Monday Newsletter January 19th, 2015

January 19, 2015

Jump Start Sale
Arriving Tomorrow January 20th

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge 2012 750ML ($49.95) $38 pre-arrival special
Importer (Kermit Lynch) Notes “
Meeting the 2012s was like meeting an old friend – their 1979, to be specific, which made good drinking from the start. I recall the 1979 served cool in carafes for a bouillabaisse feast during the wine’s first summer. It was good right after the bottling, too, and at least in magnums, it is still good today at thirty-five years old. Not bad! 2012 is also a medium-bodied vintage, generously flavored, a real charmer.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~German Rieslings
Arriving this Thursday

These exciting Rieslings are arriving in our store on Thursday, January 22. We’ve had the opportunity to try a few 2013 Rieslings, and so far they are quite exciting and full of potential if still young. The vintage offered lower than average yields for many producers, so a few are releasing library wines to make up the difference. We are also excited to feature a few producers that hold back their wines until they reach their drinking window.Terry Theise wrote about the 2013 vintage that it produced vivid wines of striking contrast that are “almost never creamy, but they are sometimes quite silky… 2013s are high in acidity and stunningly high in extract; this is tactile and discernible, not a metaphor. That said, bottling will often subdue this component, not insofar as it exists but insofar as it can be tasted. At that point extract behaves as a buffer to acidity (and to sweetness if it is there) and confers a richness to the mid-palate. 2013s are often high in botrytis, and the degree to which botrytis was managed is a leitmotif of the vintage.”

German Rieslings Arriving Thursday, January 22ndVON WINNING/Dr. DEINHARD (Pfalz)

 “…the winery of the vintage is VON WINNING, who have attained a stunning crescendo that fully realizes the lofty ambitions they began with.”
-Terry Theise, 2012 Vintage in Germany

Since Von Winning Winery was founded in 1849, they have produced unique wines reflecting the best vineyards in Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim, and Forst. Leopold von Winning, son-in-law of Dr. Andreas Deinhard, dedicated his life to creating top quality wines with respect to the outstanding vineyards in the area. He meticulously raised the quality of the wines to a new level as a founding member of the VDP, an association of Germany’s premium wineries. His decision to work as gentle and as close to nature as possible remains the ultimate goal of today’s young and ambitious team led by winemaker Stephan Attmann.Attmann describes his winemaking as “not doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.” The estate’s premium wines are treated with a minimalist approach and with the highest respect in the cellar. Gentle clarification, a natural and spontaneous fermentation and the abandonment of fining agents create wines with a distinctive indigenous and very elegant style. Pumping the juice or wine is never necessary in the gravity flow winery, allowing for minimal, and gentle vinification. Wines are matured in traditional oak casks, known as “Stückfass,” which hold approximately 1,000 Liters.

Von Winning Riesling 2013 ($24.95) $18 special
Terry Theise
“Lilac, melon, wisteria, markedly flowery; a tasty wry balance on the palate, wherein a tiny sweetness delivers a huge payoff. Slim and lissome but long and classy. Completely amazing quality in the “basic” echelon, and a classic example of one of the Great Truths of German wine: A perfect dry Riesling is often not perfectly dry.”

Von Winning Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten Riesling Trocken 2013 ($34.95) $27 special
Terry Theise
“Tasty, barley and cask-y notes behind a grainy delineated Riesling; less creamy than the ’12 and showing some of ’13’s more pointed edge, but it delivers length, clarity and some ineffable Pfalz-ness, and they tell me it will be smoother  by the time its bottled.”

Armin Diel is the winemaker at this small estate in the Nahe.  His wines are from three Grand Cru vineyards: Goldloch on thin loam and gravel over a rocky subsoil, Burgberg on quartzite, and Pittermännchen on Hunsrück slate.  It is the vineyards’ microclimates and terroir that create very unique wines.  Terry Theise describes the wines as “ are sophisticated and aristocratic and  engineered with exquisite craft and intelligence. They’re also consistently delicious, the way a BMW is consistently marvelous to drive. They take the aesthetics of tastiness about as far as such things can go, and the grateful drinker is duly admiring.”
We are pleased to offer a library release from the winery from a very good vintage:
Schlossgut Diel Dorsheimer Burgberg Riesling Spatlese 2004 ($69.95) $54.50 special
Stephen Tanzer 92 points
“Resplendent aromas of papaya, pineapple and oyster shell. Dense but juicy, with a finely spiced acidity that seizes one’s palate. Finishes with impressive concentration and length. One of the finest spatleses of the vintage.”
SPREITZER (Rheingau)
The Spreitzer estate is one of the oldest in the Rheingau region, having been founded in 1641.  Since 1997, Andreas and Bernd Spreitzer have managed the family estate and were honored by Gault Millau in 2001 with the Discovery of the Year Award.  The Rosengarten is a parcel within the Lenchen vineyard in Oestrich.  It has loam and loess soils and typically offers full expressions of fruit.  The Oestricher Doosberg vineyard produces wine of excellent ripeness from its loam, loess and quartzite soils.The winery employs naturalistic practices such as cover crops, gravity flow, spontaneous fermentation and minimal filtration to ensure a pure product.  Terry Theise writes that the wines are “crystalline, refined, perfumey and polished… There are very good reasons for the consensus among Germany’s critical community that Spreitzer is near the very top of his region.”

Spreitzer Oestricher Doosberg Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2013 ($24.95) $18 special
Terry Theise
“A sponti done in large cask; fragrances of lilac and iris; dry but gentle and complex; still cerebral but lots of pleasant musings in its flowery lime oil and green-tea articulations. I’m drinking a pot of Wen-shang Bao-Jhongas as I write, and the limpid deliberate crawl of exquisite flavor is analogous to this wine.”

Spreitzer Rosengarten Riesling GG 2013 ($49.95) $39 special
Wine Advocate 94 points
“Sourced from a special parcel in the Oestrich Lenchen cru the 2013 Oestricher Rosengarten Riesling trocken GG is not just named after roses, it also smells like roses, along with perfectly ripened Riesling berries. Citrus colored with greenish hues, this wine shows a lovely purity, subtlety and elegance on the nose even though the grapes were highly ripe when picked. The precision and cool minerality on the palate is nevertheless fascinating, intense, sappy, salty and beautifully balanced. This is a luscious and frisky Riesling of great elegance and an alluring fruitiness. ”
Terry Theise “Two bits of news: one, the Rosengarten is now officially a GG—up till now the designation was approved pending the final decision. And two, it’s now “GG” everywhere (instead of “Erstes Gewächs” in the Rheingau alone). It would be hard to imagine two more opposite wines. Rosengarten is all about fruit and yumminess. Even in ’13, though it’s angular out of the gate, the finish is suave and juicy, and the whole thing’s like a herb-and-fruit smoothie. “

Spreitzer Wisselbrunnen Riesling GG 2013 ($49.95) $39 special
Wine Advocate 94+ points
“Intense citrus-colored and almost golden, the wild-fermented 2013 Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnen Riesling trocken GG is very rich and creamy on the somewhat untamed nose showing yeast and lime flavors along with earthy/mineral notes and ripe, juicy, yellow-fleshed stone fruit aromas. Full-bodied, round and elegant, this fresh and deeply structured Riesling develops a good fruit intensity and a lingering mineral finish with ripe peach and refreshing lime flavors in the aftertaste. This is a rather warm style of Riesling and, stylistically, a distant relative of the Rieslings from Kamptal’s Ludwig Hiedler.”

Terry Theise writes that Merkelbach produces wines of pure, concentrated terroir: “These are just some of the keenest, spiciest, most helplessly beautiful wines you can ever drink.”
Library Vintage:
Merkelbach Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2002 ($24.95) $18 special
Terry Theise
“Pure and lovely, though there’s a bit of young-vines stiffness; it’s pedagogically slatey. We’ll move into a juicier fuder 23, which is quite salty and mineral, when this sells out. “
The JJ Christoffel estate owns adjacent portions of the Ürziger Würzgarten and Erdener Treppchen vineyards.  These vineyards have been cultivated as far back as the 7th century.  Their portions have southern-facing, steep 70 degree slopes in the deep Devonian slate.  The Ürziger Würzgarten vineyard has iron rich red slate and produces wines with spicy notes (its name translates to Spice Garden).  Most of the vines Christoffel harvests from are planted on their original rootstock and are over 100 years old.The starred wines indicated parcels that are vinified separately.  Robert Eymael of the Mönchhof estate has leased the estate from Hans Leo Christoffel since 2001; he manages the vineyards and is the winemaker.  He has maintained the winemaking practices of Hans Leo by pressing whole cluster, maintaining a slow and cool fermentation, racking immediately off the gross lees and aging on the fine lees, and bottling early to preserve freshness.  Terry Theise describes the wines as “unnervingly consistent for the past ten years… One wonders by which remarkable device they have avoided the vintage-variations that swing in wider arcs at other wineries… This is markedly dramatic with the 2013s, which … taste like another marvelous Christoffel vintage.”

J.J. Christoffel Estate Riesling Feinherb 2012 ($24.95) $19 special
Terry Theise
“We have Christoffel Estate QbA in stock for the first time since the 2002 vintage. This is sourced from several young vine parcels in the Treppchen and Würtzgarten and contains the elements of these two distinct terroirs – red oxidized slate and blue Devonian slate. This is feinherb style, a typical Mosel coolness and snappy acidity make it a perfect introduction to the 2012 vintage, from a famous and historic estate.” Feinherb is a recently newer designation that basically replaced ‘Haulbtrocken’ or half-dry. This shows off all the beauty of Trocken with the extra oomph of fruit flavors.”

