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Smashing Deals on Selbach-Oster, K Vintners, Gramenon, and reds from Languedoc-Roussillon; A selection of fine white Burgundy, from Chablis to the Cote d’Or to the Maconnais; La Pergole Torte: ’11 & ’12 in-stock, ’13 arriving soon; Rare Wine Alert: Quilceda Creek Cab from ’05, ’07, ’08, ’09; Bergstrom Back in Stock; and some Valdespino VORS sherry to finish…


The Most Overlooked and

Undervalued Great Mosel Producer?

Let’s get this out of the way now: Selbach-Oster makes wine every bit as good as the ‘name’ producers like Prum or Molitor, but because they aren’t quite as famous (and because Johannes Selbach isn’t a grand self-promoter) the wines are much less expensive than their peers.  They represent some of the best buying opportunities for German wine lovers in the Mosel today.

What makes the Selbach wines so special (and perhaps what makes them as underrated) is that they aren’t showy or extreme, especially when it comes to levels of residual sugar and, in the drier wines, with acidity as well.  This makes them incredibly useful at the table.  Sure they could leave more RS and they’d be more “opulent,” but they don’t and as a result you can drink the Spatlesen and Auslesen with meals; things that aren’t just cheese or lightly sweet desserts.

The wines are from great vineyards and made by an incredibly talented winemaker.  They are useful at the table now, but will age (as long as you want) into even more interesting wines.  The prices are great. What more could you ask for?

In-Stock Now

Selbach-Oster ‘Anrecht’ Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2012 750ML ($39.95) $33 special, 36+ bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 92 points “($38) Golden yellow. Expansive aromas of caramelized apple, candied peach and lemon curd. The succulent flavors of honey and apricot pith are kept vibrant by refreshing acidity. The long finish, offering complex notes of tangerine and toasted nuts, tastes almost dry.” ST

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Beerenauslese, Mosel 2006 375ML ($119.95) $99 special, 6 half-bottles available
Wine Advocate 96 points “The 2006 Bernkastler Badstube Riesling Beerenauslese smells of liqueur-like, jellied, vanilla- and chocolate-covered purple plums and black cherries. The implosive palate concentration though is simply beyond “liqueur-like” and into realms I can’t recall. Strong brown spices, herbal concentrates add complexity and a buttery, creamy texture does not prevent this wine from preserving the most remarkable clarity of jellied pit fruit concentration, photo-electric brilliance of fruit acids lighting the way to an endless finish. It may not be the most complex Beerenauslese today, but give it time! Is this a “fifty year” wine … “seventy”…? All that matters is to decide whether you want to greedily take it with you to the grave or pass some on. The Germans have an expression: “So was kurz vorm Sterben” – “to experience such a thing shorly before dying.” This wine is one of those things. ”

This is the only listing in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2012 750ML ($31.95) $18 special, 36+ bottles available
Importer notes: “Full-bodied and rich, with minerals and lemony finish”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Auslese, Mosel 2014 750ML ($34.95) $24 special, 30 bottles available
Importer note: “Bernkasteler Badstube is a small Grosslage; the component single-sites are distinct from one another, but one can organize them thus: Lay stands alone. Doktor-Graben (at least the good parts of Graben!) stand together, and Matheisbildchen-Bratenhöfchen stand together, and give us what we see now; heavier understructure, not quite as tensile, due to richer soil, and signature flavors of kirsch and almost Pouilly-Fumé flint; the piquant exotics of the Mosel. Typically, they are medium in body.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Rotlay Riesling, Mosel 2011 750ML ($59.95) $33 special, 36+ bottles available
Wine Advocate 91+ points “Carob and toasted nuts inflect baked apple and vanilla on the nose of Selbachs’ block-picked 2011 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Rotlay, which comes to the palate expansive, creamy, and buoyant (at 8.5% alcohol), its apple joined by almost overripe Persian melon. Hints of pip and botrytis bitterness add interest, but there is not the subtle interaction of flavors or the layer of primary juiciness that rendered the corresponding Anrecht bottling so memorable, but instead a more dominantly honeyed, soothingly rich personality. This long-finishing beauty may well – as its author suggests – just need some time to reveal its multiple layers.”

Selbach-Oster Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 2012 750M ($49.95) $24 special, 23 bottles available
Importer note: “Very fine, elegant and long finish.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Arriving this Month!

Selbach-Oster ‘Anrecht’ Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2014 ($49.95) $33 pre-arrival special, 34 bottles available, arriving January 2017
Wine Advocate 93 points “Bottled with 8% alcohol, the 2014 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese Anrecht (erroneously designated as Spätlese instead of Auslese) opens with a super ripe and intense, stunningly bright and clear bouquet of very fine Riesling flavors; there are apple and pip aromas due to a higher proportion of golden and green grapes, and a lesser proportion of botrytis, due to the higher altitude of the Anrecht plot. There is so much finesse and piquancy in this juicy, elegant and well concentrated Riesling, which reveals a long and complex finish, as well as great finesse.”
David Schildknecht–Vinous 93 points “This product of block-picking (as opposed to selective picking) conveys a sense of ripeness and botrytization that could as easily have been captured in the word “Auslese.” Candied lemon, mint and anise mingle in the nose with suggestions of the quince, apple and Persian melon that come to dominate on a lush and expansive yet animatedly juicy palate. A hint of white raisin testifies delectably to the share of shriveled berries. Sweaty salinity lends mouthwatering intrigue while the fruit retains an invigoratingly tangy edge in a finish that readily stimulates the desire to take the next seductive, by no means overly sweet sip.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2015 750ML ($34.95) $28 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Mosel Fine Wines 92 points “This delivers a zesty and restrained nose of laurel, a hint of fresh yellow fruits and spices. The wine is delicately creamy and fruity on the palate with great acidity cleansing the mouth-watering finish. This is plain gorgeous and hard to resist at this early stage. It will gain in finesse with age though.2025-2040”
Terry Theise note “Classic kirsch and flint, and the knee-buckling wash of salty sweetness characteristic of the best ‘15s; crescendos through its mid-palate and finishes as a sonnet of sparks and blossoms.”

