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Quinta da Muradella
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Introducing Quinta da Muradella:
Obscure Yet Highly Rated Spanish Wines

Tucked within remote mountains in the Spanish region of Galicia is the emerging appellation of Monterrei. If there is one name to know, it is José Luis Mateo. Mateo founded his winery, Quinta da Muradella, in 1990, working with ancient vines and obscure varieties from his father’s parcel and neighbors. By 1999, he had purchased his own vineyard, from which he now crafts the “Muradella,” a single-vineyard eponymous wine.
Inspired by Raúl Pérez, Mateo works organically with the goal of achieving balance in the wines to best express the rugged terroirs. You’ll not find new oak or high ABVs here; these are fresh wines with energy and uniqueness. He’s constantly experimenting with the indigenous and otherwise grape varieties found in this region, which borders Portugal and boasts hot summers and icy winters.
The region boasts a wide variety of soil types, from granite, sand, schist, limestone, and iron-rich clay. The diversity of these terroirs is reflected in the regional “Candea” bottlings and the single-village “Alanda” wines. Grapes for the red (a blend of Mencia, Bastardo, Garnacha Tintorera) and white (a blend of Treixadura; Doña Blanco; Blanco Lexitimo, Verdello) Candea bottlings are sourced from an old friend. These are the entry-level wines of the estate, which are excellent for the money. Both are on the lighter side, with expressive fruit and herb notes.
Moving up, the village Alanda white is a similar blend to the Candea. The soils are sandy slate with clay and some small pockets of granite and limestone. The wine is made progressively, as each variety is harvested, the grapes are added to the stainless-steel fermentation vats before aging in steel and old oak foudres. The red is crafted from Mencia, Arauxa (Tempranillo), Garnacha Tintorera and Mouraton, and is fermented whole cluster before aging for fifteen months in a mix of concrete, steel, and oak foudres.
At the top of the line, we have the single-vineyard red and white from the estate Muradella vineyard. The vines are heirloom cuttings from the region, massale selections, planted in 1999. The soil is iron-rich clay over granite and slate. The white is aged on the fine lees for at least fifteen months, sans malo, before aging for an additional year in steel. The red is a blend of Mencia, Zamarrica, Bastardo, Caino Redondo and Brancellao, all destemmed and cofermented in concrete over several months. The resulting wine is aged in old oak foudres and barrels.
We’re proud to share these unique wines with you, as one of the few shops in the country to carry the lineup of current releases. Though we stocked up, especially after reading Luis Gutiérrez of the Wine Advocate’s insight, these are highly limited, so act now!
“José Luis Mateo is the name behind Quinta da Muradella, the quality leader of Monterrei in Galicia. He’s constantly trying to find ways to improve, studying his soils, even reducing the surface of vineyards he works (some 15 hectares, all owned by him, all worked organically and certified organic since 2005, despite the fact that the wines do not carry certifications) and restructuring his range to achieve more reflection of the terroir in his wines. They are amazingly fresh and focused, especially the whites, quite a challenge in a warm region. The future of his range will be regional wines (Alanda), single-vineyard ones (Gorvia, Quinta da Muradella and El Pliegue) and varietal, experimental and one-off wines. His production averages 35,000 bottles per vintage. Highly recommended.” –Luis Gutiérrez, Wine Advocate
We offer six wines from Quinta da Muradella, including:
Quinta da Muradella Candea Blanco, Monterrei 2022 750ml $21.90 special, 24 bottles in stock
No review for the 2022. Recent review provided for reference.
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 92 points “Even the entry-level white 2020 Candea Blanco, a regional blend of equal parts of Dona Blanca, Verdello and Treixadura fermented and kept with lees in stainless steel for one year, shows character, cleanliness, precision and freshness beyond the price point, and it transcends appellation and vintage and is offered with some time in bottle. It has only 12.5% alcohol and an expressive nose of herbs and flowers, and it is balanced, harmonious and elegant and finishes dry and long with a tasty and salty twist. A bargain.”
Quinta da Muradella Candea Tinto, Monterrei 2020 750ml $21.90 special, 36 bottles in stock now
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 92 points
“I love the simplicity of the red blend 2020 Candea Tinto, which is straightforward, tasty, juicy and balanced, without any excess or makeup, raw and authentic, with note of wild berries, flowers and herbs and a medium-bodied palate with moderate alcohol and nice balance. Highly drinkable. 14,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in September 2022.”
Quinta da Muradella Alanda Blanco, Monterrei 2021 750ml $49 special, 12 bottles in stock now
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 95 points
“The 2021 Alanda Blanco is a village wine from Monterrei, a blend of Dona Blanca, Treixadura and Verdello that reflects the diversity of soils, altitudes and expositions. The varieties fermented together, being added to the vat progressively, and 1,500-liters matured in a used French oak foudre for 15 months and the rest was kept in stainless steel. It’s pale, young and austere, more about soil and rocks than fruit, with notions of wet granite and dry flowers. It has contained ripeness, 13% alcohol, very good acidity, freshness and balance, with a sense of purity and transparency that is common to all whites here. It has depth, energy and light and extra vibrancy this year. It could very well be the finest white Alanda to date. 10,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in June 2023.”
Quinta da Muradella Alanda Tinto, Monterrei 2018 750ml $44.50 special, 12 bottles in stock now
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 93 points
“The characterful 2018 Alanda Tinto was produced with a blend of Mencía, Bastardo and Garnacha Tintorera from their vineyards with different soils (slate, sand and clay) in different parts within Monterrei. It fermented together with one-third full clusters in stainless steel and concrete and matured in barrique, stainless steel and concrete vats for 15 months; then it was blended and put back in stainless steel for one more year. It has very good freshness, purity of aroma and flavors and a medium-bodied palate, with moderate alcohol and very fine tannins. 13,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in August 2022.”
Quinta da Muradella ‘Muradella’ Blanco, Monterrei 2019 750ml $89 special, 6 bottles in stock now
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 96+ points
“Next to the very young 2021, I also had the chance to taste the 2019 Quinta da Muradella Blanco, which has developed further complexity with time in bottle and now feels very flinty and mineral. The color is incredibly pale and bright; it looks like a young wine from 2023, almost transparent, but the nose has amazing complexity and the palate is pungent and full of energy and light. It’s vibrant, has moderate alcohol and notable freshness and acidity that make you salivate. This is developing even better than anticipated. I wonder if I’m still underestimating some of these amazing whites… 2,500 numbered bottles produced.”
Quinta da Muradella ‘Muradella’ Tinto, Monterrei 2018 750ml $79 special, 6 bottles in stock now
Luis Gutiérrez-Wine Advocate 95 points
“I love the elegant, complex and subtle nose of the 2018 Quinta da Muradella Tinto, produced with 23-year-old vines planted on three different soils: sand, slate and clay with lots of iron. It has a sense of purity and balance that is touching. There is a sense of innocence and simplicity that is difficult to achieve. It’s subtle and balanced, with very fine tannins and a beautiful mouthfeel. It’s a co-fermentation of Mencía, Zamarrica, Bastardo, Caíño Redondo and Albarello fermented destemmed in concrete with a soft extraction and a long maceration. The wine decanted in stainless steel for six months and then matured in foudre and one 500-liter barrel. 3,600 bottles produced. It was bottled in December 2021.”
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Vinopolis Close-Out Sale Featurette:

