Elite Garnacha On Sale Now! 5-5-24

Clos Mogador: Bodega Espectacle Vins Espectacle del Montsant Garnacha 2020  - Lobenbergs Gute Weine

We’re all familiar with the grenache based wines of Southern France. In fact, I’d imagine this is the first place that the wine nerd’s brain descends upon when discussing grenache as a varietal and the styles of wine we feel are emblematic of it. But this is actually not the grape’s true place of heritage! Ampelographical evidence suggests that the grape was first born in Spain’s Northeastern regions of Aragon & Catalonia, where seed remains of Garnacha have been carbon dated back to 153 BC. This predates written records in Europe. It was in the 1300s onwards that the grape began to expand its presence, taking root in outher parts of Southern Europe like Sardinia, Greece, and France.

Tasting a grape from its place of origin brings a sense of enormity and significance that cannot be replicated. When I enjoy wine, I see myself not only as someone that appreciates great flavor, but as an actual adventurer and witness to the history and culture of the broader world. The celebration of what makes any grape or style unique is what continuously pulls me back into the passion and forms the deep reverance I have for classic regions.

Which brings me to our offer today! On sale now is simply some of the best garnacha that Spain has ever made. Coming straight from the heartland of garnacha’s origins are the wines of Espectacle del Montsant. These wines are a project of Rene Barbier of Clos Mogador and other associates that are revitalizing the notion of high quality potential that the garnacha grape can achieve. The vineyards in the Sierras of Montsant are of very high altitude (upwards of 2300 feet above sea level), comprised of diverse soils including limestone, clay, granite, and slate. What truly makes the vine material special though is that its some of the most ancient in all of Spain, with much of it being 100 years old or more.

These are rich and textural red wines. The broad fruit potential of the garnacha is expressed here in combination with fresh acidity maintained from high altitude growing conditions and steep slopes. The Mediterranean climate is realized so intimately in the final product, with the all the warmth of the Spanish sun creating silky tannins and opulent structure. What’s striking is that the wines never feel top heavy in spite of their ripeness and higher alcohol; but rather show obvious elegance in the glance with very lifted aromas of flowers and delicate spice.

With our discount applied, these are practically the lowest prices you can find anywhere for these wines. We have 3 vintages on offer and it’s an amazing opportunity to assemble a miniature vertical for you to taste through by yourself or with guests. Discount available only through this coming Wednesday so act fast!

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Offer ends on Wednesday May 8th at 9AM PST

Available Vintages of Espectacle:

Espectacle del Montsant 2018 750ml $119 special, 21 bottles available
Wine Spectator 98 points “As with other wines, I also tasted the 2018 Espectacle del Montsant next to the 2017 to catch up, as I last tasted the region some 16 months ago. 2018 was a cooler year of slow ripeness, and the grapes achieved an amazing 16% alcohol. The wine is truly spectacular, true to its name. It has tons of violet notes and aromatic herbs, the palate is gentler, and the tannins are rounder, polished and elegant. It has full body but isn’t heavy. There is a lot of complexity, and the wine developed slowly in the glass, showing nuances of cereals, kirsch, orange peel and lots of spices and herbs. It’s opulent and full, deep and complex. Amazing in its style. Some 6,500 bottles produced.”

Espectacle del Montsant 2019 750ml $125 special, 31 bottles available
Wine Advocate 99 points “It’s always an exciting moment tasting a new vintage of the wine from one of the most beautiful vineyards in Montsant, and the 2019 Espectacle del Montsant didn’t disappoint. It’s always Mediterranean, heady and ripe, decadent and hedonistic. 2019 was a warm and quite classical vintage in the zone, with good ripeness (the wine’s label lists 15.5% alcohol), and the wine is hedonistic, nuanced and complex, with very good acidity, which is one of the characteristics that makes this vintage so complete. Despite everything, the wine is medium to full-bodied and comes through as perfumed and ethereal. They do long macerations and long aging in foudre. 2019 is a very serious vintage for this wine; it’s a little closed and needs time in the glass, and it’s tight and seamless, a little austere for what this wine usually is. This is truly spectacular.”

Espectacle del Montsant 2020 750ml $135 special, 27 bottles available
Wine Advocate 97 points “The 2020 Espectacle del Montsant has 15% alcohol, lower than the two previous vintages despite being a warmer year, and it has power and concentration (from the weather and the low yields from mildew), reaching a good concentration with freshness, which is the key to having a balanced 2020. The wine is floral, and the profile of fruit is more primary. It also has abundant, fine-grained tannins that are going to require some more time in bottle. Espectacle always has the floral expression and the elegance of this unique vineyard in Montsant. Starting in 2022, Christian Barbier, who is leading the regenerative viticulture in the Priorat/Montsant zone, will be in charge of the viticulture here.”