Selbach-Oster Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2014 750ML ($29.95) $24 pre-arrival special, 21 bottles available, arriving January 2017
Wine Advocate 91 points “Pure and flinty, with very fine and concentrated Riesling aromas on the aristocratic nose opens the 2014 Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese. Very juicy and piquant on the palate, this is a very elegant and finesse-full Spätlese that reveals an enormous salty and mouthwatering finish. Just lovely and expressive.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Riesling Kabinett, Mosel 2015 750ML ($27.95) $21.90 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Mosel Fine Wines 89 points “This fruity-styled Kabinett was fermented to a low 30 g/l of residual sugar. It offers a rather reduced but very fresh nose of green apple, some underripe white peach and aniseed herbs on the nose. The wine delivers a gorgeously zesty feel on the slender palate and a really crispy Kabinett feel in the finish. Now-2025.”
Terry Theise note “A little bit of new-Fuder here. I’ll share the numbers…. acid about 9.2g/l and RS 35-ish (many Mosel grower’s Kabs are twice that sweet.) ’15 is the best vintage EVER of this utter Mosel paradigm.”

Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Rotlay Riesling, Mosel 2014 750ML ($59.95) $44 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Wine Advocate 94+ points “The 2014 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese Rotlay offers a superbly clear and concentrated bouquet with tropical fruit aromas (mango, pineapples) and fine botrytis. Picked with 110° Oechsle, this is a sweet, piquant, highly elegant and refined Riesling with a lingering purity and salinity, as well as the repetition of the tropical fruit aromas of the nose. With great finesse and concentration, this is quite noble and expressive Riesling.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese, Mosel 2015 750ML ($39.95) $33 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Mosel Fine Wines 93 points “This offers a beautiful nose of cassis, grapefruit, greengage, apricot tree flower, white flowers and herbs. A more yellow fruit driven side comes through on the palate with yellow peach playing with acidity to produce a mouth-watering cocktail of Mosel charm. A hint of sweetness in the finish is still in need of integration of this gorgeous Auslese in the making. 2025-2045.”

This is the only listing in the USA today!

Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Schlossberg Riesling Kabinett, Mosel 2015 ($29.95) $24 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Mosel Fine Wines 92 points “This offers a nice nose of herbs, grapefruit and spices. The wine is gorgeously fruity and elegant on the palate, with some Spätlese presence but also true Kabinett character and lightness. The wine is gorgeously long and elegant. 2023-2040”
Terry Theise note “Acidity, for the first time, shows. Aromas are sharply spicy and wildly herbal, an id-attack of Schlossberg, but you will need to tolerate a brazen acidity.”

Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese, Mosel 2015 750ML ($34.95) $28 pre-arrival special, 36+ bottles available, arriving January 2017
Mosel Fine Wines 92 points “Notes of spontaneous fermentation give way to candied grapefruit, cassis and peach, with herbs and spices firmly pushed to the background. The wine delivers a slightly Auslese creamy feel on the palate and leaves a clean fruity feel in the long finish. 2025-2040.”
Importer note “Zeltinger Sonnenuhr: is the Premier Grand Cru. Slate, lime, apple, butter-vanilla, rich, almost chewy earthiness, great depth. Some parcels are prized by locals as the best sites in the entire Bernkastel-Zeltingen ramp-Doktor notwithstanding! These wines are fullbodied. Selbachs are now the primo owners in this great site, and have inaugurated an era of elective harvesting and a quality potential such as we have never before seen.”

Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Schlossberg Riesling Beerenauslese, Mosel 2005 750ML ($149.95) $99 pre-arrival special, 36 bottles available, arriving January 2017
Wine Spectator 98 points “Sweet and backed by a vibrant structure, this is elegant and detailed, with concentrated red berry, lime and nectarine. One of the few BAs to show a mineral component. Terrific balance and harmony, ending with a long, slate-tinged aftertaste. Drink now through 2040.”

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The next best price is $120

Interested in more wines from Selbach-Oster? Check out the chart below for a larger selection of in stock and pre arrival wines!

A Rare Offering:

Quilceda Creek

Arriving Friday

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2005 750ML ($299.95) $249 pre-arrival special, 2 bottles available, arriving January 20
Wine Advocate 100 points “From a hot vintage and incredible any way you look at it, the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon has that laser-like focus of a cooler year, yet the voluptuousness and richness of a warmer year. Smoked black fruits, coffee, truffle and pen ink-like aromas and flavors all emerge from this massive, incredibly full-bodied effort and on the palate, it carries itself perfectly with a weightless, yet decadent texture, masses of polished tannin and blockbuster length. More classic and textbook than the 2007, it is every bit as good. Enjoy it over the coming two decades or more. Drink now-2033.”

