ribena here!) The palate is medium-bodied with crunchy tannin, fine acidity, fresh and lively with good energy towards the finish. Recommended.”
William Kelley, Wine Advocate “Glantenay’s 2017 Bourgogne Rouge is very persuasive, bursting with aromas of cassis, ripe red berries and spices. On the palate, it’s medium-bodied, satiny and succulent, with a light framing of structuring tannins and a generous core of fruit. It will deliver great pleasure on release.” 
This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Volnay, Côte de Beaune 2017 750ML ($67.95) $54.50 special, 25 bottles in stock now
Neal Martin-Vinous 90-92 points
 “The 2017 Volnay Village comes from five parcels (including two small parcels of Premier Cru). It has a vibrant black cherry, bilberry scented bouquet with impressive vigour and neatly integrated oak. The palate is medium-bodied with light, supple tannin. Vibrant black cherries and raspberry, just a touch of salinity lending edginess towards the finish. Very fine.”
William Kelley-Wine Advocate 89-91 points “As usual, the 2017 Volnay Village includes two small premier cru parcels that Glantenay doesn’t wish to vinify separately, and it’s shaping up very nicely, offering up a fragrant nose of sweet cherries and berries, violets and orange rind. On the palate, it’s medium-bodied, satiny and supple, with an ample core of sweet fruit and a fine-grained, elegantly chalky finish.”
This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!
The average listed price is $59

Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Les Brouillards, Volnay Premier Cru 2017 750ML ($99.95) $79 special, 17 bottles in stock now
William Kelley-Wine Advocate 90-92 points
 “The 2017 Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards exhibits beautiful nose notes of orange rind, wild berries, cassis and rose petals. On the palate, it’s medium to full-bodied, supple and satiny, with a lavishly textural attack, melting tannins and a succulent core of fruit, concluding with a long finish. In 2016, this cuvée was so small that Glantenay included it in his Volnay AOC, but happily, 2017 marks its return to the range.”
Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Clos des Chênes, Volnay Premier Cru 2017 750ML ($114.95) $89 special, 20 bottles in stock now
Neal Martin-Vinous 92-94 points
 “The 2017 Volnay Clos des Chênes 1er Cru, which contains around 30% whole bunch fruit from the older vines in Glantenay’s parcel, has a very perfumed bouquet with wilted iris and violet petals permeating the dark cherry and boysenberry fruit. The Clos des Chênes has a hint of fig with further aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with grainy tannin, a gentle grip in the mouth but very good substance and a silky smooth finish that is real class on the finish. There is actually less Clos des Chênes in 2017 than in 2016 due to the sheer concentration – try to grab a bottle if you can because this is very impressive.”
William Kelley-Wine Advocate 92-94 points “The 2017 Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Chênes wafts from the glass with aromas of raspberries, cherries, citrus peel, rich soil and warm spices, subtly framed by creamy new oak. On the palate, it’s full-bodied, with the most depth, dimension and amplitude of any wine in the cellar, its juicy core of fruit entirely cloaking is fine structuring tannins. One of the best renditions of this vineyard I tasted in 2017, it’s a very impressive wine.”
Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Les Santenots, Volnay Premier Cru 2014 750ML ($99.95) $59 special
Winery note
 “[Translated] From 55-65 year old vines on clay-limestone and loamy soils. Appreciated for its finesse, the Volnay Santenots is considered the most feminine wine of the Côte de Beaune. Bright ruby, its aromas are delicate and complex: violet, currant, cherry, spices, game, and prune. The freshness, the texture and the tannins are harmoniously balanced to give a charming, suave and fleshy wine, endowed with a beautiful energy.”
This is the only listing in the USA today!

Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Les Santenots, Volnay Premier Cru 2017 750ML ($109.95) $85 special
William Kelley-Wine Advocate 92 points 
“The 2017 Volnay 1er Cru Les Santenots is showing very well from bottle, wafting from the glass with aromas of raspberries, wild berries, dark chocolate and burning embers. Medium to full-bodied, ample and enveloping, it’s supple and lively, framed by powdery tannins. This has developed nicely and will offer a broad drinking window.”
Neal Martin-Vinous 90-92 points “The 2017 Volnay Les Santenots 1er Cru has more mineral expression and just a tad less VA than the Brouillards by comparison. The palate is well balanced with succulent tannin, juicy black fruit with hints of blueberry and cassis that dovetail into a finely structured, almost flinty finish. This has very good potential.”
This is the only listing in the USA today!