J.J. Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett 2013 ($29.95) $24 special
Terry Theise
“Steady as she goes; a teensy tic of ’13 saltiness but otherwise polished and silky, very ripe and salty-sweet. It has some of the ’13 cling, but check this out—over 110º Oechsle with acids over 9g/l and RS 62g/l/. It makes me wonder, what do we mean by “Kabinett” any more?”

J.J. Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2012 ($39.95) $29 special
Terry Theise
“Now this is explosively expressive. If I say “apple and slate” yet again, it’s boring but true. It’s the combo of hi-def clarity and torque, firmness and brilliance yet many-layered density, and this goose-flesh tingle threaded through it all—that makes it uncanny”

J.J. Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2013 ($39.95) $29 special
Terry Theise
“Curiously, though this is sweeter now, it also seems cooler and shadier than the two Kabinetts. (This sometimes happens at Diel too.) Another salty wine but not a beast; it’s ultra-refined and crystalline.”

J.J. Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese** “Herzlay” 2013 ($69.95) $59 special
Terry Theise
“‘Lay’ is old dialect for slate. This is from an old ungrafted parcel among the cliffs, and as it often it, it’s masterly. Divine apple and walnutty slate; stunning salty length, like having an old Comté with those crunchy crystals and putting that and an apple in your mouth together. Somehow with “only” 115º it tastes markedly riper than the (110º) Kabinett. This is the spectacular wine; next up is the compelling riddle.”

J.J. Christoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett 2013 ($29.95) $24 special
Terry Theise
“The one and only Kabinett of their vintage! The first wine I tasted, not knowing what was to come, I wrote that it overcomes the vintage’s botrytis by sheer density of spicy material, and an almost incredibly fervent expressiveness, so absurdly spicy it’s almost a caricature of Würzgarten.”

J.J. Christoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Spatlese 2013 ($39.95) $29 special
Terry Theise
“Now we really do taste botrytis, which is curiously reassuring. It has the semi-solid construction of ’13, and all sorts of lime zest and lime blossom and if you could concentrate lime juice and strain it through pulverized slate, it would also taste like that. The complexity unfolds tart and salty but in a basic matrix of sweetness. It unfolds deliberately, like an opening rose. A wine with secrets, and plenty of time to tell them”

J.J. Christoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Auslese* “Kauen” 2012 ($49.95) $41.90 special
Terry Theise
“We’re making a change in labeling. When we did stars – 1-star, 2-star, 3-star – it tended to create a false hierarchy, and led buyers to suppose they had to have the “best” one or the bullies would kick sand in their faces. So now we’re going to use the actual micro-parcel name, because the wines do in fact hail from single small pieces of land. It’s more informative, more truthful. This parcel is way up in the most forbidding terraces, and its wines have a kind of para-sensual slate expression, a sonnet of the rocks. It’ll buzz your fillings, this wine. “

J.J. Christoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Auslese*** “Kranklay” 2013 ($69.95) $59 special
Terry Theise
“This parcel is below the sundial, spreading to either side, down where the slate is more crumbled and the wines have more finesse. This transparent delicacy is prized, bless them, above all other things such as ripeness or power. But this ’13 is a typically dark and brooding, at least today. It tastes like it’s encased in a crust of salt, fruit in a tiny dense kernel, waiting to pop.”

A.J. ADAM (Mosel)
“I sustain my vineyards by intensive soil work to bring out the essential nutrients up from the primary rock, the natural compost of a vineyard.  This completion of the bond between elemental soil and the work of the vintner is another piece in the puzzle of terroir… I think in Germany we see terroir as a unity of grape, climate, soil, and the mentality of the person who works the vineyard.  But the essence of that mentality is a knowledge that the geology of his terrain indeed creates the flavors in the grapes which grow there.” — Andreas Adam
Andreas Adam is one of the few of his young generation that continued the family tradition of winemaking in the virtually unknown Dhron region of the Mosel, which lies just south of Piesport.  Since 2000, he has farmed his family now 3.8 hectares in Dhron and Piesport.  He farms parcels of the Erste Lage vineyard Hofberg with its gray-blue slate and iron oxide soil.  Some of his plantings date back to the 1950s.  His Goldtröpfchen parcels include an ancient terraced sites called Layschen for the decomposing slate soil.  He adds nothing to the developing wines, allowing the ambient yeast to ferment it.  Terry Theise writes that his “wines are highly expressive, whether they’re old-fashioned leesy spontis or more stainless-steel primary fruit driven. They’re muscular for Mosel wines, mouthfilling and complex and loaded.  For me Adam is the ultimate example of applying long-held and grounded principles into the making of excitingly conservative Mosel wines. He isn’t reinventing an already perfect paradigm. He is reaching into the heart of its gravitas and expressing it in Rieslings that embody what great classics should be.”A.J. Adam Riesling Trocken 2013 ($27.95) $24 special
Terry Theise
“A little purchased fruit this year, the crop was so small. All Dhron. Half & half sponti and cutured yeast, all done in steel.The ’13 aroma is there but the wine is more limpid and pebbly than most, balanced-dry, with cool quince-y fruit; ’13expresses as burnt-candle now, and this smells as much like (good!) Chenin as like Riesling”

A.J. Adam Hofberg Riesling Trocken 2013 ($69.95) $59 special
A.J. Adam Hofberg Riesling Trocken 1.5L 2013 ($149.95) $127 special
Terry Theise
“This is the quasi-GG and of all these obstreperous ’13s it was the best behaved. In fact a lovely dry Riesling, herbal, juicy, malic and salty; long and clinging finish; amazing equipoise of ethereal delicacy and heavy density and grip. 94º Oechsle, rather little botrytis, cask-fermented and aged on the fine lees, and finely smoky; only 8.5g/l RS but extract concentration confers a kind of facsimile of “’sweetness.’”

A.J. Adam Dhron Hofberg Riesling Kabinett 2013 ($39.95) $29 special
Terry Theise
“Half-half cask and steel, this was typical and completely delicious; everybody’s favorite among the ’13s that day. Euphoric site fragrance, like a Nahe wine; mirabelle, quince and lemon pudding, not to mention Alishan Oolong. The considerable RS is obliterated by natural acidity that looks scary on paper but which cracks and pops in the glass.”

A.J. Adam Dhron Hofberg Riesling Kabinett 2011 ($27.95) $29 special
Wine Advocate 92 points
“Talcum and orange blossom fetchingly scent Adam’s 2011 Dhronhofberger Riesling Kabinett, then join white peach on a luscious, delicate, subtly creamy palate, with a sense of wafting inner-mouth perfume as well as nut cream and wet stone undertones lasting into a refreshing finish, where the effects of a small lot of wine with unusually high acidity are noticeable and engender a certain largely productive tension. As this opened to the air, a sense of interactive dynamic between its fruit and flowers on the one hand and emerging stony, alkaline, and saline notes on the other served to heighten an already high level of stimulation. This should be a delight to follow for the next 15 years or so and will probably gain in nuanced complexity.”

A.J. Adam Dhron Hofberg Riesling Spatlese 2013 ($49.95) $41.90 special
Terry Theise
“A voodoo-exotic Auslese-styled Spät that’s left the corporeal world behind. It’s all steel, and tasted like melted candy, a sort of pure experience of untamed flavor, a study in superripeness and lavish, almost kinky fruit.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New Arrival Special Feature
Angela Pinot Noir

“Our fruit is our focus and our foundation.”

If you haven’t heard of this small, boutique winery in Yamhill-Carlton, now’s the time to catch up. Angela is a single vineyard Pinot Noir produced entirely from the Clawson Creek Vineyard. Owner Antony Beck, whose father Graham Beck is a winemaking legacy in South Africa, and his wife Angela operate a beautiful horse farm in Kentucky and have had the great luck to partner up with famed Oregon winemaker Ken Wright. With Wright at the helm, the Becks proudly released their first vintage in 2008 and have continued to grow since, most recently adding a second bottling from the Abbott Claim vineyard with the 2012 vintage. The only wine Ken Wright produces outside of his personal label, the Angela unmistakably reflects his style. Richly colored, full-bodied and lush with firm, round tannins, the 2012 Angela Estate Pinot Noir bursts from the glass with dark fruit and floral aromas, and offers an outstanding value for a single vineyard Oregon Pinot Noir.

Angela Estate Pinot Noir Yamhill- Carlton 2012 750ML ($41.95) $33 special
Winery notes
“Our flagship offering from our original 34-acre property, Angela Estate.  Planted in 2006, the dominant pinot noir clone at this site is Wädenswil.  This clone gives a more feminine balance to our hearty marine sedimentary soils.  Dijon 777 and 115 round out the mix and deliver velvety tannins and elegant structure.”

This is the lowest listed price in the USA!
The average listed price is $38 / bottle
This Week’s New Arrivals

Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Chardonnay Dundee Hills 2012 750ML ($59.95) $51.90 special
Wine Spectator 93 points
“Fresh and vibrant, polished in texture and juicy, with star fruit, grapefruit and peach flavors that zip against lively acidity through a spicy, complete and harmonious finish. Shows impressive presence and length. Drink now through 2020. 1,400 cases made.”Elk Cove Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2012 375ML ($17.95) $14 special
Wine Spectator 90 points
“Fresh and vibrant, showing polish to its currant and blackberry flavors. Finishes with density and finesse. Drink now through 2020.”

Elk Cove Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2013 750ML ($19.95) $16 special
Wine Enthusiast 91 points
“This full-bodied, lightly spiced wine seduces with fresh fruit flavors of pear, apple, kiwi and melon. Polished and bracing, it finishes with a lick of wet stone.”