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2007 750ML ($299.95) $249 pre-arrival special, 1 bottle available, arriving January 20
Wine Advocate 100 points “A monumental wine in the making, the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon is one of those wines that presents such an over the top array of aromas and flavors that it’s hard to figure out what you think about it with just a quick glance. It’s only with the second or third sip that you really start to see how special this effort truly is. Offering up perfumed, intense aromas of plum, violets, ink, licorice and black currants, it flows onto the palate with a massive, incredibly full-bodied texture that builds through the mid-palate and carries layers of polished tannins, awesome purity of fruit and blockbuster length. Most likely not for everyone given the sheer size, it is an incredible wine in my opinion. Still tasting like a barrel sample, it will have 30+ total years of longevity. Drink 2017-2037.”

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2008 750ML ($199.95) $159 pre-arrival special, 1 bottle available, arriving January 20
Wine Enthusiast 99 points “The flagship wine from Quilceda Creek offers exotic scents of plum, cassis, loam, coffee and pine sap, a rich and evocative blend. The wine delivers all that is promised and more; it is deep and dense with flavor, polished, focused and persistent. Vanilla, espresso, fine tannins, luscious acids and cascading fruits.”
Wine Advocate 97+ points “More pure and focused than the 2009, with a slightly closer to the vest feel, the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon shows the cooler nature of the vintage and has incredible detail, purity and freshness to its aromas and flavors. A blend of 98% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Merlot that spent 22 months in 100% new French oak, it offers classic black currant, spice box, coffee bean, violets and exotic spices to go with an ethereal, layered and seamless palate that delivers massive amounts of fruit and texture without any apparent weight. I thoroughly enjoyed it now, yet it will age for decades. Drink now-2033.”

Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2009 750ML ($249.95) $199 pre-arrival special, 2 bottles available, arriving January 20
Wine Advocate 99 points “The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon (98% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Merlot) is a ripe, flamboyant and brilliantly proportioned effort that oozes kirsch, licorice, lead pencil shavings and dried spice on the nose. Showing the perfume and headiness of the vintage, it nevertheless stays vibrant and lively on the palate while delivering layers of fruit and texture. While formidably structured and tannic, it can be enjoyed now due to the overall tannin quality and purity of fruit. It will evolve and drink well for over two decades. Drink now-2029.”

K: Washington’s Rockstar Producer

In-Stock Now

Charles Smith knows a thing or two about rockstars, and he ought to—he used to manage them.  Then, one day, on a motorcycle trip, he rode through Walla Wall and was struck by the majesty of the terrain and the vineyards.  Within a few years, he had returned to open a winery.

His first vintage was 1999 and he produced a mere 300 cases of Syrah under his label ‘K Vintners’ and the winery has grown by leaps and bounds since then.  By our count, K makes more than 15 wines, most of them single vineyard Syrah, and that doesn’t count the several side projects he’s involved in.

At this point, K Vintners is one of the defining wineries for what might be the modern Washington style.  The wines are big, rich, and ripe but polished. They show distinct differences between the vineyards and always have a hint of that savory, bacony quality that Syrah can bring to the table like nothing else.  The only thing we can complain about is that we can’t carry them more often.

Charles Smith ‘Royal City’ Syrah, Washington, 2013 750ML ($179.95) $149 special, 5 bottles available
Wine Advocate 98 points “A candidate for the wine of the vintage, the 2013 Syrah Royal City is as expansive, sexy and voluptuous as they get in the vintage, hands down. It’s deep ruby/purple color is followed by incredible notes of wild herbs, lavender, gamey meats, olive paste and sweet dark berry fruits. Full-bodied, relatively forward and charming, it still packs a wealth of material and has building tannin, all suggesting it will drink nicely for 10-15 years.”

Charles Smith K Vintners The Boy Grenache, Walla Walla Valley 2014 750ML ($59.95) $49 special, 14 bottles available
Wine Advocate 95-97 points “There’s 300 cases of the potentially profound 2014 The Boy, which is mostly Grenache from the Powerline Vineyard in Walla Walla. Fermented with 100% whole clusters and aged in neutral oak, it offers sensational ripeness and depth in its meaty, olive, pepper, currant and kirsch scented bouquet. This gives way to a massive, concentrated and voluptuously textured Grenache that has a great mid-palate, ripe tannin and a finish that just won’t quit.”

Charles Smith ‘Sixto’ Moxee Chardonnay, Washington State 2012 750ML ($69.95) $49 special, 18 bottles available
Wine Advocate 93 points “The 2012 Chardonnay Moxee Vineyard comes from a site that lies at 1,400 feet in elevation and a mix of basalt and limestone soils. More exotic than the Frenchman Hills Chardonnay, with lots of chamomile, lemon, spice and toasty notes, it has lively acidity, plenty of texture and a clean, brilliantly focused finish. It’s another terrific Chardonnay to enjoy over the coming couple of years.”

Charles Smith K Vintners The Deal Sundance Vineyard Syrah, Columbia Valley 2013 750ML ($49.95) $39 special, 20 bottles available
Wine Advocate 95 points “Coming all from the Sundance Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope, the medium-ruby colored 2013 Syrah The Deal Sundance Vineyard is a unique, singular Syrah that gives up beautiful notes of kirsch, blackberries, sandy, dried soils and hints of olive tapenade. Full-bodied, concentrated, with a great mid-palate and satin-textured tannins, it will benefit from 2-3 years of bottle age and cruise for a decade after that.”