We have over 90 red wines from the Côte de Beaune in stock now. Shop the entire selection on our web store now!

Quantum of Bollinger:
The Grande Annee

Known as the “James Bond” of Têtes, The Bollinger Grande Anne represents the House’s best from that particular year. Arguably the most featured Champagne in the novel and movie series, it’s been referenced no less than fifteen different times since the debut vintage in 1956. Comprised almost entirely of Grand Cru grapes with the barest amount of dosage added, the idea is to have the Grande Anne be a “snapshot” of the year through the eyes of Bollinger. The entirely oak fermentation and aging under cork closure sets the stage for exceptional development in the bottle.  Expect a plethora of character from dried spices, to citrus peel, baked pommes and dried flowers. Even at its current young age, the luminosity of the vintage should shine through with a full spectrum of green and red apples, green pears, and persimmons.

Bollinger in stock now: 

Bollinger La Grande Annee Brut Champagne 2004 1.5L ($419.95) $379 special 
Wine Enthusiast Cellar Selection 96 points
  “A blend of 66% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay, this is opulent and full bodied, with toast and wood flavors. Rich and ripe, this beautiful wine is generous and still young, with just a touch of bitterness at the end. -Roger Voss.”
Antonio Galloni 95 points “Bollinger’s 2004 Brut La Grand Année is a beautiful wine with a lot of vintage character, but the style is a bit less oxidative than Bollinger fans are likely to expect. Pears, hazelnuts, spices and crushed rocks all flow through to the tense, vibrant finish. It will be interesting to see if the 2004 puts on weight in the bottle, as so many wines from this vintage have. Today, it is bright, linear and quite pretty. Green apples, pears and flowers all add lift on the close.”
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate 94 points “The 2004 Grande Année Brut was disgorged in November 2013 and offers a clear, very refined, and complex though still closed bouquet with fruity aromas of fresh and stewed apples, yellow grapefruit, kaki, walnuts, tobacco, herbal tea, nougat and spicy flavors; everything is discreet here, subtle, perfectly melted together and smoky, very smoky. On the palate, this Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend wine is highly complex and elegant, firmly structured and quite long. This is an excellent Champagne.”
Wine Spectator 94 points “Firm, with well-cut acidity and a fine texture, this is aromatic, delivering a skein of ground spice and graphite notes that mesh seamlessly with the flavors of black currant, black cherry, toasted almond, financier, honey and smoky mineral. Offers a long, mouthwatering finish. Drink now through 2024. 3,000 cases imported. — AN”

Bollinger arriving April 27th 2022: 

Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut Champagne 2004 1.5L ($599.95) $519 pre-arrival special, only 6 magnums arriving 
Wine & Spirits 98 points
 “Time has graced this wine, proving the value of Bollinger’s policy of long aging on the lees followed by prompt release after disgorgement. This RD (Recently Disgorged) 2004 is a joyous wine, staunch, cold and powerful at first, transforming to fresh fruit shadowed by darker tones of barrel fermentation. As it opens in the glass, revealing racy energy, a range of floral pear and apple flavors emerge, resonant with a sense of limestone capturing the sun and reflecting it back in pale power. Enjoy this over the course of an evening as its presence shifts, providing varied perspectives on a great Champagne.”
Wine Enthusiast 98 points “Top 100 Cellar Selection in 2019. The wine’s name stands for recently disgorged and this vintage Champagne was taken off its lees in 2018. That gave many years for it to develop its depth of flavor, richness and beautifully memorable toasty flavors. Drink through 2028. -Roger Voss”
Antonio Galloni 97 points “Bollinger’s 2004 R.D., tasted from magnum, is all class. Silky and understated, the R.D is super-expressive and inviting today. In 2004, the R.D. is decidedly light on its feet and more perfumed than tends to be the norm at Bollinger. Candied lemon peel, mint, apricot, pastry and yellow fruits are all laced together in a Champagne that delivers the goods. The 2004 is 66% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay picked between September 25 and October 8. Disgorged: November 21, 2017.”
Stephan Reinhardt-Wine Advocate  97 points “Fermented in oak barrels and aged under natural corks for almost 13 years, Bollinger’s 2004 R. D. Extra Brut blends 66% Pinot Noir with 34% Chardonnay from 16 crus, 88% of which are classified as Grand Cru. The wine opens with a very clear, deep, rich and aromatic but also pure and mineral-fresh nose of crushed rocks, cherries, brioche, pain aux raisin, white nougat, chalk and ripe, yellow-fleshed fruits. Highly elegant and complex on the weightless yet persistent and salty palate, this is an intense, densely woven, firmly structured yet elegant, beautifully refined and refreshing “recent disgorgement” (February 2018) that reveals just a kiss of oxidative flavors that adds even more complexity. A great Champagne on its way to improve over many years in the bottle. Tasted June 2018.”
Decanter 97 points “This is Bollinger’s 2004 interpretation of their famous barrel-aged, recently-disgorged Champagne. This time around it’s a blend of 66% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay, having received a dosage of 3g/l before being cellared under cork, unlike the usual practice of using a crown cap for this phase. A bouquet of raisins and spice jumps out of the glass, propelled by a magnificent mint-toned freshness. Tight and crystalline on the palate, it’s dense and yet not all that vinous in mouthfeel. The finish is one of ethereal lightness and magnificent balance. Drink with well-aged cheese. Drinking Window 2018 – 2030.”
Wine Spectator 96 points “The lovely nose of acacia blossom, toast and graphite leads to flavors of poached quince, fleur de sel, white cherry, lemon pith and almond skin in this dry and harmonious Champagne. Almost airy and ethereal in texture, yet the finely woven flavor range goes on and on, echoing on the finish. Disgorged June 2017. Drink now through 2034. 301 cases imported. — AN”
[Disgorgement date may vary from reviews]     
This is the lowest listed price on the West Coast today!


Trending Rose 

Situated at over 1,000 feet above sea level between the legendary St. Tropez and the village of Aix-En-Provence the blend is comprised of the traditional varietals Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon as well. As you can expect this is a perfectly quaffable rose at a guilt free price point. Pair with sunny days and picnics.   

Chateau Routas Coteaux Varois en Provence Rose France 2020 750ML ($17.95) $13 special
James Suckling 91 points
 “Pale peach color with aromas of fresh strawberry, watermelon and peach stone. Some sea salt, too. It’s medium-bodied with bright acidity and a fresh finish. Drink now. Screw cap.” 
This is the lowest listed price on the West Coast today!

Arnot Roberts Rose is sourced from two vineyards in California in the Sierra Foothills and Clear Lake AVA’s. Comprised of a mix of French and Portuguese varietals and fermented separately, there’s a palate friendly juxtaposition of tropical fruits like guava in addition to a dried strawberry and raspberry tea element. The 11% ABV makes it almost too drinkable especially with food.   

Arnot Roberts Rose in stock now: 

Arnot-Roberts Rose Lake County 2021 750ML ($33.95) $28 special, only 5 bottles in stock now
Vinpol Note:
 67% Touriga Nacional, 21% Gamay Noir, 10% Tinta Cao and 2% Grenache sourced from the Clear Lake and Sierra Foothills AVA’s in California. Fermented in steel with Native yeasts and blended post-fermentation.

After studying under the winemaking team at Clos Rougeard, Stéphane Tissot initiated biodynamic and native yeast fermentation at her family’s estate in the Jura. Largely billed a rustic cousin to Burgundy, the terroir is more akin to Chablis with Kimmeridgian soils, high elevation and pervasively cool growing seasons. As you can expect the resulting Cremants are often dead ringers from Rose Champagne especially from other chalk rich sites like the Côte des Blancs or the Aube. 

