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Newsletter Sunday 06/04/23

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Special Feature
The Wines of Biondi-Santi
Echoes from the Tuscan Past
The warm sun on your shoulders. Shutters hanging open to the breeze and dusty cobblestone passageways snaking through the shade and the light. Your weary feet find the will to continue onward. Onward and upward through the streets of a place known only by name but whose sounds and glories are forgotten and buried with those that lived them. A trip to Tuscany can be both incredibly enlightening and simultaneously heart-wrenching. It’s hard and painful to explain this dichotomy to the uinitiated. It’s painful to discuss at all.

As one drives through Tuscany’s tranquil landscape and explores her imposing hillside settlements you are truly caught between two worlds.
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Markus Molitor


There may be no more ambitious winemaker in the world than Markus Molitor. His determination and drive to make the best possible wines has made him a towering figure in the Mosel, with an impressive, modern winery and holdings in almost every important vineyard in the region. This drive also means there are a lot of different bottlings—Molitor believes that every single sub-parcel and selective pick should be vinified to its utmost potential. The critical praise backs this up— Markus Molitor’s wines are some of the most celebrated in the world.
Most winemakers would pick a vineyard once or twice and vinify the lots together—it’s easier and the wines are good. Molitor, though, asks what each parcel and pick would be like on its own—treated as if it were a wine of distinction rather than a blending component.… Read the rest


Sequitur Extends Mike Etzel’s

Beaux Freres Legacy

Sequitur wine bottlesMike Etzel, the founder and winemaker of Sequitur, is a living legend in the Willamette Valley.  He co-founded Beaux Freres in the late 80’s and was the winemaker there until recently passing the duties to his son.  Never one to rest on his laurels or stay still, though, he began planting a vineyard adjacent to Beaux Freres in 2010—a project that became what we know as Sequitur.

It’s helpful to think of Sequitur as a distillation of everything Mike Etzel learned while starting and producing Beaux Freres over the decades.  The Sequitur vineyard sits right next to the Beaux Freres “Upper Terrace” but is planted to a wider array of clones at tighter spacing.  
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