Temporary Tempier Sale! 5-12-24

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You saw the title and now you’re upset. You have every right to be. But I just want you to know that it’s much harder than you think to come up with a tag line that works with Tempier. Btw for those that have always read it as “temp” like in “temperature”…..hate to break it to you….but it’s pronounced “tahhmp”.

There are few producers and wines that have been written about so passionately and fervently. The love affair that Kermit Lynch acquired for this domaine is the stuff of legend and a seriously long chapter within Adventures on the Wine Route. The Peyraud family and the timeless impression of the quieter France they embody are perhaps what so many romantic wine drinkers are searcher for every time they pour and raise a glass. The story is as strong and rich as the liquid that it rests in. The wines themselves are spectacular, and display an excellent potential to age well beyond a typical Provencal red. As the mourvedre matures it begins to open up the meaty, herb filled aromas that rest just beneath the surface of the younger bottlings. You’ll feel like you’re literally drinking picnic side in a field of garrigue and Riviera sunlight.

On offer we have a few vintages of the blanc and both 2020 and 2021 examples of all the top rouge bottlings. The individuals vineyard sites express themselves in magnifyingly unique ways if you’re able to taste them side by side (which is the greatest way to taste btw).. The whites are an exquisite blend of varietals you don’t see in your glass every day: Clairette, Ugni Blanc, Rolle (Vermentino), Bourboulenc etc..Complex and salty citrus flavors rest on a mineral rich palate. For the reds, mourvedre is of course the star, making up usually over 55% of the blend and supported by cinsault and grenache.

“Through their passion, pioneering, and advocacy for Bandol, the Peyrauds have become legendary. We are fortunate to have their wines serve as the flagship of our portfolio, and even more grateful to have the Peyrauds and their extended family as cherished friends. If any wine can be said to have soul, it’s Tempier.”
– Kermit Lynch
These are wines that true wine lovers seek to possess. To relive the fading dream of a rural France and to taste the essence of one of its most distinctive terroirs is the compelling opportunity that Tempier provides. With our discount pricing below you’ll be drinking and saving these wines for less than you can find almost anywhere in the USA. Roast some lamb, prep the garlic aoili, and pop open a bottle of this Provencal paragon and……live happy. 

Buy any 4-8 bottles for a 5% discount

Buy any 9+ bottles for a 10% discount

Discounts will be applied after orders are received.

Offer ends on Wednesday May 15th at 9AM PST

Available Bottlings of Tempier:

Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc 2021 750ml $49 special, 3 bottles available
Wine Advocate 92-94 points “Primarily Clairette (60%) and Ugni Blanc (30%), with bits of Bourboulenc, Marsanne and Rolle, the 2021 Bandol Blanc was still in tank when I visited early last year. It presents a striking juxtaposition of ripe pears and honeyed richness with brighter notes of fresh lime juice on the nose and medium-bodied palate, finishing with a sense of plush richness balanced by mouthwatering citrus zest and brine.”

Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc 2022 750ml $49 special, 10 bottles available

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge 2020 750ml $56 special, 17 bottles available

Wine Advocate 91-92 points “Tasted from foudre, the 2020 Bandol Cuvee Classique had been blended the week before my visit. Already showing classic notes of tree bark and truffle layered against cherries and raspberries and a touch of olive, it looks relatively precocious. In the mouth, it’s medium to full-bodied, concentrated and rich, with a long, plush finish.”
Domaine Tempier La Migoua Bandol Rouge 2020 750ml $81.80 special, 24 bottles available
Wine Advocate 92-94 points “The 2020 Bandol la Migoua—tasted from foudre—is a bit tarry and rubbery (expected, to some degree, in young Mourvèdre-based wines) but opens up to reveal seductive, ripe notes of blackberries and mulberries. A blend of approximately 55% Mourvèdre, 25% Cinsault, 15% Grenache and 5% Syrah, it’s medium to full-bodied on the palate, concentrated but silky in feel and elegant on the long finish.”

Domaine Tempier La Tourtine Bandol Rouge 2020 750ml $89 special, 33 bottles available
Wine Advocate 94-96 points “Mainly Mourvèdre (85%), with Cinsault and Grenache, the 2020 Bandol la Tourtine was still in foudre at the time of my visit last year. Scents of cola, smoke and red berries provide ample complexity on the nose, while the medium to full-bodied palate is concentrated and almost creamy in texture while remaining fresh and dynamic on the lengthy finish.”

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge 2021 750ml $59 special, 24 bottles available
Domaine Tempier La Migoua Bandol Rouge 2021 750ml $84.50 special, 12 bottles available

Domaine Tempier La Tourtine Bandol Rouge 2021 750ml $84.50 special, 12 bottles available

Domaine Tempier Cuvee Cabassaou Bandol Rouge 2021 750ml $119 special, 6 bottles available

TEMPIER BANDOL BLANC 2021 $49.00 3 Link
TEMPIER BANDOL BLANC 2022 $49.00 10 Link
TEMPIER BANDOL LA MIGOUA 2020 $81.80 24 Link
TEMPIER BANDOL LA MIGOUA 2021 $84.50 12 Link
TEMPIER BANDOL ROUGE 2020 $56.00 17 Link
TEMPIER BANDOL ROUGE 2021 $59.00 24 Link