Tissot in stock now: 

Benedicte & Stephane Tissot Cremant du Jura Extra Brut Rose France NV 750ML ($37.95) $29.90 special, only 3 bottles in stock now

Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate “There is also a pink sparkler, the NV Crémant du Jura Rosé Extra Brut: 40% Pinot Noir and 30% each Poulssard and Trousseau. The Rosé is more complicated to make non-dosage, with the lees reduction. The nose is quite shy, but the palate has some more obvious flavors of red berries, and they are also amplified by the mousse and the acidity. It fills your palate, and it’s clean and tasty.” -, review for prior disgorgement

The Baden region is the crown jewel for growing Spätburgunder, the German name for Pinot Noir. As you can expect from a premium site the vines are old enough to deliver a complete showing of both native terroir and varietal character, while still being light and enjoyable as a rose. Made in a natural style this is a rose with none of the reduction that sometimes plagues rose made from lighter varietals, and a delightful showing in both the aromas and flavors. Juicy with a fruit tea character and long finish this is a perfect rose for a more “serious” wine drinker.   

Enderle & Moll Spatburgunder Rose Baden 2020 750ML ($28.95) $27 special, 12 bottles in stock now
Vom Boden importer note
 “The estate known as Enderle and Moll is really just a tiny cellar, a basket press, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz. Absolutely no use of insecticides/pesticides; demeter-approved spraying for fungus with minimal copper
use (1/3 amount as allowed by organic certifications), minimal plowing, excess vegetation is trimmed, otherwise the soil is left alone.
All vineyard work and harvesting is done by hand.”
This is the lowest listed price on the West Coast today!

Collector’s Corner
The Coin’s two faces:
New Chateau Palmer arriving April 27th

We were lucky enough to secure one of the best recent examples of the 2016 vintage from Chateau Palmer in Margaux. 2016 was the fifth year that the chateau practiced biodynamic farming, something their next-door neighbor Château Margaux hasn’t even initiated yet in 2022. It’s said that biodynamics requires a handful of years to find it’s stride, and this vintage exemplifies that in spades! 

Couple that with old vines ranging from 25-70 years old and ideal soil conditions, you can see how people compare them to their first growth neighbor! Palmer is famous for their rigorous standards, with the majority of production being delisted from the Château’s label. With a house style described as “Silk wrapped in satin with layers of velvet” this is one of the most collectable houses in general before price is even factored. 

If that wasn’t enough we were able to secure a limited amount of their most exclusive cuvee, known as the Historical XIXth Century. Harkening to the Bordeaux blends of centuries past, it’s easy to forget the region’s historical predilection to unusual weather events. These often resulted in wines that were barely ripe and highly austere, with the vignerons of the day electing to blend Syrah sourced from the Northern Rhone for much needed stuffing. As you can expect with such a nod to the past this is considered the most collectible bottling by Chateau Palmer and is one of the rarest in all of  Bordeaux. Found almost exclusively in the auction circuit, we will be offering a negligible amount for only the most serious collector’s. 

Chateau Palmer wines arriving April 27th: 

Chateau Palmer Historical XIXth Century Blend Vin de France  ($499.95) $419 pre-arrival special, only 10 bottles arriving 