Frank Family Vineyards Chardonnay Napa Valley 2012 750ML ($39.95) $33 special
Antoni Galloni 89 points
“Apricots, honey, wild flowers, sweet spices and butter all flesh out in a rich, inviting 2012 Chardonnay Napa Valley loaded with personality. The the 2012 is open and textured, partly because of the generous vintage as well as the winemaking style. This is a lovely showing from Frank Family.”

Paul Dethune Brut Grand Cru NV 3LITER ($279.95) $219 special

Vinopolnotes This is the lowest listed (and only) price for a 3 Liter in the USA!

Pol Roger Champagne Brut Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 2002 750ML ($279.95) $249 special
Josh Raynolds–Vinous Media 94 points
“Light yellow-gold. Deeply pitched aromas of poached pear, fresh fig, orange custard and honey, with smoky mineral and buttered toast nuances adding complexity. Stains the palate with ripe citrus and orchard fruit flavors that are given spine and focus by juicy acidity. Closes taut, sappy and extremely long, with an echo of toastiness and wonderful clarity. All Grand Cru fruit.”

Louis Latour Macon-Lugny Les Genieveres 2011 750ML ($25.95) $18.90 special

Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc 2013 750ML ($31.95) $27 special

Sylvain Langoureau St Aubin En Remilly 2013 750ML ($49.95) $41.90 special

Domaine Cambis Caudomato St Chinian Rouge 2012 750 ($14.95) $11.90 special

Albert Boxler Riesling Grand Cru Brand 2012 750ML ($89.95) $79 special

De Forville Langhe Nebbiolo 2013 750ml ($24.95) $21.90 special

De Forville Barbaresco 2011 750ML ($39.95) $33 special
Wine Enthusiast 93 points “Full-bodied and soulful, this entices with fragrances of crushed blue flower, rose petal, pine forest, perfumed berry and notes of tilled soil. The juicy palate offers layers of ripe dark cherry, crushed raspberry, black pepper, leather and cinnamon alongside assertive but fine tannins and bright acidity. Drink 2016-2026.”

Felsina Chianti Classico 2011 750 ML ($24.95) $18 special
Wine Advocate 92 points
“The 2011 Chianti Classico is absolutely impressive and is one of the best base Chianti Classicos I have tasted from 2011. You feel the ripeness and heat of the vintage, but this wine also delivers surprising finesse and complexity. Black cherry and baking spice mingle on the bouquet. Soft tannins wrap around the palate. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2025.”

Keller Riesling Absterde Grosses Gewachs 2013 750ML ($69.95) $59 special

Peter Lauer Riesling Kupp Grosses Gewachs 2012 750 ($69.95) $59 special
Peter Lauer Riesling Saarfeilser Grosses Gewachs 2012 750ML ($69.95) $59 special
Peter Lauer Riesling Schonfels Grosses Gewachs 2012 750ML($69.95) $59 special

Donnhoff Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett 2013 750ML ($31.95) $24 special
Terry Theise notes:”A trebly wine in general meets a trebly vintage in particular, and the result is like a St. Elmo’s fire of flavor; high-toned lemony aromas, talc, spearmint, with a scythe-like cut and relief; almost shockingly taut in this very young stage”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price (including tax) in the USA!

Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Spatlese 2013 750ML ($49.95) $41.90 special
Terry Theise notes
:”An aside—there’s no Felsenberg Spät in the small crop of 2013, as all of it went into the dry wine. Thus we head straight into Brücke, and into its quiet monastic stirring and yearning. That’s the essence of Brücke, this kind of ur-Riesling that seems to find our own primordial souls. In ’13 its acids feel more prominent, and it’s brooding just now, but serenely—Brücke can be obscure but is never austere. I opened the 2001 over the winter and it needs 4-5 more years, though you can drink Hermannshöhle now if you insist.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The average listed price is $51 / bottle.

Donnhoff Dellchen Grosses Gewachs 2013 750ML ($69.95) $54.50 special
Wine Advocate 94 points
“Citrus colored, the 2013 Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Grosses Gewachs has a lovely clear and perfumed bouquet of fresh limes and cooked apples. Very pure on the palate, the juicy fruit is completely integrated into the thrilling, mineral texture of this beautiful and tension-filled, full-bodied wine that seems light and open-hearted.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The average listed price is $68 / bottle.

Donnhoff Felsenberg Grosses Gewachs 2013 750ML ($69.95) $54.50 special
Wine Advocate 94 points
“Coming from volcanic porphyry soils, the citrus colored 2013 Schlossbockelheimer Felsenberg Riesling Grosses Gewachs displays aromas of powdered volcanic stones mixed with intense citrus flavors and layers of lees-notes. Showing a complex palate that is very mineral, tightly structured and dusted with stone powder, it has very good mid-palate weight and very good length with citric aromas. It is an impressive wine that is still closed but full of potential.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA!

Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Auslese GK 2013 375ML ($49.95) $39 special
Terry Theise notes
:”Now we see the cherry and verbena elements of this greatest of all Riesling vineyards in the elevated form of a parfait. It’s sweet and overt yet also mysterious, as intense and as light as the best macaroons.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA!

Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Kabinett 2013 750ML ($27.95) $24 special
Terry Theise notes:
“Very spicy and salty and the acids are quite prominent; ginger and tropical fruit are emphatic, but this is still pre-filtration and it has many more tartrates to precipitate—so hard to judge right now.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA!

Willi Schaefer Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett 2013 ($27.95) $24 special
Terry Theise notes:
“It’s limpid though some botrytis is present through the gently polished texture; as is often the case with ’13s the fruit emerges with air, as does the salty concentration; the delicate (and moderate) sweetness is welcome. Which wine is it, the salty botrytisey one or the semi-solid fruity one? We shall see.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The average listed price is $31 / bottle.

Willi Schaefer Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese 2013 ($39.95) $33 special
Wine Spectator 92 points
“Lush and vibrant, with well-structured flavors of green apple, lemon-lime and kiwifruit. Racy acidity shows midpalate, with a finish of light smoke and cream. A very pure-tasting style. Drink now through 2035.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The average listed price is $41 / bottle.

Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Auslese #11 2013 375ML ($49.95) $39 special
Terry Theise notes:
“Solar flares of Domprobst, almost shrieking intensity as it shakes away its external mintyness. There’s a great Domprobst in there somewhere.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The next best listed price is $108 / bottle.

Willi Schaefer Graacher Himmelreich Auslese #4 2013 ($59.95) $49 special
Terry Theise notes:
“Sleek, tangy, streamlined version of Himmelreich, angular and quince-y. Acids are pointed and botrytis is high-toned and gingery. At the moment depth is obscured by the glaring brilliance; there’s little apparent middle, yet there must be, so judgment of necessity deferred.”
Vinopolnotes– This is the lowest listed price in the USA! The average listed price is $68 / bottle.

Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Auslese #14 2013 ($109.95) $89 special
Terry Theise notes
: “Candied ginger. Rather into BA-territory now. The first of these to taste discretely “sweet.” Already balanced, albeit turbulent, but this is glaringly brassy and brilliant. The customary Schaefer serenity is elsewhere. Impressive finish here, and fathomless miles to go.”

Renacer Enamore Mendoza, Argentina 2011 750ML ($31.95) $26 special
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 91 points
“(a joint venture with the Amarone producer Allegrini; a blend of 45% malbec, 40% cabernet sauvignon, 10% bonarda and 5% cabernet franc; aged 12 months in new French oak; made partly from grapes dried on the vine by wind): Good bright red. Sexy aromas of redcurrant and tobacco are more European than New World. Lush and sweet, almost roasted, but with harmonious acidity leavening the wine’s 8 grams per liter of residual sugar. Wonderfully gentle, smooth wine with very good length and lift. Held up very well in the recorked bottle.”

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99 Points and Up Club
All In Stock and Available Now

Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut 2002 750ML ($399.95) $333 special 9 bottles available
James Suckling 99 points
“Super fresh, this is striking given the 10 years in the cellars; it has a fine citrus nose – plenty of lemon, grapefruit, yellow chalky notes, some lighter floral elements too. The palate is super dry (dosage at 3-4g) and there’s a silky, sherbet-like texture, smooth, fine and long. The citrus flavours give way to the driving surging acidity, thunderous acidity, really driving and powerful. The finish twists very slowly through to light-toasted cashew fruit flavours, but lemon citrus prevails. This is thrilling Champagne.”Bosquet Des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape Chante Le Merle 2010 750ML ($149.95) $119 special 7 bottles available
Robert Parker 99 points
“The 2010 Chateauneuf du Pape Chante Le Merle Vieilles Vignes is a blend of 85% Grenache and the rest equal parts Syrah and Mourvedre from the same parcels as the 2011. The wine is aged primarily in foudres with small percentages of the Syrah and Mourvedre kept in new 600-liter demi-muids. A spectacular effort, it displays a confit of camphor, blueberries, blackberries, black raspberries, lavender and other floral notes. This full-bodied, massive Chateauneuf du Pape is remarkably light on its feet despite what must be 15+% alcohol. Incredibly pure and remarkably intense, this is a tour de force from Nicolas Boiron. It should drink well for two decades.”

Casanova Di Neri Brunello Cerretalto 2006 750mL($249.95) $169 special 17 bottles available
James Suckling 99 points
“Aromas of ripe strawberries, sandalwood, and flowers follow though to a full body, with soft tannins and a fruity finish. This is so long and gorgeous, with intense fruit and a defined and beautiful structure. Amazing fruit at the finish. Gorgeous now, but will age beautifully. The palate builds and show such depth. So wonderful now, but better in 2015.”

