Wine of the Day: Produttori del Barbaresco Normale 2011 4-24-16

Produttori del Barbaresco Normale ‘Barbaresco DOCG’, Piedmont 2011 750ML ($37.95) Buy Now: $29 special

Produttori del Barbaresco Normale ‘Barbaresco DOCG’, Piedmont 2011 1.5L ($69.95) Buy Now: $59 special

Produttori Barbaresco 2011Two of us from the shop opened this 2011 Barbaresco from Produttori del Barbaresco on Thanksgiving eve, pouring little tastes as we mapped out what would become a lovely dinner with all sorts of dishes, new friends, and a wide array of wines. This one was truly one of the standouts, so much so that we had to hide the bottle so as to not drink it all before the dinner even came to fruition.

As cooking began and thirsts resurfaced, this humble bottle from the legendary Produttori estate came back to reward our efforts. Overnight, the bright strawberry fruit held strong while secondary notes of cedar, blackberry, baking spice, and mocha emerged. The spice and earth, tannin and texture intermingled in a way that was so surprising and yet familiar; a reminder as to why we spent so many hours studying and seeking out wines to begin with. There are, occasionally, wines which take us back like that – hitting the ‘reset’ button, before you’d had anything that tasted quite similar. How rare and how lovely, the catharsis of wine… – Tyler