“In fact, seeing a bottle of 19th century Lafite Hermitagé, as it is described on the label, gave me an idea, and from 2004 we produced a small quantity of what we call Historical 19th Century Wine. It’s Palmer plus 15% Syrah from the northern Rhône. It’s labelled as vin de table, so no one would ever mistake it for Palmer.” – Palmer’s director-general Thomas Duroux
The 19th Century practice in Bordeaux of ‘hermitaging’ their ‘claret’ was abandoned with the installation of the AOC regulations. Over the past decade however the always acclaimed Chateau Palmer decided to utilize some of their classifed Margaux to reincarnate the traditition. Those 19th Century Clarets needed the boost of power and structure. Palmer’s Margaux has no such need. Palmer’s ‘hermitaged’ margaux in its early years will be somewhat more fruit forward. After a decade rolls by you might detect a slight difference in flavor but be need to be a gifted taster to describe. The “Historical’ is made to honor the past, not to alter the wine and its future.
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Chateau Palmer Margaux 2016 750ML ($499.95) $419 pre-arrival special, only 10 bottles arriving 
Antonio Galloni 100 points
 “Technical Director Thomas Duroux and his team made one of the most brilliant wines of the 2016 vintage. Palmer is simply exceptional. Rich and dramatically sweeping in the glass, the 2016 is breathtaking. All the elements simply fall into place in a wine of mesmerizing beauty. The counterpoint of dark, sumptuous fruit and floral notes makes for an utterly compelling Palmer that will take its place among the estate’s finest vintages. Dark cherry, lavender, spice and mocha are some of the many notes that build into a deep, substantial finish that is truly unforgettable. In a word: magnificent!”
Jeb Dunnuck 100 points “The finest vintage I’ve ever tasted from this estate, surpassing the 2009 and 2010, the 2016 Château Palmer is a blend of 47% each of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with the balance Petit Verdot, all of which was brought up in 65% new French oak. This magical effort reveals a saturated purple color as well as a huge nose of crème de cassis, graphite, crushed rocks, and spring flowers, and it develops beautifully with time in the glass. Full-bodied, deep, incredibly concentrated and powerful, it nevertheless just glides over the palate with flawless purity and balance, present, ripe tannins, and a finish that just won’t quit. This is Bordeaux at its most regal and classic. It will be drinkable with just 4-5 years of bottle age and keep for half a century.”
Wine Enthusiast 100 points “#27 Cellar Selection in 2019 Powerful tannins and hugely rich fruit balance together in this superb wine. The velvet texture belies the power behind the concentrated, ripe black-fruit flavor, with vibrant acidity giving ample lift. The wine’s structure will ensure aging for many years. Drink from 2024. -Roger Voss”
Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Wine Advocate 98+ points “The 2016 Palmer is a blend of 47% Merlot, 47% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Petit Verdot. Opaque garnet-purple colored, it slowly glides out of the glass with compelling notes of blueberry compote, warm cassis and kirsch with emerging hints of violets, cigar box, black tea, sandalwood and Sichuan pepper. Medium to full-bodied, wonderfully rich, concentrated and packed with latent energy, the palate literally grows in the mouth, revealing layer upon layer of black, blue and red fruits and tons of floral sparks, framed by super ripe, incredibly fine-grained tannins and finishing with epic length. It’s a wine that makes you wanna drape yourself languidly over a chaise lounge, glass of Palmer in hand, sighing with deep satisfaction, ‘This is so wonderfully Palmer.’”
Decanter 98 points “As is always the case with Palmer, the richness, depth and silkiness is just so impressive. Sophisticated and well constructed, with a vertical lift-off, there’s a creamy richness on the palate which supports pencil-lead, liquorice, damson, black cherry and slate. I love the smoky cocoa bean finish. Like the Alter Ego, it’s a different style this year but no less impressive, displaying width, heft and incredible persistency. It’s a wine that’s going to age far into the future and is extremely easy to recommend. The highest ever proportion of grand vin was produced in 2016. Drinking Window 2025 – 2042.”
Neal Martin-Vinous 98 points “The 2016 Palmer has a generous, slightly lactic bouquet of opulent red fruit infused with touches of dark chocolate, although it calms down and gains more grace with aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannins and well-judged acidity. Very harmonious, revealing cedar and mint toward the extraordinarily persistent finish. This is another classy, persistent Margaux with a long future ahead. Tasted blind at the Southwold tasting.”
James Suckling 98 points “Such attractive fruit and alluring ripeness that it draws you in from the get-go. The discreet power here is delivered with a very astute touch. Assorted dark-berry aromas, as well as red plums, abound on the nose. The richness and depth in the mouth is stunning. The tannins are super polished and layered and they draw pristine dark fruit flavors deep into the finish in effortless mode. This is a star of the vintage. A blend of 47 per cent merlot, 47 per cent cabernet sauvignon and six per cent petit verdot. Try from 2024.”