Wine of the Day: Vouette et Sorbee ‘Cuvee Fidele’ Extra Brut NV (11) 5-14-16

FIdeleVouette et Sorbee Cuvee Fidele Extra Brut NV (2011) 750ML ($79.95) Buy Now: $44.50 special 
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Champagne, to me, is too often a mere flash in the pan. The bottle empties, the coupes overflow; the glass clinks, the bubbles rush along the tongue; it’s all gone too fast! Vouette et Sorbee, thankfully, make Champagnes to savor and to contemplate.

This bottle reads like capital-w Wine, to be snooty about it. The bright-fruited nose conjures up thought of light reds from the Loire as the bubbles coat the palate and deliver this brilliant mix acid-tinged cranberries, sun-soaked lemons, and an enduring finish. There’s something electric about it, and a little daring – ‘Cuvee Fidele’ pushes gently at the boundaries of everything we’ve grown comfortable with in terms of bubbly. Gently, though – it’s a surprising, refreshing, well-integrated bottle of wine. One to swirl, to savor, and to saber.

– Tyler