Chapoutier Ermitage Le Meal Rouge 2010 750ml ($319.95) $299 special 2 bottles available
Robert Parker 99 points
“From the warmest site of these three vineyards, the 2010 Ermitage Le Meal has sweet creme de cassis, blackberry, bacon fat and a meaty, bloody steak component to its richness. It has good acidity, but is clearly the most voluptuous and succulent of this quartet of monumental wines from one of the greatest appellations for wine in the world, Hermitage. This wine needs a good decade of cellaring and should continue to evolve for 40-50+ years.”

Chapoutier Ermitage l’Ermite Rouge 2005 750ml ($399.95) $349 special 1 bottle available
Robert Parker 99+ points
“Lastly, from the very dome of the granite hill of Ermitage is the 2005 Ermitage l’Ermite. An extraordinarily powerful wine that probably needs 10-15 years in the bottle (last year I thought 20 was probably conservative), this is a 100-year wine and probably best appreciated by our descendants rather than anyone currently over the age of 30. Dense purple to the rim, with notes of crushed rock, charcoal, roasted meats, and enormous quantities of blue and black fruits, this wine is almost painfully rich and thick, with mouthsearing levels of tannin and zesty acidity. Monumental! Anticipated maturity: 2020-2080.”

Chateau Troplong Mondot Saint Emilion 2009 750ML ($249.95) $219 special 12 bottles available
Robert Parker 99 points
“It boasts an inky/purple color along with a gorgeous bouquet of mocha, chocolate, blackberry and cassis fruit, an unctuous texture, a full-bodied, viscous mouthfeel and a skyscraper-like, multilayered finish. This spectacular wine is nearly overwhelming in its richness, thickness and intensity. Once all its baby fat falls away, the terroir characteristics and additional nuances will emerge. This blockbuster, fabulous Troplong Mondot will benefit from 10-15 years of cellaring and keep for three decades or more. It is not shy either, bouncing over the palate with 15.5% natural alcohol. The 2009 Troplong Mondot will provide plenty of competition for the 2010, 2005 and 2000. It comes closest in style to the prodigious 1990 that proprietress Christine Valette produced 22 years ago. A phenomenal effort, it unquestionably justifies its relatively new Premier Grand Cru St.-Emilion status. Readers should keep in mind that the 1990, which probably has lower acidity and not the level of concentration found in the 2009, is drinking incredibly well at age 22 and reveals no signs of falling apart.”

Donnhoff Schlossbockelheim Felsenberg BA 2007 375ML ($199.95) $179 special 5 half-bottles available
Wine Advocate 99 points
“The over-ripe pear and quince featured in other nobly sweet wines of this collection are very much present in Donnhoff’s 2007 Schlossbockelheimer Felsenberg Riesling Beerenauslese, along with aromas of distilled gentian, gardenia, lemon oil, freshly baked bread, and white truffle. The intensity of inner-mouth perfume here – orchard fruit, floral, and herbal distillates – is nearly beyond belief. Pear nectar, quince preserves, apple jelly, liquid gardenia, brown spices, and a certain saline and smoky suggestions of things mineral inform a finish of trance-inducing duration. This amazing elixir – harvested largely in the Turmchen section of the site – should be worthy of 40 years cellaring. When Donnhoff laughingly referred to this as the year of Felsenberg, he was not in fact kidding, nor was he referring just to the sheer number of bottlings!”

Kapcsandy Roberta’s Reserve Napa Valley Red 2008 750ML ($599.95) $499 special 6 bottles available
Robert Parker 99 points
“The 2008 Robertas Reserve State Lane Vineyard is virtually perfect. This offering is just as strong as the 2007, but slightly more forward and irresistible than the backward 2007. It boasts a dense inky/purple color as well as an extraordinary nose of blackberry liqueur intermixed with cocoa, forest floor, graphite and subtle hints of smoke as well as camphor. The wine reveals fresh acids, laser-like precision and an extraordinary plump, fleshy mouthfeel. Already approachable, it should evolve for 20-25 years.”

Philipponnat Clos Des Goisses Brut 2000 750ML ($219.95) $189 special 4 bottles available
Gilbert & Gaillard 99 points
“Deep gold. Intense nose deploying notes of stone fruits, dried fruits and toasted undercurrents after swirling. The palate combines abundant fullness, vinosity and magnificent freshness. Already nicely open, this 2000 is at its peak. Excellent.”

Valdespino Cardenal Palo Cortado VORS 375ML ($169.95) $159 special 3 half bottles available
Valdespino Cardenal Palo Cortado VORS NV 750ML ($299.95) $279 special 3 bottles available
Wine Advocate 99 points
“The NV Palo Cortado Cardenal VORS, like the whole VORS collection from Valdespino is outstanding. It is fed from the solera of the Palo Cortado C.P. where the Palomino grapes come from the Macharnudo Alto vineyard, fermented in American oak botas. It’s 22% alcohol and has nine grams of (undetectable) residual sugar which makes it very drinkable. It’s a monumental wine of dark mahogany color with a green edge, a complex, ever-changing, concentrated, clean and delineated nose of spices, dark chocolate, Cuban cigar and balsamic notes of incense, and a sharp, saline palate. It is highly concentrated, powerful and clean, with an eternal, lingering aftertaste. Deciding between Coliseo and Cardenal might be splitting hairs, and as much as I love Coliseo, I felt Cardenal was just one notch above. At the quality helm of Palo Cortado. Drink 2013-2025.”

Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado VORS 375ML ($249.95) $199 special 1 half bottle available
Valdespino Coliseo Amontillado VORS NV 750ML($399.95) $349 special 1 bottle available
Wine Advocate 99 points
“The NV Amontillado Coliseo VORS, is an extremely old (much older than the 30 years certified by the VORS classification) and concentrated wine. It is unique, as its origin is from Sanlucar de Barrameda, mainly from the Pago Miraflores, which produced very sharp wines. Dark mahogany colored, with a bright green border, is very aromatic, balsamic and complex, with wild herbs, candied orange rind, spices and dates. The palate is extremely concentrated, dry, and intense but it has no edges, with lively acidity and an eternal finish. It’s an extreme wine, some might find it too much, but it’s certainly unique and among the greatest wines in the world, to be sipped slowly and in tiny quantities. One of the greatest Amontillados in existence today. Drink 2013-2025.”

Alvear Pedro Ximenez De Anada 2011 375 ML ($79.95) $47 special 2+ cases available
Alvear Pedro Ximenez De Anada 2011 375 ML ($999.95) $479 case price special
Robert Parker 100 points “Alvear’s 2011 Pedro Ximenez de Anada is the most amazing Pedro Ximenez I have ever tasted. It may also be one of the first to be vintage-dated. The grapes were hand-harvested in September, then allowed to dry in the sunshine until they began fermentation, which is ultimately arrested by the addition of spirits. The wine spent six months in large American oak prior to being bottled. It is an amazing effort that looks like molasses. Notes of macerated figs, chocolate and caramelized tropical fruits emerge from this full-bodied, unctuously-textured wine. While sweet, it has enough acidity to balance out its richness. This astonishing 2011 Pedro Ximenez will last as long as any reader of this newsletter.”

Vietti Barolo DOCG Ravera 2010 750ML ($399.95) $299 special 2 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 100 points
” The 2010 Barolo Ravera is one of the greatest wines I have ever tasted from Vietti. Stunning. It’s as simple as that Freshly cut flowers, mint, spices, crushed rocks and pine jump from the glass in a vivid, crystalline wine endowed with captivating purity, clarity and finesse. The 2010 takes hold of the palate and never lets up, gaining body, breadth and volume over time. A breathtaking, perfumed finish rounds out the finish. The Ravera represents a bit of a stylistic departure for Vietti and a return to a more traditional style of winemaking. The 2010 was done entirely in cask, with minimal racking. In its early years, it was virtually impossible to taste as the reductive winemaking style gave a wine with closed aromatics and searing tannin. Today, the 2010 is beginning to blossom into an epic Barolo. The 2010 Ravera may well be the single greatest Barolo Luca Currado has ever made. It is also a wine that, along with the Barolos of Elvio Cogno, show just how much potential the hills of Ravera have to offer. Readers who can find the 2010 Ravera should not hesitate. It is a legendary, benchmark Barolo in the making. As an aside, a bottle of the 1999 I tasted last year was extraordinary, and it was made in the slightly more modern style that was typical at Vietti during that era.”

Nikolaihof Riesling Vinothek Wachau 1995 750ML ($319.95) $249 special 3 bottles available
Wine Advocate 100 points
“Words nearly (!) failed when faced with Nikolaihof’s 1995 Riesling Vinothek, a Smaragd of 12.5% alcohol bottled after seventeen years in cask, and without question one of the most haunting Riesling wines of my experience. Frangipane, chamomile, freesia and rowan in the nose liquefy in a most extraordinary way on a silken palate to achieve an impression of virtually weightless floral perfume that glides all the way through to … well, can you speak of “finish” when a wine doesn’t? Piquant nut oils and peach kernel along with a shadow-like shifting of subtly stony undertones lend counterpoint, enveloping richness, and further mystery to this amazing libation, bringing it, if you will–or at least, trying to bring it–down to earth. I won’t attempt to suggest how long this might continue on its magnificent way, though the closest precedent–Nikolaihof’s 1990 ‘Vinothek’ bottling–isn’t fading. And this 1995 held up superbly for days after opening.”