Charles Smith K Vintners ‘El Jefe’ Stoneridge Vineyard Tempranillo, Washington 2013 750 ($69.95) $56.50 special, 13 bottles available
Wine Advocate 94 points “The 100% varietal 2013 El Jefe Tempranillo Stoneridge Vineyard (23 months in 40% new oak) is another terrific example of this variety in Washington, and while there’s not many Tempranillo based releases out there, the ones that are, are seriously good. This 2013 gives up lots of darker fruits (black currants maybe), lots of spicy oak, toasted spice and licorice to go with a full-bodied, elegant, sexy profile on the palate. It continues to open up with time in the glass, and the tannin, while present, are incredibly polished and perfectly ripe. Feel free to drink bottles anytime over the coming decade.”

K Vintners ‘Guido’ Sangiovese, Walla Walla Valley 2012 750ML ($49.95) $41.90 special, 12 bottles available
Wine Advocate 91 points “The 2012 Sangiovese Guido sports a translucent ruby color to go with outstanding notes of black cherries, dried herbs, rose petal and cured meats. It’s nicely balanced, has classic typicity and will have a decade of longevity” JD

Charles Smith K Vintners The Hidden Syrah, Wahluke Slope 2013 750ML ($89.95) $79 special, 9 bottles available
Wine Advocate 97 points “Reminding me of a Northern Rhone Syrah from the Le Meal lieu-dit on Hermitage Hill, the 2013 Syrah The Hidden Northridge Vineyard comes entirely from the Northridge Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope, was fermented with 100% whole clusters and aged in mostly neutral oak. It offers thrilling notes of black raspberries, toasted bread, caramelized meats and licorice in a full-bodied, ultra-pure, supple, incredibly sexy style. Possessing building, fine tannin, it needs a lengthy decant if drinking anytime soon, but this utterly seamless, perfectly balanced beauty will offer upward of two decades of overall longevity.”

Charles Smith K Vintners The Hustler Syrah, Walla Walla Valley 2012 750ML ($149.95) $138 special, 10 bottles available
Wine Advocate 95-97 points “Still in barrel at the time of this tasting, the 2012 Syrah The Hustler is a blockbuster-styled Syrah that’s overflowing with notions of sweet red and black fruits, toasted bread, cured meats and cedar. Only made in special vintages (it was previously made in ’03, ’07 and ’09) and aged 38 months in French oak, it’s full-bodied, decadent and layered, with a weightless, elegant, seamless feel. Coming all from the Morrison Lane Vineyard (it’s actually the Morrison Lane Syrah with extended barrel aging), it should be ready to go on release and dish out tons of pleasure over the following decade or more. The extended elevage has given this a more upfront feel, yet I suspect it will also allow it age more slowly as well.”

King and Queen of Chardonnay:

White Burgundy

White Burgundy offers one of the greatest joys in wine. Let us be grateful for its existence (applause). While some of Burgundy’s Cote d’Or beauties can seem intimidating, especially when they have Montrachet attached to their name, nearby sub-regions like Chablis to the north and the Maconnais to the south offer far more approachable drinking and pricing. No single white wine region can compare. If you love white Burgundy as much as we do (You should see our selection of red Burgundy!) have a look at the wines below, and indulge in one of the world’s finest pleasures (more applause). Life’s too short not to drink Burgundian Chardonnay.

All wines are available in-store now


Domaine Vocoret et Fils Chablis, Burgundy 2014 750ML ($27.95) $19 special, 36+ bottles in-stock
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 89 points “Pale, bright yellow. Fresh, musky aromas of pink grapefruit and flinty minerality. Juicy, citrussy and penetrating, with ripe apple and lemon flavors providing immediate appeal. This energetic village wine finishes lemony, dry and persistent.”

Domaine Costal Vaillons, Chablis Premier Cru 2014 750ML ($44.95) $28 special, 36+ bottles in-stock
Importer note “Domaine Costal is a unique collaboration between the well-known Chablis producer Domaine Jean-Collet and Kermit Lynch. The vines are worked organically and Kermit and the Collet family together agree on a blend of stainless steel, foudre, and barrel vinifications. Our bottlings are not filtered or cold-stabilized—a true rarity in Chablis. The skill of the Collets and their excellent terroirs combine to give us wines of extraordinary purity and finesse. [Plus, Bernard Raveneau makes the wine!] There is no mistaking it—one taste and you are in Chablis territory: zesty minerality, wet stone, freshness and nervosity.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!
The average price is $36

Domaine Servin Les Clos, Chablis Grand Cru 2014 750ML ($79.95) $69 special, 29 bottles in-stock
Wine Advocate 92-94 points “The 2014 Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos, which like the Bougros was extracted from a new barrel, has a potent mineral/wet pavement bouquet that gains vigor in the glass. The palate is fresh and crisp with a fine line of acidity, brushing off the new oak with ease and fanning out wonderfully on the poised finish. This is a more sophisticated proposition than the Bougros at the moment – harmonious, intense and with great breeding.”
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 93+ points “Very pale yellow with a green tinge. Wonderfully subtle nose combines orchard fruits, lime blossom, white pepper, wet stone and gunflint. Conveys captivating sweetness to its penetrating flavors of white peach, flowers and saline minerality, with perfectly integrated acidity accentuating the impression of clarity. The high-pitched spicy, floral finish features terrific limey thrust and length.”

This is the only listing in the USA today!

Côte d’Or

Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc, Burgundy 2013 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 11 bottles in-stock
Wine Advocate “The 2013 Bourgogne Blanc has plenty of light citrus fruit and orange blossom scents on the nose. The palate is fresh and clean with crisp lime and green apple notes, leading to a light, easy-drinking finish….”

