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Caparzo Brunello di Montalcino


May 2013

Elisabetta Gnudi Angelini has dreamt of living in a vineyard ever since she was little, but life hastaken her in other ways. She has worked in entertainment and in the pharmaceutical industry and known the urban stress in Rome. Until 1998, when she purchased the historic Caparzo vineyard in the Tuscan region of Brunello di Montalcino.

Though vines had long stood on the Caparzo land alongside olive trees and forestry, the vineyard itself was established in the 1960’s and spent much of that time passed around owners.  In her opinion, Caparzo had strayed fromits primary purpose over time and Elisabetta planned to refocus on what she thought the estate does best: Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino. With the help of winemaker Massimo Bracalente, she has renewed technology and invested in quality, hoping to keep the traditional style of Tuscan wine while adding a modern mentality to the winemaking process.Read the rest