Ovum Winery’s Champagne-Style Riesling
Creators of the wildly popular “Big Salt” white, Ksenija and John House make gorgeous and unexpected, low-intervention wines. Primarily working with Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat and Pinot Blanc they are fantastic at demonstrating the versatility of the component grapes, further demonstrated by their multifaceted vinification practices. They produce wines evocative of what Alsace, Central Europe, and Northern Italy created prior to 19th century industrialization. 
On tap, we offer their blanc de blancs sparkler, a Champagne-method Riesling sparkler loaded with as much personality as we’ve come to expect from this dynamic duo. We have just over a case remaining of this dry, crisp bubbly on sale now ‘til it’s gone.

In Stock & On Sale Now:
Ovum Rare Form ‘Day Moon’ Sparkling, Meyer Vineyard, Dundee Hills NV 750ml Was $59, Now $49 special, 16 bottles in stock now
Wine & Spirits 94 points “From a vineyard in the Dundee Hills, this is organically grown riesling fermented in amphorae and aged in old barrels for a year, then two years in bottle. It’s a thought-provoking wine, subtle in a variety of ways—subtle lees notes, subtle oxidative notes, the flavors hinting at lemon, apple, Georgian savor. this stayed fresh for five days despite the intentional low pressure of its bubbles. It’s a wine to ponder with a grand plateau.”
Winery note “Day Moon is inspired by aged Blanc de Blanc Champagne. Striking straw gold color with a modest, fine mousse. An inviting nose of fresh brioche with a small pad of salted butter and lemon confit. Dried wildflower, straw and ginger follow. Pure energy races as the palate unfolds elegant layers of dried flowers and minerals. The restrained mousse is in harmony with the noticeably long, nutty finish. Native fermentation is completed in amphora, where it is then racked to age in neutral French oak for 1-2 years. Ksenija uses Riesling juice to build a yeast population that she will use to tirage the base wine at a specific atmosphere of pressure designed to match the vinosity of the wine (Day Moon: 3 bar). Minimum 18 months of bottle age on less, additional 6 months age post disgorgement. Brut Nature – 2gL dosage made from aged Riesling. *No added sulfites.”
This is the only listing in the USA today!
We offer 211 wines on our close-out sale, including gems from the Burgundy producer Domaine Leflaive, Barolo producer Aldo Conterno, and German producer Donnhoff. Shop the list here!

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