Canos and Cabriac

Chateau de Cabriac and Clos Canos

Southern France Wines

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Corbieres is an AOC within the Southern French region of the Languedoc-Roussillon: mostly known for its rich and herbal red wines. The Corbieres region produces only small amounts of white and rose wines. The northern portion, known as Alaric, has plains to the north and south-facing slopes along the Montagne d’Alaric. This is an excellent area for Mourvedre as well as other Southern French varietals such as Grenache and Carignan. In the center of the AOC is the Corbieres-Boutenac AOC, created in 2005. Corbieres-Boutenac is recognized for producing high quality wines from the ten communes that surround a limestone ridge covered in garrigue (a term for the scrubland herbs such as rosemary and lavender that is often used to describe aromas found in the wines).… Read the rest

2010 Brunello

2010 Brunello di Montalcino

The 2010 vintage in Brunello is widely considered by professional reviews to be one of the greatest. The growing conditions were near perfect, with ideal warmth during ripening and strong diurnal temperature swings that allowed for phenolic ripeness with retained acidity. The best show lush fruit, bright acidity and strong tannins, suggesting an aging potential of 10-20 years.

2010 is the top Brunello di Montalcino vintage of the new millennium because it shows the best traits of my other two favorite vintages, 2006 and 2007, in tandem. It beautifully combines the freshness, structure, linearity and aging potential of 2006 with the intensity, opulence, balsam distinctiveness and tannic richness of 2007. In 2010 you get it all.Read the rest

Domaine Potinet-Ampeau

March 2015

Domaine Potinet-Ampeau

From the Importer:

“Vincent Durrieu is the fifth generation of this family to work the domain, continuing with very traditional Burgundian methods.  Domaine Potinet-Ampeau is one of very few to make wine meant to be laid down and to hold vintages in their own cellars to allow them to age correctly before release. The family had strong ties to the American market as early as the 1920s, when Vincent’s grandmother’s family, winemakers in Meursault, was among the first to export to the US. And it was Vincent’s grandparents who, in 1951, started keeping ‘vins de garde’, so the domain always has an impressive array of older vintages on offer.  The Domaine Potinet-Ampeau is situated in the village of Monthelie in the southern part of the Cote de Beaune, near to Meursault, Volnay and Auxey-Duresses.The domain works 21.5 acres and produces as much red as white in appellations in the villages of Puligny-Montrachet, Meursault, Auxey-Duresses, Volnay, Pommard and Monthelie.… Read the rest

Selbach-Oster Block Picked Rieslings

Selbach-Oster and Block-Picked Riesling

The ambitiousness of Johannes Selbach has made this estate the region’s most prominent rising star. Since 1989, [Selbach-Oster is] always among the very best wines of the collection.” –Terry Thiese

The ancestors of the Selbach-Oster estate have been cultivating Riesling since 1600. Johannes Selbach and his wife Barbara currently run the estate with their son Sebastian. The Riesling vineyards here are steep, making mechanical farming methods impossible. Everything from pruning to harvesting to securing the vines with stakes must be done by hand. In the vineyard, modern practices and careful grape selection lead to ultra-low yields from the mostly ungrafted old vines. The fruit is handled as little as possible, with wild yeasts, cool fermentation and gravity flow transport for the juice.… Read the rest

Suertes del Marques and Binigrau

Diamonds in the Rough
Uncommon Varietals from Uncommon Regions

Across the world there are thousands of varieties of grapes lovingly cultivated and turned into wine, offering a startling amount of diversity beyond the standard varietals. While the international superstars such as Chardonnay and Cabernet still constitute the vast majority of wines served, some of the most intriguing values come to us from unrecognized and often-ignored appellations. Gathered below are a few producers who continue the traditions of their respective regions, working with the lesser known varietals indigenous to their area that have continued to please local consumers for generations. Trade out your go-to varietal choices for any of these wines; try something new and you are bound to be pleased!

Suertes del Marques- Wines of Canary Island

Founded in 2006 in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, Suertes del Marques is run by winegrower Roberto Santana and owner Jonatan Garcia Lima.… Read the rest