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Winery of the Week: Domaine Huet, Moelleux 2015 9-30-16

Domaine Huet, founded in 1928, makes one of the longest-lived, most balanced and expressive Chenin Blanc wines in all of France. Generations of commitment, biodynamic farming, and a traditional winemaking style result in a monument to Vouvray. The Huet Moelleux has become a classic. Its botrytis sweetness seductively displays the Chenin Blanc’s sublime ageability. Huet grows grapes in three different parcels. Le Haut-Lieu vineyard produces the most straight-forward wines. Le Mont’s low-yielding vines make supple wines. And Le Clos de Bourg, whose shallow, clay-limestone soil drains especially well, provides wines of great structure and ageing potential. Wines that sell themselves, but the Moelleux arrived today, we’ve still got some Demi-Sec, and after selling out we’re re-stocked on Sec. What cellar should go without some of Huet’s golden nectar?… Read the rest