Domaine Remi Jobard Le Poruzot Dessus, Meursault Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($99.95) $69 special, 28 bottles in-stock
Antonio Galloni 92+ points “A deep, earthy wine, the 2011 Meursault 1er Cru Poruzots-Dessus hits the palate with tons of muscle and power. The style is bold and direct. There isn’t a whole lot of complexity here, but there is plenty of pure stuffing. It will be interesting to see where the 2011 goes over the coming year. Today structural elements dominate over fruit.” AG

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!

Domaine Hubert Lamy Puligny-Montrachet Les Tremblots Vieilles Vignes, Cote de Beaune 2014 750ML ($99.95) $79 special, 11 bottles in-stock
Wine Advocate 91-93 points “The 2014 Puligny Montrachet les Tremblots has quite an arresting bouquet in the offering, with gorgeous peach skin and nectarine scents that are extremely well defined. The palate is very well balanced with crisp acidity, very saline in the mouth with just a hint of bitter lemon. I like the energy and precision here, a complex Puligny that has the potential to be “a little gem” once in bottle.”
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 91 points “(bottled in late April): Musky aromas of lime and quinine reminded me of an Alsace Riesling. Then surprisingly creamy and pliant in the mouth, with peach and citrus flavors spreading out to saturate the palate. Very seamless, silky wine: Lamy notes that the clay soil gives it roundness and fullness. Tightens up on the finish but not at all hard.”

Louis Latour Cailleret, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru 2014 750ML ($99.95) $79 special, 20 bottles in-stock
Wine Enthusiast 93 points “This stony, mineral wine is still way behind in its development. It is crisp and tight in texture, with refreshing acidity that lifts the white fruits with lime highlights. It’s a full wine that will develop well. Drink from 2019.”

Domaine Bachelet-Monnot En Remilly, Saint-Aubin Premier Cru 2014 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 22 bottles in-stock
Wine Advocate 92-94 points “The 2014 Saint Aubin 1er Cru en Remilly, picked at the beginning of the harvest, has a refined bouquet that gently builds in the glass with lime, Granny Smiths and cold limestone scents that are very “En Remilly”. The palate is tensile from the start, liquid rocks here, very Puligny-like with superb tension and nervosité towards the finish. This is one of the best you will find from this propitious vineyard and a brilliant success for the domaine. Fill ‘ya boots!”

Domaine Faiveley Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, Cote de Beaune 2011 750ML ($249.95) $219 special, 22 bottles in-stock
Burghound 92-94 points “Here too the wood treatment is quite deft which allows the cool Granny Smith apples, pear, wet stone and spice scents to shine. There is also a seductive mouth feel to the broad-shouldered, supple and round flavors that brim with dry extract before displaying plenty of power and punch on the seriously long finish. This is easily the most backward wine in the range at present yet the impression is unusually fine, both in the context of the appellation but also in the context of this wine in general as it’s usually more robust. Be all of that as it may, this is very, very promising.”BH


Jean Thevenet Domaine de la Bongran Vire-Clesse ‘Cuvee Tradition E.J. Thevenet’, Maconnais 2010 750ML ($49.95) $39 special, 14 bottles in-stock
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 92 points “Paler in color than the 2011: light yellow with gold highlights. Sexy aromas of orange, stone fruits and truffle lifted by tangy botrytis tones. Sweet, silky and voluptuous (14.2% alcohol), boasting outstanding concentration and saline minerality. Slowly saturates the palate on the very long, wonderfully harmonious back end. Possesses healthy acidity (4.3 grams per liter) but shows a texture of liquid velvet. This is already accessible but will last for a long time in bottle.”

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Domaine Leflaive Macon-Verze, Burgundy 2013 750ML ($49.95) $36 special, 11 bottles in-stock
Jancis Robinson “Juice brought to Puligny. Hardly any oak. Vignoble enlarged from 2014 to include another 8 ha, to make a total of 20.5 ha. They have 24 ha in Côte d’Or. Fresh and clean but tricky after tasting Chevalier! Clean and very frank with good acidity.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!
The average price is $39

We have so much white Burgundy we can’t list it all here (today 182 different wines), from stellar producers like Pattes Loup, Christian Moreau, Ramonet, Pierre Matrot, Bitouzet-Prieur…  Check our website for the rest!

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Domaine Gramenon

Kermit Lynch’s Cult Cote du Rhone

What happens when a mother and son collaborate to make southern Rhone reds and whites from their young- and old-vine estate? Organic and biodynamic viticulture combine with family dedication, and the esprit of youth, to create beautifully fragrant and pure Rhone wines, without over-use of sulphur. A lot of heart goes into Gramenon’s wines and we’re proud to carry them in our shop.  We have a pair of really fantastic wines to look at and both are perfect for wintery weather or spring cookouts.

In-Stock Now

Domaine Gramenon Cotes du Rhone La Sagesse, Rhone 2014 750ML ($37.95) $27 special, 36+ bottles available
Josh Raynolds 91 points “Vivid ruby-red. Potent, mineral-laced red berry liqueur and cherry aromas are complicated by suggestions of peppery spices and garrigue. Lively and alluringly sweet, offering juicy black raspberry and lavender pastille flavors that become deeper with air while maintaining vivacity. Fine-grained tannins build slowly on an impressively long, penetrating finish, which leaves behind suave spicecake and kirsch notes.”