Pape Clement 2010 750ML ($349.95) $299 special 9 bottles available
Robert Parker 100 points
“I certainly underrated the 2010 Pape Clement from barrel, rating it only 93-95+. (Thank God I put a ‘plus’ there!) Having tasted it four times in Bordeaux, and rating it perfect three times and 99 the fourth time, this final blend of 51% Merlot, 47.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1.5% Petit Verdot is perfection in a bottle. Tipping the scales at 14.5% natural alcohol, there are 8,000 cases of it. Its sublime elegance, the power, the medium to full-bodied texture, the silky tannins, the subtle notes of smoke, lead pencil shavings, black currants, charcoal, camphor, blueberry and cassis fruit are all remarkable. It is a rich, full-throttle wine, but the elegance and the great terroir of Pape Clement come through in abundance. It is slightly more developed and evolved than the 2005 was at a similar point in its evolution, but it certainly needs another 5-7 years to develop further nuances, which it surely will. This wine will last 30-40+ years. Kudos to proprietor Bernard Magrez, who has built an empire based on high quality more than any other characteristic.”

Chapoutier Ermitage Le Pavillon 2010 750ml ($399.95) $349 special 6 bottles available
Robert Parker 100 points
“Tasting like the concentrated blood from an aged and grilled strip steak, the 2010 Ermitage Le Pavillon boasts a black/purple color along with creme de cassis, camphor, pen ink, white flower and lead pencil shaving characteristics in its massive, full-bodied personality. It almost defies description because of its ethereal concentration and off-the-charts extract levels. This is not for the faint of heart, or those who lack patience, as it will require 10-15 years of bottle age, and, as previously stated, will keep for 50 or more. There are just over 1,000 cases of the 2010 Le Pavillon, another perfect wine in the constellation of profound wines produced by Michel Chapoutier.”

Domaine Clape Cornas 2010 750ML ($349.95) $299 special 2 bottles available
Domaine Clape Cornas 2010 1.5 LITER ($699.95) $599 special 1 magnum available
Robert Parker 100 points
“Eclipsing even the 2009, the 2010 Cornas achieved one of the highest natural alcohol levels (14%) ever recorded at Clape. This complex, inky/purple-colored effort boasts abundant notes of charcoal, licorice, blackberries and blueberries intermixed with a hint of scorched earth (or is it charcoal embers?), a full-bodied mouthfeel, a seamless personality and a crushed rock-like minerality. The tannins are so sweet it will be drinkable in 2-3 years, and should keep for 25 or more. It is a tour de force in what Syrah can achieve in this hallowed appellation. Kudos to the Clape family, especially Pierre-Marie.”

Ducru Beaucaillou St Julien 2009 750ML ($499.95) $399 special 13 bottles available
Robert Parker 100 points
“The 2009 Ducru Beaucaillou will eclipse the brilliant wines produced in 2005, 2003 and 2000. It will be interesting to see how the 2009 fares against the 2010 after twenty years of aging, but my money is on the 2009. A blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot that achieved 13.5% natural alcohol, this inky purple, unctuous wine possesses classic aromas of graphite, creme de cassis, blueberries, violets, licorice and Christmas fruitcake. Full-bodied and intense with Ducru’s inimitable elegance and purity, it should firm up in the bottle after 7-10 years of cellaring and last for 40-50 years. Magnificent!”

Ornellaia Masseto 2011 750ml ($649.95) $599 special 3 bottles available
James Suckling 100 points
“Wow. Fabulous aromas of currants, rosemary, mint and orange peel. Perfect nose. Full body with perfectly integrated tannins. It’s long and incredible with tangerine, toasted-oak, berry, terracotta and chocolate flavors. It lasts for minutes on the palate. This needs at least five years to soften but so spellbinding now.”

Leoville Poyferre Saint Julien 2009 3LITER ($1799.95) $1,499 special 6 double magnums available
Robert Parker 100 points
“One of the more flamboyant and sumptuous wines of the vintage, this inky/purple-colored St.-Julien reveals thrilling levels of opulence, richness and aromatic pleasures. A soaring bouquet of creme de cassis, charcoal, graphite and spring flowers is followed by a super-concentrated wine with silky tannins, stunning amounts of glycerin, a voluptuous, multilayered mouthfeel and nearly 14% natural alcohol. Displaying fabulous definition for such a big, plump, massive, concentrated effort, I suspect the tannin levels are high even though they are largely concealed by lavish amounts of fruit, glycerin and extract. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2040”

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Staff Picks

Soos Creek Artist Series #11 Columbia Valley Red 2011 750ML ($34.95) $24.50 staff pick special
“Soos Creek, based in the Columbia Valley, is well known for their Bordeaux style blends, the winery providing consistent quality and value every year. An elegant and well balanced Washington red, this blend of 53% Cabernet Sauvignon and 47% Cabernet Franc is wonderfully juicy and approachable now, and has the structure to age well. Rich dark fruit shows at first and is joined by peppery qualities provided by the Franc. With a vibrant acidity, the wine finishes bright with spice and floral notes, bringing this rich and inviting red to a quenching finish. “

Long Shadows Poet’s Leap Riesling, Columbia Valley 2013 ($21.95) $19 staff pick special
“This Riesling is produced by one of the top winemakers in Germany, Armin Diel of Schlossgut Diel, as part of the Long Shadows collection of wines from Washington State.  Its heritage shows in the glass: while there are beautiful fruit aromas of apricots and ripe apples, it has a distinct, clean minerality and refreshing acidity.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nuits St Georges
Domaine L’Arlot

Nuits-Saint-George was originally known as Nuits, or even Nuits-sous-Beaune, until finally deciding in 1892 to name the region after what they considered their finest vineyard, Les St Georges.  Since its cultivation by nuns in the Middle Ages, Nuits-St-George has played a major role in the Côte de Nuits wine development.  Nuits St Georges, together with the Prémeaux-Prissey appellation that is included in its borders, comprises 300hectares, making it second in size only to Beaune.When speaking about Burgundy, provenance is important whilst trying to understand the differences in characteristics within each commune, based on; soils, aspect, elevation, microclimate and many other variables.  The wines from Nuits-Saint-George have quite the variation, according to the locality of each village.  The commune is bisected in the town itself by the Meuzin River, with no contiguous areas of vines between the North and South of the town- the only place in the Côte d’Or where this happens. There are outcroppings of hard chalk in many places, with the Northern part mostly comprised of limestone and small amounts of clay, producing wines of great finesse.  The Southern portion creates more powerful, long lasting wines due to the higher clay content, mixed with sand and rockier gravel.

There are no Grands Crus in Nuits-Saint-George, but with excellent Premiers Crus it’s hard to go wrong when searching for well structured, age-worthy red Burgundies at a lower price point. Some Premier Cru wines have the ability to continue evolving for up to 20 years, adding to the incredible value of these wines, another key factor in this appellation’s appeal.

There are 41 ‘climats’ or single-vineyards (including sub-divisions) within the Nuits-Saint-Georges AOC, classified as Premier Cru vineyards. The wines of these vineyards are designated Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru + vineyard name, or may be labelled just Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru, allowing the blending of wine from several Premier Cru vineyards within the AOC.  Two climats can be separated by a mere few meters, and the same winemaker will produce two distinctly different wines, each showing their individual personality.

Today, we present our selection of the wines of Nuits- Saint- Georges. Robust and woody, the darkly colored and flavored wines can be considered more solid than even some of the more heralded ‘top’ villages.  Wines from Nuits-Saint-George allow the opportunity of tasting some of the finest, most charming wines in Burgundy, without breaking the wallet.

Domaine L’Arlot Wines – Arriving Here February 2015 

Situated in the heart of the Côte de Nuits, Domaine de l’Arlot lies about one mile south of Nuits-Saint-George.   Domaine de l’Arlot has a focused vision, dedicated to respecting nature with the ability of revealing the truth of the terroirs in which they are located.  Their approach is deliberate and determined, imposing demanding choices that require meticulous attention to detail, and a strong desire to affirm the exceptional.The best way of enabling truth through terroir in the minds of Domaine de l’Arlot is to use the method of Biodynamics.  Working organically since 2000, L’Arlot is now certified, having adopted the principles and practices of biodynamics since 2003.  All bunches are handpicked in the vineyard, grapes are sorted twice both in the vineyard and in the cellar to ensure perfect grape selection, and all practices in the cellar are performed by gravity.

Clos des L’arlot Nuits-Saint-George is a selection from the oldest vines and the originality of this precious terroir appears to be its diversity. The two hectares of Clos de l’Arlot that surround the historic house illustrate in fact two types of ground, which are more or less deep and more or less steep. The complexity of this wine comes from the combination of the different grounds it comes from.

Clos des Forêts Saint Georges with its well-defined character, perfectly illustrates the identity of the Nuits-Saint- Georges vineyard. The Clos des Forêts Saint Georges covers a surface of 7.20 hectares, all in one piece within unique terroir in a privileged location.

Le Petits Plets Nuits-Saint-George is made from the youngest vines of the Clos des Forêts which are now over 25 years old, revealing the strength and elegance of the terroir it comes from in a slightly more approachable style.  Aromas are bright and distinctive, and tannins are quite present, contributing to the volume and dense, fleshy texture. The name “Petits Plets” is featured on ancient maps of vineyards dating from the 1880s when this name was used by wine-growers to designate the least sloping part of their plots.

Romanée Saint Vivant is always a privilege to taste, and with only a road separating it from the Romanée-Conti, L’arlot’s is very impressive.  This immense wine has expressive intensity, depth and a radiant richness.   It is smooth but not flabby, silky but structured, dense but elegant. Everything mingles and links together to create sublime complexity.  The use of new oak remains very moderate at 30% to 50%, to help define the structure of the wine, while also contributing some discreet spicy notes.

