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Wine of the Day: CVNE Cune Crianza 2012 Rioja 10-12-16

CVNE Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana Cune Crianza, Rioja DOCa 2012 750ML ($14.95) Buy Now: $11.90 special

Order a glass of Crianza at a bar or restaurant in Spain, and odds are they’ll have Cune to pour. Ripe, balanced, and full of bright cherry notes, Cune is, before anything else, delicious. It also happens to go well with a variety of foods, from classic jamón and cheese, to steaks and roasts, even with fish in Spain. But that price! Una locura! At $11.90 a bottle, anyone with a taste for Spanish wine, for Tempranillo, or for a superb table red should add a bit of Cune to the bodega. Trust in its ubiquity in the land where they drink wine the way we drink bottled water.… Read the rest