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Domaine Gramenon Cotes du Rhone Sierra du Sud, Rhone 2014 750ML ($34.95) $24.40 special, 36+ bottles available
Josh Raynolds 91 points “Deep ruby. A complex bouquet evokes musky red and dark berries, cherry pit, olive, dried flowers and pungent herbs. Chewy and focused on the palate, offering gently sweet raspberry, boysenberry, violet pastille and spicecake flavors that become livelier as the wine opens up. Pliant tannins give shape to a very long, spicy finish that features a lingering blue fruit note.”
Wine Advocate 91 points “A smokin’ southern Rhone is the 2014 Côtes du Rhône la Sierra du Sud, which is 100% Syrah, from 15- to 35-year-old vines, that was destemmed and aged in a combination of tank and barrels. Ground pepper, wild herbs, black cherries and the essence of blackberry fruit all emerge from this medium to full-bodied, ripe, layered and beautifully textured 2014. It has more depth and richness than most in the vintage and will keep for upwards of a decade.”

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La Pergole Torte

One of Chianti’s greatest wines isn’t labeled as a Chianti, despite being made in the heart of the Classico zone.  This, on face, isn’t surprising, because lots of winemakers in Tuscany use Cabernet or make wines that are otherwise unlike traditional Chianti and bottle them as IGT wines, but Montevertine is different.  Montevertine originally left the appellation because at the time, white grapes were required to call a wine Chianti and Sergio Manetti, the owner, wanted to make a wine that was 100% Sangiovese, a scandalous thing at the time. Thus Le Pergole Torte was born.

Time has gone by and rules have changed, but the wines of Montevertine, despite being very traditional in style, are not called Chianti, out of pride and because the wines have built their own following.  Le Pergole Torte is the top wine that the Manetti family makes and is among the most expensive wines made in Chianti.  It’s something, though, that stops you in your tracks whenever you get a chance to try it because the wine is that special.  We’ll have the 2013 arriving in February and wanted to highlight that, as well as the two vintages we stock, for you today.

In Stock Now

Montevertine Le Pergole Torte Toscana IGT, Tuscany 2011 750ML ($149.95) $119 special, 35 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 97 points “A vivid, beautiful wine, the 2011 Pergole Torte is superb. Warm, early-maturing harvests often attenuate the differences between sites, but not here. The old vines weathered the heat better, resulting in a wine that is very much in line with the past, but with more body, amplitude and resonance. Rose petals, bright red stone fruits and mint are some of the many notes that grace the super-expressive finish. The 2011 spent one year in French oak barrels and a second year in cask.” AG

Montevertine Le Pergole Torte Toscana IGT, Tuscany 2012 750ML ($149.95) $119 special, 36+ bottles available
Antonio Galloni 94 points “The 2012 Le Pergole Torte is brilliant. In fact, this is one of the best showings of the 2012 that I can recall. The flavors are bright, focused and pulsing with energy. Because of its mid-weight structure and not overly complex personality, the 2012 looks like it will start drinking well sooner rather than later. Even today, the 2012 is extremely beautiful. This is a terrific showing for the 2012.”

Arriving February 2017

Montevertine Le Pergole Torte Toscana IGT, Tuscany 2013 750ML ($149.95) $119 pre-arrival special, 24 bottles available, arriving February
Wine Advocate 98 points “Perhaps no Tuscan wine is a better vintage ambassador than the Montevertine 2013 Le Pergole Torte. This gorgeous wine seems to have captured the energy, the freshness, the spirit and the edginess of this classic vintage. It really speaks to my palate thanks to its silky consistency, its steady aromatic momentum and its understated elegance. The wine shows an uncanny level of the proverbial Tuscan nobility. The bouquet offers a delicate embroidery of wild berry and underbrush, with lingering tones of dark fruit and spice that appear on second nose. The mouthfeel is ethereal and polished with tannins that already show a superior level of integration despite the wine’s young age. The aging future looks very bright for the 2013 Le Pergole Torte.”

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A Rhone By Any Other Name:

The Languedoc-Roussillon

The great appellations of the Rhone get all of the glory when we talk about the wines in France from Grenache and Syrah.  Chateauneuf, Gigondas, Vacqueyras are the rock stars, but the Languedoc, which also gets Mediterranean sunshine and grows similar grapes, gets shut out.

Part of that is because of how much mediocre wine comes out of the region, but the best producers are making some really incredible wines and at prices that are generally decently less than their counterparts in the Rhone.  If you’re looking for something rich and delicious to drink while warming up—these are your wines!

In-Stock Now

Mas Cal Demoura Terrasses du Larzac L’Infidele, Languedoc-Roussillon 2010 750ML ($31.95) $27 special, 36+ bottles available
Wine Advocate: “Meaning “One must remain” in Occitan, Mas Cal Demoura was created by Jean-Pierre Jullien in 1970…. Jean-Pierre retired in 2004, selling the estate (after working with them for a year during the transition) to the current owners, Isabelle and Vincent Goumard, who both studied winemaking in Dijon. The estate now covers roughly 11 hectares located outside the village of Jonquieres, in the heart of the Terrasses du Larzac region. The wines are all noteworthy, with medium to full-bodied richness that’s always balanced by classy, elegant overall profiles that remain a joy to drink. They’re all highly recommended.” JD
Importer Notes: “The historic cuvée of Jean-Pierre Jullien, L’Infidèle is a blend of all the regional grapes – Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Carignan. The Goumards make choices in the vineyard and in the cellar that will emphasize finesse and freshness in this bottling, allowing for full expression of the fruit. The grapes are partially destemmed. Temperature is rigorously controlled. The cuvaison can extend for as long as six weeks with frequent remontage. Aging takes place mostly in older demi-muids and each grape variety undergoes the primary stages of the elevage separately.  Based upon a series of ongoing tastings, the Goumards determine the final blend and then the five varieties are assembled in cuve and aged for an additional six to eight months prior to bottling. The wine is bottled without filtration.”