Arriving Here February 2015
Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Clos De L’Arlot 2010 750ML ($149.95) $119 pre-arrival special
Wine Advocate 93-95 points
“The 2010 Nuits St. Georges Clos de L’Arlot is another massive, implosive wine that is holding back much of its potential. While the bouquet is a bit reticent, the wine’s focus impresses. The 2010 boasts tremendous intensity and raw power, it just needs time for all of the elements to fully harmonize. Anticipated maturity: 2020-2030.”Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Forets St Georges 2010 750ML ($149.95) $119 pre-arrival special
Wine Advocate 93-95 points
“The 2010 Nuits St. Georges Clos des Forets St.-Georges is striking. Freshly cut flowers, spices and red berries are some of the many notes that are woven together. Though deceptively understated at first, the Forets St-Georges has plenty of underlying Nuits structure. A crystalline, totally pure finish laced with rose petals, spices and licorice wraps around the palate in stunning style. Anticipated maturity: 2020-2030.”

Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Clos De L’Arlot 2012 750ML ($149.95) $109 pre-arrival special
Antonio Galloni 93-95 points
“A huge, boisterous wine, the 2012 Nuits Saint Georges Clos de L’Arlot hits the palate with waves of dark, balsamic-inflected fruit. The 2012 is deep and vertical, with superb depth and tons of pure power. Readers will need to be patient, as the 2012 is built for the cellar. There is plenty of underlying structure, but the fruit is so rich, the tannins are nearly buried by the sheer richness of the fruit. In a normal vintage the Domaine has 10-12 barrels of the Clos de L’Arlot. In 2012 there are 5.”

Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Forets St Georges 2012 750 ($149.95) $109 pre-arrival special
Stephen Tanzer 92-95 points
“Deep, bright, saturated red.  Knockout nose combines black cherry, sage, licorice and leather; smells strong!  Then thick and silky but almost magically light on its feet, showing extraordinary complexity and eclat to its flavors of brambly black fruits, menthol, mint, fresh blood and rocky minerality.  Really splendid intensity here–“a concentration that comes from the grapes, not from the winemaker,” says Devauges.  The horizontal finish saturates the entire palate without leaving any impression of weight, thanks to utterly suave tannins and pungent minerality.  A great vin de terroir in the making:  this wine reminded me of the stunning 1991 version of this wine.”

Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Petits Plets 2012 750ML ($99.95) $79 pre-arrival special
Antonio Galloni 91-93 points
“Another vibrant, focused wine, the 2012 Nuits Saint Georges Cuvée Les Petit Plets, the estate’s young-vine cuveé from Clos des Forets, bristles with energy and tension. Dark cherry, smoke, new leather, cloves and tobacco are some of the many nuances that are alive in the glass. The breadth and power of Clos des Forets are both present, but also very nicely measured in a wine that is all about balance.”

Domaine De L’Arlot Romanee St Vivant 2012 1.5LITER ($1499.95) $1099 pre-arrival special
Stephen Tanzer 94-97 points
“(just 3-1/2 barrels made, the single new 350-liter cask was “rinsed” by vinifying a lesser wine in it first; not yet racked):  Bright dark red.  Medicinal black raspberry and cocoa powder aromas are lifted by an urgent crushed stone note.  Dense and sappy, with powerful minerality giving the palate a remarkably penetrating character.  Wonderfully fine-grained grand cru with a magically light touch and outstanding lingering perfume.  Devauges expects to rack this wine for the first time just three weeks before bottling it in June.”
Antonio Galloni 94-96 points “The 2012 Romanée Saint Vivant captures the essence of this great site. Aromatically lifted and precise, the RSV is all about detail. Small red berries, flowers, mint and slate emerge over time, but the Romanée Saint Vivant is first and foremost a wine of head spinning textural beauty. The generous, inviting finish makes the 2012 accessible today, but it will be even better in another few years. There is plenty of underlying structure, but the classic Romanée Saint Vivant style is implied rather than stated.”

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Nuits St Georges Wines – Available Now
Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Bousselots Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($119.95) $79 special 19 bottles available
Burghound 89-91 points
“The well-layered mélange of red currant, blue berry and wet stone nuances marries seamlessly into slightly earthy, precise and energetic flavors that possess a firm but not hard tannic spine, all wrapped in a delicious and saline-infused finish. This is also quite understated yet stylish and I very much like the purity of expression.”Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Bousselots Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($119.95) $99 special 11 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 90-92 points
“Good bright, dark red. Deep aromas of black raspberry, minerals, smoke and flowers, along with notes of licorice and dark chocolate; ripe and sexy. A step up in density and finesse of texture from the Chaignots, offering good acid spine to its wild dark fruit flavors. Quite dry and uncompromising today, finishing bright and long, with serious tannins and a juicy character. A very good showing.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Cailles Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($139.95) $99 special 3+ cases available
Burghound 92-94 points
“As complex as the Pruliers is, the Les Cailles ratchets it up yet another notch with its spicy and pure blend of cassis, plum, violet and distinct iron-infused earth. There is excellent richness to the cool and equally pure medium-bodied flavors that possess excellent focus on the explosively long finish. The tannins are dense but quite fine and this offers outstanding upside development potential.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Cailles Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($179.95) $149 special 9 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 93-95 points
“Bright, deep red. Pungent crushed-stone minerality accents musky black cherry and red berries on the almost liqueur-like nose. Juicy, supple and energetic on the palate, communicating a sappy, youthfully imploded character and a magically light touch for such a rich wine. The tactile, slowly building finish saturates the mouth with red fruits and crushed stone. Great potential here.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Aux Chaignots Premier Cru 2011 ($99.95) $79 special 23 bottles available
Burghound 89-91 points
“Here too discreet wood spice frames a pretty and cool mix of red and dark pinot fruit that is trimmed in warm earth nuances that are also reflected by the refined, pure and silky middle weight flavors. There is fine complexity and verve to the well-defined and persistent finish. A classic Chaignots of grace and harmony with no lack of aging potential.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Aux Chaignots Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($119.95) $99 special 9 bottles available
Antonio Galloni–Vinous 90-92 points
“The 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Chaignots is one of the more supple wines in this range. As such, it won’t demand as much cellar time as many of the other Chevillon 2012s. Gently spiced notes open up in the glass, followed by sweet red berries, flowers and cinnamon. The 2012 is soft and understated, with lovely overall balance and tons of medium-term appeal. This is another gracious, totally inviting wine from Chevillon.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Perrieres Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($109.95) $89 special 11 bottles available
Burghound 90-92 points
“Here the nose just soars from the glass to reveal strikingly fresh and pure red berry fruit, wet stone and discreet earth hints. There is an equally striking sense of energy to the precise, intense and stony middle weight flavors that possess very fine balance and depth, all wrapped in a lingering and notably firm finish that suggests that this will need 10 to 12 years to reach its apogee.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Perrieres Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($149.95) $119 special 7 bottles available
Antonio Galloni–Vinous 92-94 points
“Chevillon’s 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Perrieres is striking. Iron, smoke, dark red fruit and menthol blossom in the glass as the wine fills out beautifully. The 2012 is wonderuflly complete, with great balance of fruit and structure. Readers will have to be patient with the 2012, but it is fabulous.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Pruliers Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($99.95) $79 special 10 bottles available
John Gilman 93 points
“The 2011 Chevillon Pruliers is a classic in the making, with its very black fruity and soildriven personality delivering a complex and very pure bouquet of black cherries, dark berries, gamebirds, fresh herb tones, woodsmoke, dark soil tones and coffee bean. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied and quite broad-shouldered, with a rock solid core of fruit, excellent soil drive, ripe tannins and a very long, precise and transparent finish. Like the 2010 Pruliers, the 2011 is a very elegant young rendition of this fine wine.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Pruliers Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($149.95) $119 special 6 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer–Vinous 91-94 points
“Good bright, dark red. Discreet, pure, rather reticent nose offers red cherry and raspberry. Juicy, minerally and a bit youthfully imploded, offering terrific density and lift to the flavors of raspberry, strawberry and minerals. Lifted by a distinctly floral character I did not find in the last couple of samples. Solid and densely packed but juicy and light on its feet, finishing with serious but fine tannins and a saline touch. A superb showing today.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Roncieres Premier Cru 2008 750ML ($89.95) $69 special 5 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 89-92 points
“Medium-deep red. Sexy aromas of raspberry, flinty minerality and smoked meat. Sweet, bright and showy, with lovely cut and definition to its dense berry flavors. Combines brisk acidity and an impression of thorough ripeness. Very pure on the aftertaste.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Roncieres Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($99.95) $79 special 32 bottles available
Burghound 90-93 points
“There is a trace of herbal tea that adds breadth to the otherwise exceptionally fresh and equally pure red currant and wild cherry aromas. There is really beautiful intensity to the precise flavors that are on the lighter side yet deliver that wonderful quality of power without weight. This is first rate as it’s balanced, harmonious and offers excellent depth and length.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Roncieres Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($149.95) $119 special 11 bottles available
Antonio Galloni–Vinous 92-94 points
“The 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Roncières is mesmerizing upon the first impression. Deep, rich, beautifully resonant layers of dark red/black fruit, smoke, cloves and new leather blossom in the glass. The Roncières is incredibly sumptuous for a young Nuits, but even so, there is plenty of detail in the glass. Most importantly, though, the 2012 also appears to be holding quite a bit in reserve, suggesting its best days are off somewhere in the future.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Vaucrains Premier Cru 2007 750ML ($109.95) $89 special 17 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91-93 points
“Good dark red. Wilder on the nose than the Saint-Georges, offering black cherry, dark chocolate, smoke and a whiff of game. Wonderfully sweet in the mouth but youthfully closed, with a medicinal menthol note supporting the impression of power. Can’t quite match the Saint-Georges today for complexity or personality, but this is also very convincing on the back end. And this too calls for six or seven years of cellaring.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Vaucrains Premier Cru 2008 750ML ($119.95) $99 special 19 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91-94 points
“Deep, bright ruby-red. Black raspberry and chocolate aromas are complemented by sweet oak. Less refined than the Saint-Georges or Cailles but solidly built and quite powerful, with a youthfully medicinal character to the blast of dark fruit flavors. Extremely primary and impressively long. This may need the most patience of this excellent set of 2008s”

