Wine of the Day: Scarpa ‘RossoScarpa’ Monferrato Rosso, Piedmont 2010 7-22-16

Scarpa ‘RossoScarpa’ Monferrato Rosso, Piedmont 2010 750ML ($19.95) Buy Now: $16 special

Scarpa 'RossoScarpa' Monferrato Rosso, Piedmont 2010

Scarpa ‘RossoScarpa’ Monferrato Rosso, Piedmont 2010

The Scarpa estate has existed since 1854 and, across the ensuing 162 years, has been owned by five different families who have each helped shape the label’s destiny. Through the 60’s and 70’s, Mario Pesce worked hard to establish the name as a world-class winery; time spent studying in Alsace and Burgundy brought about an experimental approach to winemaking which he retrofitted onto the existing Italian traditions at home in Monferrato. Across Piedmont, Scarpa became a known and respected name, earning the respect of such legends as Bruno Giacosa and Angelo Gaja.

This 90-10 blend of Dolcetto and Ruche is rendered in stainless steel and left to age in bottle. All comes from Scarpa’s estate vineyard, ‘Poderi Bricchi’ of Castel Rocchero, in the heart of the Monferrato. Upon opening, the wine is bright and fresh, if a little jittery. After decanting, the cranberry and red flower elements fused into a more complex, earthy, almost savory palate. The wine flirts between that hyper-dry, round and lightly-tannic signature with something deeper, layered, and untamed. With six years of age already built it, this wine will continue to grow and please as the seasons change. Such a lovely, dynamic bottle of wine. Really enjoyable. – Tyler