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Domaine de la Grange des Peres, IGP Pays d’Herault 2011 750ML ($119.95) $89 special, 19 bottles available
Wine Spectator 91 points “A distinctive red, this has dried red berry and meaty notes supported by a tangy acidity. With lightly chewy tannins, this shows savory spice, bitter herb and fresh earth flavors on the finish. Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon and Counoise. Drink now through 2017. 165 cases imported.” WS

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Maxime Magnon Corbieres Campagnes, Languedoc-Roussillon 2014 750ML ($39.95) $31.90 special, 36 bottles available
Wine Advocate 93 points “Leading off the reds, the 2014 Corbieres Campagnes is terrific, and the greatest wine I’ve tasted from the estate in some time. It’s inky purple color is followed by textbook Carignan (it’s 100% Carignan) notes of black and blue fruits, liquid violets, plums, iodine and freshly crushed rock. This medium to full-bodied, elegant, seamless effort shows the potential of the variety and will benefit from 1-2 years of bottle age and keep through 2024.”

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Domaine le Clos du Serres l’Humeur Vagabonde, IGP Pays de l’Herault 2011 750ML ($39.95) $33 special, 10 bottles available
Wine Advocate 93 points “The 2011 Coteaux du Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac l’Humeur Vagabonde highlights the old-vines Carignan of the estate. Comprised of 50% Carignan (100-year-old vines) and 25% each of Grenache and Syrah, it gives up a brilliant array of blackcurrants, licorice, old leather, damp earth and liquefied herbs to go with a medium to full-bodied, layered and seamless profile on the palate. Gaining additional structure with time in the glass, this beauty has solid mid-palate depth, ample underlying structure and a big finish. Give it another year and enjoy bottles through 2021. ” WA

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End with some fine sherry…

Valdespino’s Very Old Rare Sherries Are Simply Sublime

Valdespino is probably the best sherry bodega, for our money.  They focus on the farming of their vineyards in a way that most houses don’t and the wines are absolutely stellar from their entry level Fino, Innocente, all the way on up.  The most incredible wines they make, though, are their “VORS” series, which stands for Very Old Rare Sherry.  By rule, VORS wines must be at least 30 years old, though Valdespino often doubles that age for their wines—these wines are 50-60+ years old when they get bottled.  Aside from Madeira, there’s no other way that you can enjoy a wine this old (and this good) for this kind of money.

On an absolute basis, sure, they’re a little pricey—they’re over fifty year old sherry from the best producer in Jerez! Compare that to any other region and you’ll never see value like that.  We also should remind you that the wines are very, very good.  Stock up while you can, we don’t always have these in.

A.R. Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado VORS Sherry, Andalucia NV 375ML ($249.95) $179 special, 9 half-bottles available
Wine Advocate 99 points “The NV Amontillado Coliseo VORS, is an extremely old (much older than the 30 years certified by the VORS classification) and concentrated wine. It is unique, as its origin is from Sanlucar de Barrameda, mainly from the Pago Miraflores, which produced very sharp wines. Dark mahogany colored, with a bright green border, is very aromatic, balsamic and complex, with wild herbs, candied orange rind, spices and dates. The palate is extremely concentrated, dry, and intense but it has no edges, with lively acidity and an eternal finish. It’s an extreme wine, some might find it too much, but it’s certainly unique and among the greatest wines in the world, to be sipped slowly and in tiny quantities. One of the greatest Amontillados in existence today. Drink 2013-2025.” WA
Peter Liem–“A complex demanding wine averaging over 60 years of age. This actually originates as a manzanilla, spending 15 to 20 years in Sanlucar before being blended and aged in Jerez. The result is an amontillado of tremendous finesse, balancing its vivid concentration with a stelly, racy structure”

A.R. Valdespino Cardenal Palo Cortado VORS Sherry, Andalucia NV 750ML ($299.95) $279 special, 1 bottle available
A.R. Valdespino Cardenal Palo Cortado VORS Sherry, Andalucia NV 375ML ($199.95) $133 special, 7 half-bottles available
Wine Advocate 99 points “The NV Palo Cortado Cardenal VORS, like the whole VORS collection from Valdespino is outstanding. It is fed from the solera of the Palo Cortado C.P. where the Palomino grapes come from the Macharnudo Alto vineyard, fermented in American oak botas. It’s 22% alcohol and has nine grams of (undetectable) residual sugar which makes it very drinkable. It’s a monumental wine of dark mahogany color with a green edge, a complex, ever-changing, concentrated, clean and delineated nose of spices, dark chocolate, Cuban cigar and balsamic notes of incense, and a sharp, saline palate. It is highly concentrated, powerful and clean, with an eternal, lingering aftertaste. Deciding between Coliseo and Cardenal might be splitting hairs, and as much as I love Coliseo, I felt Cardenal was just one notch above. At the quality helm of Palo Cortado. Drink 2013-2025.” WA
Peter Liem– “Its palo cortado counterpart is the Cardenal, a wine of similar age and equally multi-faceted complexity, although, with its richer girth and more velvety texture on the palate, it comes off as less forbidding. It essentially represents the ultimate conclusion of Valdespino’s expression of the Marcharnudo vineyard.”