Chevillon Nuits-St-George Les Vaucrains Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($179.95) $149 special 5 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 94-96 points
“The 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Vaucrains is the most refined of these 2012s from Chevillon. There is no shortage of intensity in the glass, but here the tannins have just a little more silkiness than some of the other wines, while the flavors are generally a touch brighter and more lifted. Sweet red berries, mint, spices and freshly cut flowers inform the dazzling, virtually seamless finish. Simply put, the Vaucrains is superb in 2012.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges Vieilles Vignes 2007 750ML ($54.95) $49 special 8 bottles available
Burghound 91 points
“Elegant and beautifully expressive aromas of white fruits and flowers trimmed in noticeable wood introduce detailed, fine and mineral-infused medium weight flavors that are both sappy and precise on the impressively persistent finish. This is beautifully well-balanced though the wood is hardly restrained.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges Vieilles Vignes 2011 750ML ($69.95) $51.90 special 27 bottles available
Burghound 87-89 points
“A discreet touch of wood sets off equally fresh and bright red berry fruit and soft earth aromas that give way to mouth coating, delicious and vibrant medium-bodied flavors that possess good mid-palate concentration, all wrapped in a seductively textured, balanced and solidly persistent finish.”

Chevillon Nuits-St-Georges Vieilles Vignes 2012 750ML ($99.95) $79 special 8 bottles available
Antonio Galloni
“The 2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges is another wine with considerable near and medium term appeal. There is a lovely immediacy and juiciness in the glass. Hints of red stone fruits and spices inform the pliant, supple finish.”

Chezeaux Nuits St Georges 2009 750ML($59.95) $49 special 7 bottles available
Wine Advocate 90 points
“The 2009 Nuits St. Georges is another terrific village wine. It shows fabulous vibrancy along with a crystalline purity that is totally beguiling. There is an element of slight firmness here that will require bottle age to soften, but this is a dazzling bottle that only needs time, and the tannins only serve to balance and preserve the integrity of the fruit. This is a gorgeous wine at the village level. Anticipated maturity: 2019-2029.”

Chezeaux Nuits St Georges Aux Boudots Premier Cru 2009 750ML ($69.95) $59 special 1 bottle available
Wine Advocate 92 points
“The 2009 Vosne-Romanee Aux Boudots is a rather delicate, understated wine laced with crushed berries, spices and flowers. Silky tannins frame the graceful, feminine finish. The open bouquet and accessible personality make the Boudots a touch more pleasurable today than the Chaumes, but both are gorgeous. Anticipated maturity: 2017-2029.”

Digioia-Royer Nuits St Georges Les Charmois 2011 750ML ($59.95) $49 special 6 bottles available

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Porets St-Georges Premier Cru 2006 750ML ($69.95) $59 special 4 bottles available
Burghound 88-91 points
“Very discreet if not invisible wood frames ripe animale aromas that include game, underbrush and serious dark pinot fruit aromas that are very Nuits in character and this frank typicity continues onto the structured and slightly rustic broad-shouldered flavors that culminate in real power, weight and punch. This is a big wine with plenty of muscle and it will need at least a decade to be at its best.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Porets St-Georges Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($69.95) $59 special 3 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 92 points
“Good bright, dark red.  Pure aromas of rose petal and exotic Middle Eastern spices.  Juicy and on the cool side, showing a distinctly incisive character and excellent lift to the perfumed red berry and mineral flavors.  Still quite tightly wound and restrained.  The impression of tactile minerality carries through to the aromatic, long finish.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($89.95) $69 special 12 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 89-91 points
“Bright medium red.  Pungent flinty minerality and smoke on the nose.  Very sweet, lightly saline redcurrant and raspberry flavors show modest complexity and definition.  Finishes with slightly tough tannins and a touch of dryness.  Needs following.  This vineyard is part of Faiveley’s large contract to purchase all of Domaine Zibetti’s fruit:  2011 was the first vintage.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Aux Chaignots Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($89.95) $69 special 9 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91 points
“Bright medium red.  Pungent, high-pitched scents of raspberry, blood orange and menthol, plus a touch of new oak.  Subtly intense red berry flavors are accented by pepper and herbs.  Round in the middle but tangy and precise too.  Finishes with good juicy cut and length.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les Damodes Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($89.95) $69 special 4 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91-94 points
“(50% new oak; no whole clusters):  Good bright, deep red.  Soil-driven aromas and flavors of red berries, caraway seed, mocha, chocolate and spices, lifted by a floral topnote.  Tactile and intense, with strong saline minerality contributing to the impression of energy and precision.  Finishes with suave, fine-grained tannins and excellent lift.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les St Georges Premier Cru 2000 750M ($119.95) $99 special 8 bottles available       

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les St Georges Premier Cru 2008 750M ($129.95) $99 special 3+ cases available
Stephen Tanzer 92-94 points & Burghound 91-93 points
“Palish medium red. Medicinal red cherry, minerals, crushed stone, violet, rose petal and white pepper on the noble nose. Wonderfully silky and pure, with ineffable flavors of red fruits, spices, flowers and minerals. This is wonderfully delicate, and not a fleshy wine, yet saturates every square millimeter of the palate with flavor. The long, sweet, rising finish offers terrific cut and floral lift. Should make a worthy successor to the outstanding 2007, which also transcends its village. Hervet says that this will be bottled by hand, without filtration.”

Faiveley Nuits St Georges Les St Georges Premier Cru 2011 750M ($149.95) $119 special 13 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 93 points
“Bright medium red.  Pure, refined nose offers scents of redcurrant, peony, rose petal, mint and orange peel.  Juicy and elegant, with lovely cut giving razor-sharp focus to the red fruit, spice, floral and mineral flavors.  Classically dry and youthfully imploded today, even a bit wiry and tart, but the wine’s saline stony minerality and firm tannic spine promise a graceful evolution in bottle.  Impresses more for its finesse than for its flesh.”

Forey Nuits Saint Georges 2009 750ML ($79.95) $59 special 3 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer & Wine Advocate 89 points
“Good full red.  Fairly fresh aromas of black cherry, licorice, violet and menthol.  A big, sweet fruit bomb in the mouth, with a distinct fleshiness to the slightly medicinal black cherry flavors.  This has very good stuffing to support its tannins.  Boasts fresher fruit than the Morey or Vosne bottlings.  Finishes with dusty tannins and good length.”

Georges Noellat Nuits St Georges Les Boudots Premier Cru 2009 750M ($99.95) $75 special 9 bottles avaialable           

Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos Des Porrets St Georges Monopole Premier Cru 2012 375ML ($59.95) $49 special 5 half-bottles available
Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos Des Porrets St Georges Monopole Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($99.95) $89 special 6 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 92-94+ points
“The 2012 Nuits St. Georges Clos des Porrets Saint-Georges is beautifully round and supple. Here the fruit is distinctly red-toned, with hints of iron, earthiness, smoke and tobacco that add complexity. The 2012 will be highly appealing young because of its pure density, but it also appears to have the stuffing to age well for a number of years. This is a great showing from Gouges.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges 2010 750ml ($69.95) $44 special 7 bottles available
Burghound 87-89 points
“Here too there is mild reduction that renders the nose difficult to read. There is by contrast good freshness and punch to the supple middle weight flavors where the supporting tannins are unusually fine, especially for the appellation, all wrapped in a lingering finish where only a trace of rusticity surfaces. A good if not distinguished villages.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges 2011 375ML  ($39.95) $33 special 7 half-bottles available
Gouges Nuits St Georges 2011 750ML ($69.95) $39 special 18 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 87-89 points
“Good bright, deep red.  Strong animal reduction along with black and red fruits on the nose.  Silky and supple for a Nuits villages owing to ripe acidity, with a lovely restrained sweetness to its dark fruit flavors.  Finishes with suave tannins and good breadth and length.  Very nicely balanced.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Chaignots Premier Cru 2010 750ml ($89.95) $79 special 24 bottles available
Burghound 88-91 points
“Reduction. The round, supple and already readily accessible medium-bodied flavors possess subtle spice notes before the expected punch and focus arrives on the finish where everything immediately tightens up on the mouth coating finish. This is one of those wines that will very likely drink well all of its life.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Chaignots Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($99.95) $79 special 2 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 89-91 points
“Bright medium red.  Precise aromas and flavors of blackberry, violet, licorice, minerals and musky chocolate.  Juicy and sharply delineated, with noteworthy intensity of flavor.  Spreads out nicely and vibrates on the long, firm finish.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Chenes Carteaux Premier Cru 2010 750ML ($89.95) $79 special 21 bottles available
Burghound 89-92 points
“Reduction. This is also quite supple and relatively forward but the middle weight flavors retain good delineation and excellent complexity on the persistent finish. This is presently on the tangy side though I attribute this more to the presence of substantial amounts of gas rather than under ripe phenolics. This should amply reward 10 to 12 years of cellar time.

