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Wine of the Day: Aw, Shucks! Servin ‘Les Forets’ 2013 (with Oysters!) 4-13-16

Domaine Servin Les Forets, Chablis Premier Cru 2013 750ML ($31.95) Buy Now: $26 special

Servin Les ForetsThe days of winter are coming to an end and spring is in the air. Things are changing. The trees are blossoming in the streets and the air smells sweet. We say goodbye to our winter coats and warm wool socks. Sadly, it’s almost time to say goodbye to months with “R” in them: oyster months. Not to worry, there is still time. I suggest we do what is only right by celebrating these last days of April with some fine Chablis and oysters.

Millions of years ago the Chablis region of Burgundy was an ocean floor and the area has many sea fossils.  Over the eons, this developed in a mineral rich soil which makes for distinctive chardonnays. … Read the rest