A.R. Valdespino Ninos Pedro Ximenez VORS Sherry, Andalucia NV 375ML ($219.95) $179 special, 3 half-bottles available
Wine Advocate 98 points “The NV Ninos Pedro Ximenez 30 Anos VORS is again a monumental wine, redolent of its sibling, Moscatel Toneles, as often the extremely old wines have so many similarities that even the grape and the origin is diminished. This beast of a wine has 470 grams of sugar. It’s believed to average 50 years of age, and shows a dark mahogany, almost black color. Being extremely concentrated, is not just power, it has finesses and balance. Curry, spices, coconut, balsamic notes (eucalyptus), tar, Cuban cigar, and nutmeg can be identified in its nose. The palate is velvety, dense, thick, long, and intense, with pungent acidity but at the same time it feels smooth. Again, choosing between Ninos and Toneles might be purely academic. Drink 2013-2035.” WA

This Just In…

Bergstrom’s Back in Town

Guess what we just got back in stock today? Some Bergstrom Pinot that had been away.  They’re real wild wines, that much is to say. Josh is making some of the most impressive wines in the valley and we have a nice assortment of his single vineyards (with great pricing) and some Cumberland Reserve as well.  As always, these wines don’t stick around as long as we’d like, but grab them when they’re here!

Bergstrom Wines ‘Cumberland’ Reserve Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton District 2014 750ML ($44.95) $39 special, 12 bottles available
92 points James Suckling “Subtle aromas of walnuts, tea, cedar and berries follow through to a medium to full body, silky tannins and a fresh and clean finish. A lightly salty undertone. Drink now.”

Bergstrom Wines Gregory Ranch Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton District 2014 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 5 bottles available
Wine Spectator 94 points -Hot Wines – “Broad and spicy, with pepper, white chocolate and bay leaf overtones to the rich cherry and raspberry fruit. Glides into a generous and open-textured finish. Drink now through 2024.”
Josh Raynolds-Vinous 93 points “Bright ruby-red. Assertively perfumed, displaying aromas of fresh red fruits, potpourri and Asian spices, and an exotic incense note that emerges with air. Juicy, penetrating and lithe, especially for the vintage, offering palate-staining raspberry and bitter cherry flavors complemented by sweet cola and smoky mineral qualities. The mineral note drives a very long, focused, vibrant finish, which is given grip by smooth tannins.”
James Suckling 92 points “Rich wine with velvety tannins and lots of fruit. Full body and round and juicy fruit. Tar and dried-fruit undertones here. Drink now.”

Bergstrom Wines Le Pre Du Col Vineyard Pinot Noir, Ribbon Ridge 2014 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 6 bottles available
Wine Spectator 94 points -Hot Wines – “Expressive, rich and complex, layering blueberry, cherry and plum flavors with savory spice and cedar notes. Fine, powdery tannins lift the long finish. Best from 2018 through 2024. 500 cases made.”
James Suckling 93 points “Aromas of stones, tar and bark with dark fruit follow through to a full body, firm and chewy tannins and a tangy undertone. Shows form and tension. Better in 2019.”
Josh Raynolds-Vinous 93 points “Limpid ruby-red. Vibrant, sharply delineated aromas of raspberry, Asian spices and potpourri are lent urgency by a strong mineral flourish. Juicy, spicy and focused on the palate, with showing vibrant cut and mineral lift to the red berry, rose pastille and spicecake flavors. Finishes impressively long and aromatic, with resonating florality and silky tannins sneaking in late to contribute shape. There’s a lot of immediate appeal here, but I’d give this sexy Pinot at least a few more years of rest.”

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Bergstrom Wines Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton District 2015 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 6 bottles available
Winery note: The 2015 vintage marks 12 years of Bergström Wines working with Shea Vineyard. Of the 140 acres planted in this world class vineyard site, 15 acres of fruit comes to our winery, making us the largest producing client of the 22 wineries working with the Sheas. These steep and shallow marine sedimentary soils give way to powerfully tannic wines that are blessed with a sweet berry perfume. The 2015 Shea Pinot Noir has a dark, red ruby color. The aromas are bright red fruited, primarily rhubarb and strawberry with a sweet toasted oak, brown sugar and hint of baking spices. Vibrant and juicy with great texture, this wine showcases the ripe vintage but maintains freshness with lush cherry flavor.

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Bergstrom Wines ‘Silice’ Pinot Noir, Chehalem Mountains 2014 750ML ($69.95) $59 special, 6 bottles available
Josh Raynolds-Vinous 92 points “Brilliant red. Fragrant, spice-accented red berries, blood orange and candied rose on the incisive nose. Bright, nervy and focused on the palate, offering intense raspberry and bitter cherry flavors that spread out and become sweeter with air. Juicy and seamless in texture, finishing with powerful mineral thrust and resonating floral and red berry notes. Shows surprising vivacity for the year – I’d have guessed that this was a 2013.”

Bergstrom Wines Old Stones Chardonnay, Willamette Valley 2013 750ML ($37.95) $33 special, 12 bottles available
James Suckling 93 points “A pretty chardonnay full of green apples, citrus and wet-stone undertones. The palate shows dried fruits, lively acidity and a flavorful finish. Drink now.”
Josh Raynolds-Vinous 91 points “Pale yellow. Pear skin, honey, tarragon and pungent flowers on the perfumed nose. Silky and concentrated, offering juicy, mineral-accented pear and tangerine flavors that become spicier with air. Finishes with firm grip and strong, floral-driven persistence, leaving a vibrant Meyer lemon note behind.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA today!