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Chenes Carteaux Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($79.95) $59 special 32 bottles available
Burghound 89-92 points
“A discreet touch of wood surround the ripe and well-layered mix of red berry fruit scents that are liberally laced with earth and underbrush nuances. There is good ripeness to the suave, even seductive middle weight flavors that possess really lovely depth on the persistent, balanced and harmonious finish. This is really quite good and worth considering.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Chenes Carteaux Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($89.95) $69 special 9 bottles available
Antonio Galloni & Stephen Tanzer 90-92 points
“Blue and purple fruit, smoke, licorice, violets and cloves flesh out in the 2012 Nuits St. Georges Les Chênes Carteaux. This is an especially round, supple Chênes Carteaux with tons of near and medium-term appeal. The round, silky finish is polished and beautifully resonant, all of which suggest the 2012 will drink better earlier than some of the other wines in this range.” AG

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Saint Georges Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($219.95) $199 special 9 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 95-97+ points
“A dark, brooding wine, the 2012 Nuits St. Georges Les Saint-Georges boasts stunning depth, power and richness. Smoke, black fruit, tar, tobacco, licorice and menthol all take shape in the glass. The 2012 is classic Saint Georges; explosive, tannic and built for the long haul. Cloves, menthol, licorice and plums reappear on the huge, enveloping finish. Readers who can find the 2012 should not hesitate. It is a gem of a wine.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Saint Georges Premier Cru 2012 ($219.95) $199 special 9 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 95-97+ points
“A dark, brooding wine, the 2012 Nuits St. Georges Les Saint-Georges boasts stunning depth, power and richness. Smoke, black fruit, tar, tobacco, licorice and menthol all take shape in the glass. The 2012 is classic Saint Georges; explosive, tannic and built for the long haul. Cloves, menthol, licorice and plums reappear on the huge, enveloping finish. Readers who can find the 2012 should not hesitate. It is a gem of a wine.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Clos Des Porrets St Georges Premier Cru 2011 ($89.95) $79 special 33 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 90 points
“Bright medium red.  Liqueur-like aromas of cherry and raspberry.  Sweet red fruit and spice flavors are lifted by notes of rose petal, herbs and pepper.  Has the freshness and balance to give early pleasure.  Finishes with lingering pepper-and-spice perfume and very good length.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($99.95) $89 special 21 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91 points
“Bright medium red.  Reticent high-toned aromas of slightly jammy red fruits and earth.  Sweet and ripe; richer and deeper than the Porrets Saint-Georges, with silky red cherry, currant and spice flavors enlivened by pungent peppery acidity.  Nicely balanced, round wine with good buffering extract.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($119.95) $99 special 8 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 93-96 points
“Gouge’s 2012 Nuits St. Georges Les Pruliers is less immediate than some of the other wines in the range. Here it is the crystalline purity of the aromas and flavors that stands out most. Violets, plums, licorice, sweet spices and tar are all woven together in a wine that shows the finesse Nuits can at times achieve. The tannins are firm yet also impeccable in their silkiness. Structurally quite classic, the 2012 will reward cellaring.”

Gouges Nuits St Georges Les Vaucrains Premier Cru 2012 750ML ($169.95) $149 special 8 bottles available
Antonio Galloni 95-97 points
“The 2012 Nuits St. Georges Les Vaucrains explodes onto the palate with a heady melange of dark red berries, freshly cut roses, cinnamon and new leather. The tannins are there, but they are nearly buried by the intensity of the fruit. The sheer luxuriousness of the fruit will tempt readers early, but those who can wait will be rewarded with an extraordinary Burgundy. This is a great showing.”

Jean Grivot Nuits St Georges Les Roncieres Premier Cru 2009 750ML ($149.95) $99 special 21 bottles available
Wine Advocate 92 points
“Smoke, incense and spices are some of the nuances that emerge from the 2009 Nuits St. Georges Roncieres. This is a powerful incisive wine loaded with dark fruit and minerals. All of the elements meld together gracefully, showing tremendous energy and vibrancy, especially on the finish. Anticipated maturity: 2019-2029.”W

JF Mugnier Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale Premier Cru 2011 375ML ($54.95) $41.90 special 10 half bottles available
JF Mugnier Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($119.95) $77 special 3+ cases available
Burghound 90-92 points
“A pure and appealingly fresh nose of relatively elegant red berry fruit is liberally laced with earth and spice hints. There is a lilting mouth feel to the energetic, intense and equally pure medium-bodied flavors that possess plenty of that beguiling sense of underlying tension that makes wines like this so refreshing. There isn’t the class of the Fuées but this is really very good plus I very much like the balance and harmony of the firm and lingering finish.”

Louis Jadot Nuits Saint Georges 2010 750ML ($54.95) $44 special 30 bottles available
John Gilman 88+ points
“The current rendition of the 2010 Jadot Nuits AC is long and complex, but a bit four-square at the present time. Keep in mind though that this wine will probably be ‘dressed up’ a bit with the addition of some barrels of premier cru, so in all likelihood, my score will ultimately prove to be quite conservative for this wine in its finished form.Today, the nose offers up notes of red and black cherries, coffee, woodsmoke, fresh herbs and a fine, complex base of soil. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied and impressively sappy at the core, with a very good signature of soil, ripe tannins and fine length and grip on the finish. If this wine gains a bit more refinement from its addition of de-classified premier cru, this will be outstanding.”

Louis Jadot Nuits Saint Georges 2011 750ML ($52.95) $41.90 special 24 bottles available
Burghound 87-89 points
“An earthy and quite somber nose of dark berries, underbrush and cassis aromas slides into attractively round and supple flavors that possess good volume before culminating in a delicious if mildly rustic finish. The tannins are ripe and well-integrated and this is a classic Nuits villages in character and style.”

Louis Jadot Nuits St George Les Boudots Gagey Premier Cru 2011 750 ($99.95) $79 special 18 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 91 (+?) points
“Medium red.  Brooding aromas of dark fruits, mint and menthol.  Rich and deep on the palate, with spicy red fruit flavors lifted by a note of orange peel.  Finishes with substantial dusty tannins and juicy persistence.”

Lucien Le Moine Nuits St Georges Les St Georges Premier Cru 2006 750ML ($149.95) $119 special 3 bottles available
Wine Advocate 93 points
“Ripe strawberry and cherry along with charred, roasted meat scent the nose of the Le Moine 2006 Nuits St.-Georges Les St.-Georges. This is broad and rich, more pliable on the palate than the corresponding Les Cailles – though still full of fine-grained tannin – and with a mind-bending suggestion of things mineral: chalk, iodine, ineffable, ore-like impingements. But don’t imagine for a minute that this is merely cerebral stuff. On the contrary, the bright, energetic finish here will set your bodily juices flowing. I would give it 2-3 years and then expect another 8-10 of delightful profundity.”

Meo Camuzet Nuits St Georges Aux Murgers Premier Cru 2009 750ML ($219.95) $199 special 6 bottles available
Wine Spectator 95 points
“This rich red is saturated with black cherry, blackberry, licorice and mineral aromas and flavors. Its texture is supple, yet there’s plenty of grip, and the concentrated fruit flavors pulse through the resonant finish. Fresh and harmonious. Best from 2015 through 2032. 10 cases imported.”

T. Liger Belair Nuits St Georges La Charmotte 2010 750ml ($74.95) $59 special 6 bottles available
Wine Advocate 90-92 points
“The 2010 Nuits St. Georges La Charmotte is an intensely rewarding wine. Rich, powerful tannins provide the backbone for waves of expressive dark fruit. The Charmotte impresses for its depth and sheer muscle. It is perhaps just a touch rustic, but immensely pleasing just the same. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2025.”

T. Liger Belair Nuits Les Saint Georges Premier Cru 2011 750ML ($159.95) $109 special 29 bottles available
Stephen Tanzer 92-94 points
“(all of the barrels for this wine were made from oak planted in white, limestone-rich soils):  Bright red.  Locked up tight on the nose.  Very rich, sappy and concentrated but with a medicinal reserve to the black fruit and spice flavors.  Quite backward today and dominated by its structure.  Most impressive on the very long, firm, mouth-saturing finish, which leaves the taste buds quivering.  Incidentally, Liger-Belair replanted half of his Saint-Georges in April of 2011 due to the severe loss of vines he suffered during the sharp frost in December of 2009.  He produced just 25 hectoliters per hectare of Saint-Georges in 2011 and 11 in 2012.”


Time to Say Goodbye 

Au Sommet is a partnership between Napa Valley heavyweights Heidi Peterson Barrett, John Schwartz and Jim Barbour. Winemaker Barrett, whom Robert Parker dubbed “the first lady of wine”, is famed for her work at a myriad of wineries throughout the Napa Valley, most notably Screaming Eagle and Grace Family. When partnering with Schwartz and Barbour, the group chose to work from the often under-appreciated Atlas Peak vineyard, and have produced elegant Cabs from this high elevation site. Sourced from an 8-acre vineyard at 2,100 feet elevation, the Au Sommet is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 1998 and receives 18-20 months in oak before bottling. In typical Barrett style, the Au Sommet is balanced by approachability and ample structure, 2009 was an almost perfect growing season for Napa, allowing good fruit development that reflects beautifully in this rich, complex Cabernet.

Au Sommet Cabernet Sauvignon Atlas Peak 2009 750ml ($299.95) $129 special
Robert Parker 93 points
“The 2009 Au Sommet is a bit lighter on its feet than the 2008. Sweet, silky tannins frame the fruit. Unlike the 2008, the 2009 is not particularly wild or exotic. Instead, it is a wine that stands out for its textural finesse and understated personality. This mid-weight, gracious Cabernet Sauvignon should be cellared for another year or two and enjoyed over the following decade. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2024”
This is the lowest listed price in the USA!
The average listed price is over 50% higher at $201 / bottle