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Il Poggione Special Offer

Il Poggione Rosso Special

March 17th, 2020

Il Poggione BottleIl Poggione is best known as one of the best producers of Brunello out there—a verified legend in Tuscany, making some of the best bottles in Montalcino.  What most people don’t know, though, is they make a baby-Super-Tuscan and it’s an absolute stellar value.  A blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet, this is one of the best pizza/pasta night wines we’ve seen in a while.

What takes the wine from a good to a great value is our price on it.  We’re able to offer you this wine for $14 even and under $12.50/bottle by the case.  Either price is the lowest in the country.  You’re going to want to stock up by the case, because once we run out, the price does too.
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Armand Rousseau New Offer

Armand Rousseau

New Offer: 3-09-2020

Arriving Late March

The wines of Rousseau have no peer in Gevrey-Chambertin. No other grower has produced wines with their level of profundity and a similar track record over the decades. From top to bottom, they are the class of the village. We are always on the hunt for their wines—as you’d expect they’re maddeningly scarce and correspondingly expensive, but worth the trouble to track down.

These are some of the pinnacles of Burgundy, up there with anything made by DRC, Roumier, Leroy or any of the other usual suspects, all with excellent provenance and in good condition.  There are only small quantities of each bottling available, so if something strikes your fancy, don’t delay—it’s not often we can get these wines in.
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La Gerla and La Fortuna Brunello

Two New 2015 Brunellos: La Gerla & La Fortuna

Vinopolis Favorite Estates

la gerla brunelloYou can tell a lot about a Brunello vintage by how early we start getting asked about it.  In the case of the 2015s, well, let’s just say this is a pretty anticipated set of wines.  ’15 was a warm year across Europe and the vintage produced Brunello di Montalcino of exceptional concentration.  Even for a region known for richer wines, these are powerful—yet they maintain an expressiveness that’s delightfully fresh to go along with their intensity.

We’re just starting to get allocations and pricing lined up for the 2015’s, starting with two of our favorite producers.  Both La Gerla and La Fortuna are some of the bestselling wineries in Vinopolis history for good reason, producing fantastic wines year in and out.  
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Domaine de Montille Hommage 2015 Magnums

Collector’s Corner

De Montille’s “Hommage” Bottlings

montille hommage magnumDe Montille’s Malconsorts “Cuvee Christiane” is one of the rarest, most prized wines in Burgundy.  A special cuvee, it’s from a small plot of Vosne-Romanée Malconsorts that is separated from the rest of the vineyard by a foot-path and, most importantly, sits right next to La Tâche.  

It’s significantly different and better than their (already excellent) Vosne Malconsorts, more than meriting its status as a separate cuvee.  While Malconsorts wines are often sold as “La Tâche like,” the de Montille is one of the few bottlings that truly delivers on the comparison.  From quality to rarity to pricing, this is truly Grand Cru stuff.

Due to the small production, this isn’t a wine we’re able to source every vintage.  
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Top Value Medocs

Arriving February 21st, several attractively priced Bordeaux reds from vintages with stories to tell. 

2016 is considered by many to be the finest vintage of the last decade. It was a year that had a bit of everything, rain in the spring, drought in the summer, but through it all the grapes on Bordeaux’s left bank underwent the perfect amount of stress to yield exceptionally ripe yet fresh fruit

2008 witnessed rain during much of the growing season, but was fortunately saved by a dry autumn. This led to inconsistent quality, but many great wines for those who knew where to look, Chateau Larose Perganson’s 2008 Haut-Médoc amongst them.

Chateau Larose Perganson

An estate with a history dating back 300 years, today Chateau Larose Perganson produces modern styled Bordeaux with intense fruit, subtle oak (over 30% new barrels), and smooth tannins.
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